15 Best Things to Do in Hilversum (the Netherlands)

Hilversum is a city that is located in the province of North Holland and currently has a population of approximately 86,500. Although surrounded by heathland, meadows, woods and lakes, Hilversum is considered to be part of the Randstad conurbation. Traces of settlements have been found in Hilversum that date back to the Bronze Age and also an abundance of earthenware.

Recorded history first mentions Hilversum in the 1300’s and its main source of economy was farming and raising cattle. During the 1700’s, a network of canals was constructed that join Hilversum to Amsterdam and increase its trade opportunities and prosperity. In modern history, Hilversum has served as one of the main TV and Radio broadcasting centres which earn it the nickname “Media City”.

Lets explore the best things to do in Hilversum:

1. Goois Natuurreservaat

Goois Natuurreservaat

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Goois Natuurreservaat

Hilversum is surrounded by beautiful areas of open landscape and luscious greenery.

The Goois Natuurreservaat is one such area and is a perfect destination for those who love to hike in the outdoors.

Located to the north of Hilversum, this nature reserve covers some 2700 hectares and is composed of many different individual reserves in the region.

Public parking can be found on the eastern edge of the park and is accessible of the N524 road.

Inside this large natural area is vast woodland with many hiking trails winding through the trees.

The intrepid hiker could spend days wondering through the forest and admiring the gorgeous woodland scenery.

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15 Best Things to Do in Hilversum (the Netherlands):

Goois Natuurreservaat