15 Best Things to Do in High Point (NC)

Located in the delightful state of North Carolina, High Point is part of the famous Piedmont Triad. Piedmont originally means “foothill” which also means foot of the mountains, and with this is mind High Point is covered in some stunning scenery and landscapes.

High Point has a rich historical tapestry and is filled with interesting areas to uncover such as vineyards, parks, and, unexpectedly, furniture shops. As if that wasn’t strange enough, it is also home to the largest chest of drawers in the world. From the great outdoors to cozy museums and galleries, High Point has it all, as well as a friendly atmosphere and charming local hospitality.

Lets explore the best things to do in High Point:

1. All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm

All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm

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All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm

If you want to see a working butterfly in action, then head to All-A-Flutter Farm where you will be able to learn all about the life cycle of a breathtaking Monarch butterfly. The journey will take you from the eggs, to the caterpillars, to the chrysalis, and finally to the rebirth of the glorious Monarch butterflies. The emphasis here in on an interactive experience and you can even feed the butterflies using a sugar pod to encourage them to come closer to you. There are also gardens and picnic tables at the farm so that you can spend the afternoon here and take in the verdant surroundings.

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15 Best Things to Do in High Point (NC):

World’s Largest Chest of Drawers