15 Best Things To Do In Joliet (IL)

The city of Joliet is nested in Will County and is known in the local area for its plethora of diverse attractions that will appeal to a range of visitors, whether you are travelling solo, in a couple, or as part of a family. Joliet has a huge amount to see and do for anyone who makes the journey to this part of Illinois, and you will find shopping and dining options galore.

There is also a strong dedication to the arts which can be seen in the theaters and galleries that abound in this city, so art lovers will find plenty to keep them busy. If you are looking for some action, then Joliet is the place to find it, as you can attend fun and adrenalin packed sporting events such as NASCAR races as well as baseball games courtesy of the local team.

Lets explore the best things to do in Joliet:

1. Joliet Slammers Baseball

Joliet Slammers Baseball

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Joliet Slammers Baseball

If you want to catch an all-American game of baseball in Joliet, look no further than the Joliet Slammers, the local professional baseball team, who play at the Silver Cross Field.

The field can seat 6,000 spectators and the Slammers are known for belonging to the Frontier League of Professional Baseball’s West Division, so know that you are watching some serious ball players in action if you get the chance to check out a game here.

The best thing to do if you fancy watching the Slammers is to check out local listings when you are in town to see when they will be playing.

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15 Best Things To Do In Joliet (IL):

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