15 Best Things To Do In Lancaster (CA)

Lancaster is a city in the Antelope Valley of Mojave Desert in Southern California. It has a population of over 165,000 and is a land of immigrants and more than 75% farmland. Over the centuries, people arrived in this region and made it their home. Today there is so much to see and do in Lancaster for all ages and interests. You can choose from many attractions and forms of entertainment. And for those who want to escape the rush of urban life, relaxing places where you can recharge your batteries await. The city offers parklands,  playgrounds, picnic areas and sports facilities. Their historic district features an array of boutiques, dining opportunities and entertainment. The modern part of the city offers The BLVD, a one-mile renovated section of Lancaster Boulevard.

1. Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

Antelope Valley California Poppy ReserveSource: flickr
Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

Get away from the city and see panoramic views of Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve full of brilliant wildflowers. The Antelope Valley is a state-protected reserve of California located in the western Mojave Desert at an elevation ranging from 2600-3000 feet. Each spring, the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve comes alive with a variety of wildflowers blooming around the park. The intense blooming season usually occurs from March through May. To keep the fields in a natural state, California State Parks does not water or stimulate growth of flowers. Lancaster also has the Poppy Festival scheduled in April. You can join in for two days of music, art, food and fun. You can enjoy lunch at shaded picnic tables with a view over the valley to the San Gabriel Mountains. The park is open from sunrise to sunset daily year-round.

2. BLVD Farmers’ Market

BLVD Farmers' MarketSource: destinationlancasterca
BLVD Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ markets are culinary adventures, a chance to see, taste, and learn about the farm-fresh produce and food products. Join every Thursday on BLVD weekly farmers’ market! Shop for organic produce, fresh bread and baked treats, salsa, honey, ready-made food, and much more. It is also a perfect chance to speak with the farmers and get their tips on how to grow and cook their fresh foods. The Farmers’ market is also a gathering place, with local musicians, moms cradling babies, and friends shopping together. This is where you can find great gifts from specialty items to handmade crafts. The City of Lancaster is partnered with Raw Inspiration, a non-profit operator for California Certified Farmers Markets.

3. Lancaster Performing Arts Center

Lancaster Performing Arts CenterSource: flickr
Lancaster Performing Arts Center

The Lancaster Performing Arts Center engages the Antelope Valley in a broad spectrum of regional, national, and world class entertainment. It was established in 1991 with the motive to provide financial support, equipment and performance enhancements to the Arts for Youth Program. The center includes a variety of programs such as National Circus of the People’s Republic of China, the show of gymnasts, Olympic Warriors, comic performance by Bill Engvall, The Gold Club Gala and a number of music performances by artists like Chris Isaak and many others. Each category of events has a different mix of shows to attract people from different age groups. Lancaster Performing Arts Center tickets are a hot selling item close to any holiday season.

4. The Castle Roller Skating

Castle Roller SkatingSource: 360lancaster
Castle Roller Skating

Come and get your body moving on a pair of skates. Roller skating is not only fun but also an affordable way to entertain your family and help them stay in shape. Roller skating easily burns up calories. It also improves balance, strength, and flexibility. Visit a roller skating facility which is proud of being “the fun place for the entire family”. Their goal is to provide entertainment for people of all ages. They offer many different public skating sessions each week, including a special session which features all Christian music. Are you looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion? Give them a call and manage your very own private party. After skating lessons you visit their fully stocked skate shop.

5. Watch The Lancaster Jethawks In Action

Lancaster JethawksSource: flickr
Lancaster Jethawks

If you like baseball then you should take a trip to The Hangar. The Hanger is a stadium in Lancaster that is home to the JetHawks. The JetHawks are a minor league team that have a large following amongst the locals. This team is the only one that plays in Los Angeles County so tickets for the home games sell out quickly. The stadium only hold 4,900 fans so an early purchase of tickets is recommended. The team has seen much success over recent years and a very impressive record long term as well. A game at The Hangar is a must do experience for your time in Lancaster.

6. Civic Musical Road

Civic Musical RoadSource: drivenfordrives
Civic Musical Road

Located in Lancaster on West Avenue “G”, you can enjoy a musical ride on the only “musical road” in the United States. It all began in Japan when a Japanese engineer Shizuo Shinoda was digging with a bulldozer when he accidentally scraped some markings into a road. Later when he drove over the markings he realized that the vibration produced a tune. Depending on how far apart the grooves are and how deep they are, a car moving over them will produce different sounds. In Lancaster it was originally created for a Honda commercial but it became such a hit with the locals that they decided to keep it. Visitors who wish to hear music must stay in the far left lane of the three-lane road. It’s said that driving at 55mph provides the optimal sound quality. To date, the only other “singing” roads are located in Japan, South Korea and Holland.

7. Visit famous filming locations

Kill Bill ChurchSource: wikimedia
Kill Bill Church

Take a desert adventure and explore famous filming locations. You will be fascinated by the desolate and very remote stretch of desert roads. You can visit well known “Kill Bill Church” where the wedding massacre happened. The official name is The Sanctuary Adventist Church and is an actual working religious facility. This small Spanish style chapel is on a lonely road and with a Joshua tree it gives a cinematic feel. Across the street from the “Kill Bill Church”, are a few run-down buildings which were used in the filming with Jean Claude Van-Damme, and Chris Rock. Another interesting film set in this area is Club Ed. It was built for a Dennis Hopper film (Eye of the Storm) in 1990.  Club Ed road is now the most filmed desert road. There are many other filming locations in Lancaster standing out in the middle of the lonely desert.

8. The Boeing Plaza – Aerospace Walk Of Honor

Boeing PlazaSource: skytamer
Boeing Plaza

If seeking a local place to learn more about the aerospace industry and greatest aviators, the Boeing Plaza is a great place. The Boeing Plaza is located on the corner of the BLVD area. The Aerospace Walk of Honor was established in 1990 “to recognize the important contributions of unique and talented aviators who soared above the rest.” Walk of Honor is dedicated to individuals who sacrificed time and risk lives for the advancement of aerospace. Honorees are memorialized with granite monuments located along Lancaster Boulevard. Each year, three to five pilots are selected for their lifetime contributions in testing experimental aircraft. The annual unveiling of the monuments are inducted in late summer and is followed by an evening program and banquet.

9. Bex Bar & Grill

Bex Bar & GrillSource: theblvdwedding
Bex Bar & Grill

Bex Bar & Grill is a great place for tasty dining or entertainment. Every weekend you can sit at this lounge bar and listen to live music. Very popular is Underground Bowling Lounge also with pool, sports on HD projection screens, and much more. BeX Bar & Grill serve fresh and affordable dinning in an incredible setting. Their bar offers 30 beers on tap, 14 specialty drinks, and has a late night menu on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. Grab your friends and head to the Bex Bar & Grill to enjoy great food, friendly service, and plenty of fun to go around.

10. Kinetic Brewing

Kinetic BrewingSource: beertrotter
Kinetic Brewing

Kinetic Brewing Company is the premier microbrewery in Lancaster, located in the heart of the historic and newly renovated downtown. Take a tour and taste some of the best beers around. Kinetic Brewing Company thinks of everybody and for those with sensitive stomachs they offer gluten-free options. Kinetic Brewing Company is known for its great food, and it also includes a dog-friendly policy. It is a perfect place for a number of occasions. They also offer two rooms, each capable of interactive web conferencing, power-point presentations and slideshows.

11. Lancaster Museum of Art and History

Lancaster Museum of Art and HistorySource: yelp
Lancaster Museum of Art and History

Lancaster Museum of Art and History provides a special visitor experience. The modern looking museum is dedicated to appreciation of art, history and culture in the Antelope Valley. The extensive exhibition program is for all age groups. Kids will enjoy locally collected dinosaur and native artifacts, while adults can see creative presentations on sustainable energy. The museum collects post-war period and contemporary art, sculpture, prints, drawings, photography and film.

12. The Antelope Valley Indian Museum

Antelope Valley Indian MuseumSource: yelp
Antelope Valley Indian Museum

The Antelope Valley Indian Museum is a unique and eclectic folk art structure located in the Mojave Desert. The museum displays artifacts of the American Indian groups of three major cultural regions – the Southwest, the Great Basin and California. It has been a public museum since 1932, but it has also been a homestead, a theater, a ranch, a Hollywood set, and an attraction. It is situated on the south side of Piute Butte against a dramatic backdrop of Joshua trees and towering rock formations. The Native American Heritage Commission designated Piute Butte as a sacred landscape. The museum displays many rare and outstanding cultural materials and one-of-a-kind objects. The park also features a picnic area, historic grounds, historic cottages and an outdoor ceremonial arena. The park and museum are open Saturday-Sunday year-round.

13. The Bandstand Coffee & Tea

The Bandstand Coffee & TeaSource: yelp
The Bandstand Coffee & Tea

If you need a pick-me-up, you can count on the coffee from The Bandstand Coffee & Tea. The modern coffee house located in downtown Lancaster combines comfortable seating, great music, and friendly staff to create a pleasant atmosphere. This coffee place is not an ordinary coffee shop. From the first moment you enter you will be welcomed and feel comfortable. They serve some of the best coffees and teas that go great with their desserts. Try Chai Frap which is a customer favorite. Choose from hot, cold or blended drinks and desserts. There is also free Wi-Fi.

14. American Heroes Park

American Heroes ParkSource: mapio
American Heroes Park

In 2011, the City of Lancaster opened American Heroes Park, a 12-acre recreation facility located just one block north of BLVD downtown area. It’s in honor of local heroes who have given their lives to protect America’s freedom and liberties. American Heroes Park offers a lot of options for community enjoyment. You can take advantage of playgrounds, baseball and soccer fields, basketball and handball courts, gazebos, and a restroom building. Memorial plaque walls provide a place of reflection and gratitude for local fallen military, police and fire personnel.  American Heroes Park is open daily and is perfect for a day out in the sun or even a picnic.

15. Treat Yourself At Pour d’Vino

Pour d'VinoSource: flickr
Pour d’Vino

If you are in Lancaster at the same time as a special celebration then you need look no further than going for a meal at Pour d’Vino. This fantastic Italian restaurant has more than 100 wines and beers to choose from. The restaurant has been voted the number one restaurant on numerous occasions and it the ultimate social venue for a special evening out. On cooler evenings you can sit out on the fireside balcony and look down at the boulevard below. Regular entertainment is put on and a trip on a Friday or saturday must be prebooked to guarantee a table.

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15 Best Things To Do In Lancaster (CA):

  • Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve
  • BLVD Farmers' Market
  • Lancaster Performing Arts Center
  • The Castle Roller Skating
  • Watch The Lancaster Jethawks In Action
  • Civic Musical Road
  • Visit famous filming locations
  • The Boeing Plaza - Aerospace Walk Of Honor
  • Bex Bar & Grill
  • Kinetic Brewing
  • Lancaster Museum of Art and History
  • The Antelope Valley Indian Museum
  • The Bandstand Coffee & Tea
  • American Heroes Park
  • Treat Yourself At Pour d'Vino