15 Best Things to Do in Lexington (Kentucky)

Picturesque and well-to-do, Kentucky’s most richly adorned town still rarely makes it onto the mainstream traveler’s itinerary through the Bluegrass State. Why is something of a mystery.

There’s plenty to do and see here, whether it’s wondering at the elegant Victorian and Greek Revival homes of plantation owners from centuries gone by, tasting hearty country fare from Kentuckian farms, or gawping at old fighter jets in aviation museums.

And that’s not even mentioning the deep tradition of whiskey brewing and beer making that’s on show courtesy of the craft joints and distilleries of the town, or the legendary array of horses and horse racers that coalesce here – Lexington is hailed as the home of the horse for a reason!

And once you’ve ticked off all the top things on this list, there’s oodles more to see in the gorgeous countryside all around, which rolls eastward to Appalachia and westward into the meadowlands and banjo-plucking towns of Outer Bluegrass.

Here are the best things to do in Lexington:

1. Get in the saddle at the Kentucky Horse Park

Kentucky Horse Park

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Kentucky Horse Park

In the bona fide home of American horse breeding, the Kentucky Horse Park prides itself on celebrating and raising awareness for humanity’s relationship to everything equine.

Hosting the Smithsonian International Museum of the Horse, the site chronicles the evolution of horse rearing and the various uses of horses in society, going from the earliest years of the Arabic caliphates to the regal horse and carts of Victorian England.

People can also flock to see the grave of the iconic Man o’ War thoroughbred and the grand statue that marks its resting place, not to mention regular shows of horses from right across the globe – from the rare steeds of Bactria to the workhorses of the US.

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15 Best Things to Do in Lexington (Kentucky):

Kentucky Horse Park