15 Best Things to Do in High Point (NC)

Written by Jan Meeuwesen
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Located in the delightful state of North Carolina, High Point is part of the famous Piedmont Triad. Piedmont originally means “foothill” which also means foot of the mountains, and with this is mind High Point is covered in some stunning scenery and landscapes.

High Point has a rich historical tapestry and is filled with interesting areas to uncover such as vineyards, parks, and, unexpectedly, furniture shops. As if that wasn’t strange enough, it is also home to the largest chest of drawers in the world. From the great outdoors to cozy museums and galleries, High Point has it all, as well as a friendly atmosphere and charming local hospitality.

Lets explore the best things to do in High Point:

1. All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm

All-A-Flutter Butterfly FarmSource: flickr
All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm

If you want to see a working butterfly in action, then head to All-A-Flutter Farm where you will be able to learn all about the life cycle of a breathtaking Monarch butterfly. The journey will take you from the eggs, to the caterpillars, to the chrysalis, and finally to the rebirth of the glorious Monarch butterflies. The emphasis here in on an interactive experience and you can even feed the butterflies using a sugar pod to encourage them to come closer to you. There are also gardens and picnic tables at the farm so that you can spend the afternoon here and take in the verdant surroundings.

2. The Rosetta C. Baldwin African-American Museum

The Rosetta C. Baldwin African-American MuseumSource: facebook
The Rosetta C. Baldwin African-American Museum

The African-American community has made a huge impact on the city of High Point, and the Rosetta C. Baldwin Museum showcases much of this contribution. Rosetta C. Baldwin was born in 1902 and was known for being a prominent figure in the local community who worked as an instructor in Christian education. After 75 years of service to her community she received the honor of the ‘Order of the Long Leaf Pine’ due to her commitment to nurturing and educating youngsters, and when she died in 2000 her home was turned into a museum. The house is much as it was at the time of her death and is filled with memorabilia as well as the story of the African-American community in High Point and their role in the development of the city. Expect period photographs, antiques, and other important historical artifacts.

3. Kersey Valley Attractions

Kersey Valley AttractionsSource: flickr
Kersey Valley Attractions

Conveniently located in neighboring Archdale, Kersey Valley Attractions is something of a star turn in the region. The play center is famous for having the largest haunted house in the whole of the North Carolina area, and there are other exciting attractions to be found here such as zip lines and laser tag. Attractions also follow the seasons so depending on when you come here you may find things like a giant corn maze, a fall pumpkin patch, and a gem panning stand. Should you happen to be here around Christmas time then the entire area is turned into a winter wonderland for guests.

4. High Point Theatre

High Point TheatreSource: highpointtheatre
High Point Theatre

To take in some culture in High Point, head to High Point Theatre where you will find the well known Passport to Entertainment Series which is a program dedicated to bringing the best of the local arts to the region. Known for being one of the best stage and art gallery spaces in the entire Southeast region, you will find an eclectic mix of arts here. Some of these include standup comedy nights, rock concerts, classical music recitals, urban hip-hop performances, and even country music festivals.

5. High Point Museum

High Point MuseumSource: merchantcircle
High Point Museum

If you want to know how modern day High Point came to be then a trip to the High Point Museum is not to be missed. The museum is a delightful space that is dedicated to showcasing the important history of this part of the United States and of sharing the amazing community spirit of this city. The museum is split into sections that tell the stories of prominent individuals who were instrumental in the development of the city and you will find firsthand accounts of how High Point grew into the city it is today and rose to become an important part of North Carolina’s cultural and historical narrative.

6. World’s Largest Chest of Drawers

World’s Largest Chest of DrawersSource: careeringcrawdad
World’s Largest Chest of Drawers

Due to its number of furniture shops and its furniture craftsmanship, many people don’t know that High Point is also called the “Home Furnishings Capital of the World”. With that in mind, what else would you expect to find here other than the largest chest of drawers in the world? The drawers stand at 36 feet tall and are decorated with two large colorful socks, said to be a reference to the strong hosiery industry for which the city is also famous. There are replicas of the chest of drawers dotted all over the city, so see how many you can find during the duration of your trip.

7. High Point Train Depot

High Point Train DepotSource: flickr
High Point Train Depot

The High Point Train Depot was restored in 2003, and is now home to the working modern Amtrak railway station. The train depot here would have been a pivotal part of this city’s history and would have brought settlers to the area as well as transporting servicemen during the Second World War. Even though the depot has been restored, it still retains many of its original features and is a charming spot to learn more about this city’s humble beginnings.

8. Bernice Bienstock Furniture Library

Bernice Bienstock Furniture LibrarySource: furniturelibrary
Bernice Bienstock Furniture Library

High Point is known for its furniture so it should be no surprise that there is a factory here to tell you all about the history of furniture in the region. The space is said to have over 4,000 furniture and design works of literature that mean that this is also the world’s largest furniture library. Visitors to the gallery can learn all about how the furniture industry got started here and how some of the most influential designers and professionals helped it to develop.

9. Museum of Old Domestic Life

Museum of Old Domestic LifeSource: highpoint
Museum of Old Domestic Life

If you are interested in learning what it would have been like to live in the 19th century then a trip to the Museum of Old Domestic Life is well worth a visit. The building that the museum is housed in used to be a historic Quaker meeting house and dates from 1858. You can learn all about the Quaker community here and there are exhibits that have vivid depictions of local industries such as textile making and shoe cobbling. There are even demonstrations of cooking and farming techniques on display.

10. John Coltrane Statue and Marker

John Coltrane StatueSource: flickr
John Coltrane Statue

One of High Point’s most famous faces is John Coltrane, who was an extremely talented musician and a virtuoso with the saxophone. Coltrane was most well known in the United States for his collaborations with the famous trumpet master Miles Davis as well as with Thelonious Monk, the famed pianist. In honor of Coltrane, there is now a bronze statue of him in High Point that measures in at 8 feet and pays tribute to this legendary jazz saxophonist.

11. City Lake Park

City Lake ParkSource: flickr
City Lake Park

In neighboring Jamestown on the outskirts of High Point you will find City Lake Park which provides fun for all the family. The park is filled with attractions such as a merry go round, a train, and a boat ride that can seat up to 30 passengers at a time. If you fancy a game, there is a miniature golf course here as well. Several historically significant buildings are housed in the park such as the Quaker Friends Meeting House and cemetery as well as the Richard Mendenhall Store. There is even a working marina within the park where you can fish and rent boats to go out on the water.

12. Theatre Art Galleries

Theatre Art GalleriesSource: tagart
Theatre Art Galleries

Part of the High Point Theatre, the Theatre Art Galleries (also more simply known as TAG) showcase a number of exhibitions throughout the year in order to bring the best of the local art to High Point. The works on display here are known for being eclectic in style and can range from modern experimental art to local classical pieces. The gallery has been in operation since 1975 and hosts around 16 exhibitions annually.

13. High Point Area Arts Council

High Point Area Arts CouncilSource: highpointarts
High Point Area Arts Council

The High Point Area Arts Council is the place to come for those who are looking for a little culture in the city of High Point. The location itself is vast and visitors can expect a 250 seat theatre that also has dinner options so that you can dine while you see a show. The council showcases the best of the local High Point talent which includes the community theatre, the local ballet company, and musical groups from around the region. If you happen to be visiting in the summer months then there are also outdoor concerts held here.

14. The Brown Truck Brewery

The Brown Truck BrewerySource: facebook
The Brown Truck Brewery

The Brown Truck Brewery is well known in downtown High Point as the place to come if you are looking for some delicious craft beer. All the beverages made here are filled with local ingredients and try to use only seasonal produce to ensure the freshest and tastiest results. There is an attractive patio area outside where you can enjoy some food and beer as you take in the High Point atmosphere, and you can tour the tap rooms and tasting rooms here to find out more about how the beer is made.

15. Piedmont Environmental Center

Piedmont Environmental CenterSource: winstonwanderers
Piedmont Environmental Center

For those who want a glimpse of the environmental beauty of High Point, a trip to the Piedmont Environmental Center is a must-visit. Part of the High Point Parks and Recreation facilities, the center has a mission to educate visitors on the importance of the local environment and runs a series of programs such as nature hikes and eco-tours. There are 11 miles of nature trails in the park which visitors are free to explore at their leisure and take in the amazing flora and fauna of this region.

15 Best Things to Do in High Point (NC):

  • All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm
  • The Rosetta C. Baldwin African-American Museum
  • Kersey Valley Attractions
  • High Point Theatre
  • High Point Museum
  • World’s Largest Chest of Drawers
  • High Point Train Depot
  • Bernice Bienstock Furniture Library
  • Museum of Old Domestic Life
  • John Coltrane Statue and Marker
  • City Lake Park
  • Theatre Art Galleries
  • High Point Area Arts Council
  • The Brown Truck Brewery
  • Piedmont Environmental Center