15 Best Things to Do in Le Port (Reunion, France)

On the northwest coast of Reunion, Le Port is the island’s main harbour. As ports go it’s unique in France as the only one to include an industrial port, naval base (the third largest in France), passenger port, fishing port and marina.

For tourists the marina is the source of most of the excitement as you can embark on unforgettable nature-spotting voyages or set sail for reefs and underwater caves with dive companies. For days out you can journey down Reunion’s west coast where there are white sandy beaches, wildlife attractions, fruit plantations and scenes of mind-blowing splendour all in reach.

Lets explore the best things to do in Le Port:

1. Whale-watching


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Some 23 whale and dolphin species visit the waters off the west coast of Reunion.

From June to October you can witness the exhilarating spectacle of humpbacks breaching, after they’ve made an epic swim to these climes from Antarctica.

Other species that congregate around the island are sperm and fin whales, as well as many types of dolphin (Fraser’s, spinner, Indian humpback, pantropical spotted), which are here all year round.

If you’re worried about interfering with these creatures’ habitats you’ll be happy to know that operators on Reunion all adhere to the O²CR conservation label, imposing strict rules.

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15 Best Things to Do in Le Port (Reunion, France):

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