15 Best Things to Do in Eindhoven (the Netherlands)

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Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands and lies in the south of the country near the Dommel and Gender streams.

The history of Eindhoven spans as far back as the 13th century when the town was originally a small settlement with a wooden castle.

Due to its fortifications and favourable location the town grew and was reinforced throughout the 16th century where it was captured by Spanish troops.

During WW2 large parts of the city were destroyed however after this devastation Eindhoven became the Dutch capital of industrial design and is now a thriving city with a great variety of tourist attractions and museums.

1. Van Abbemuseum

Van AbbemuseumSource: flickr
Van Abbemuseum

The Van Abbemuseum is one of the finest museums of modern and contemporary art in Europe and contains an extensive collection with over 2700 works of art.

The museum is located in the Stratumseind district not far from the main train station.

The old architecture of the museum dates back to the early 1900’s and its collection was started by a private collector – Henri Van Abbe.

The amazing collections includes works from Picasso, Mondrain, Kandinsky and El Lissitzky and features around 700 paintings and 1000 sculptures and video work.

2. Eindhoven Museum

Eindhoven MuseumSource: flickr
Eindhoven Museum

This fantastic museum is located near the Genneper Park in the southern part of Eindhoven and is a wonderful place to learn about life in ages past.

This open air museum focuses on both the iron and middle ages and aims to educated people on what day to day life was like during these times.

The museum is very hands on and has many recreations of old buildings, demonstrations and re-enactments of different tasks and daily procedures.

It is a brilliant place for families and children will be entertained for hours here and learn a great deal.

3. Evoluon

EvoluonSource: flickr

This immense and unusual complex was once a science museum but now serves as a conference centre and was created by the electronics giant Philips.

The sheer magnificence and bizarre nature of the building have transformed it into a tourist landmark and one of Eindhoven’s icons.

The Evoluon building looks like a flying saucer and the dome is 77m in diameter.

While the building now stands as a conference centre, you can still take a tour of its fantastic and futuristic interior.

4. Genneper Park

Genneper ParkSource: flickr
Genneper Park

The Genneper park has a wide variety of different activities spread over 200 acres of land just outside the main ring road surrounding Eindhoven.

The park has some beautiful landscapes and natural areas to walk around and it is easy to see why over 3 million people have visited this place.

Inside the park, expect to find hidden ponds, cute wooden bridges and some picture perfect old architecture.

Aside from the first class parkland, there is also an Ice skating rink, a swimming pool and a restaurant.

5. Stadswandelpark

StadswandelparkSource: flickr

This is another of Eindhoven’s fine public parks and is located not far from the Genneper park in the south of the city.

The park is extremely beautiful and has a statue garden, some fantastically manicured lawns and a range of peaceful paths and trails to walk through.

There is also a large lake with some quaint bridges that allow you to admire the water first hand.

A recent addition to the park is the entertaining spacewalk app – Download this app to your Smartphone and then walk through the park – You will be transported into outer space and see rockets, planets and astronauts!

6. St. Catherine’s Church

St. Catherine's ChurchSource: pinterest
St. Catherine’s Church

This stunning church is a magnificent structure and features a recognisable front facade with large circular stained glass window and twin bell towers.

The church is dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria and was first mentioned in the early history if Eindhoven dating back to the 1200’s.

St. Catherine’s features a Neo-Gothic design which has changed over the years and its twin towers stand at 73m high.

During WW2 the church was damaged heavily however restoration was performed and it was dedicated a national monument in 1972. At night the church is lit up in a displays of fantastic colours which also lights up the decorative interior with its huge stone pillars and decorative arches.

7. Village of Nuenen

Village of NuenenSource: flickr
Village of Nuenen

Approximately 10km to the east of Eindhoven lies the charming town of Nuenen.

This beautiful and traditional village is known for being a place where Vincent Van Gogh lived and was also the scene of a battle in the decisive Operation Market Garden during WW2. Van Gogh painted many pieces from Nuenen and some of his works detail the buildings and surrounding of the town.

The central park and the surrounding streets of Nuenen retain much of their old charm – many of the buildings are traditional and look like they are from a previous era.

Ensure you visit the Vincentre which contains a great amount of history and works of the celebrated artists.

8. Philips Museum

Philips MuseumSource: flickr
Philips Museum

You cannot go to Eindhoven without seeing something related to the Philips empire – This electronics giant has routs in the city and it has a large presence here.

The Philips museum provides a detailed look at the history of both Eindhoven and Philips as a company.

You will gain a greater appreciation of the business and see how it has helped to shape Eindhoven into the economic powerhouse that it is today.

Learn about how the company started in the light bulb industry, right up to the modern day where it is now considered a pioneer for electronics and things like X-ray technology and complex lighting systems.

9. PSV Eindhoven Museum

PSV Eindhoven MuseumSource: psv
PSV Eindhoven Museum

The PSV Eindhoven museum is located within the enormous Philips stadium and is a must see for football fans.

The city is football crazy and its beloved team PSV has a long and successful history in the world of football.

If you are a PSV fan then this place is the Mecca for the club, and if you are just a sport fan, you will appreciate the history and memorabilia that is presented here.

See the 100+ years of the club in great detail with such displays as the hall of fame which contains megastars like Romario and a collection of interesting photos and historical objects.

Children will also have a great time here as there are several interactive displays and even a small pitch where they can have a kick-up!

10. Eindhoven Bottle Distillery

Eindhoven Bottle DistillerySource: tripadvisor
Eindhoven Bottle Distillery

This small family run brewery is actually a fascinating and welcoming place and a surprising find in the large city of Eindhoven.

The passion and love the employees of the brewery have is clear to see and exploring their world truly is a special and memorable thing to do.

The brewery is located near part of the old town centre and next to the Dommel river.

The owner is extremely friendly and will be more than happy to give you a tour and share his knowledge of the distilling and brewing processes.

For a personal look at the world of small scale brewing, this really is a great place to visit.

11. DAF Museum

DAF MuseumSource: flickr
DAF Museum

The DAF Museum is located in the centre of Eindhoven and is not far from both the train station and the Van Abbemuseum.

This intriguing museum is an automobile buff’s dream come true.

Here you can find an amazing amount of history about cars, trucks, and vehicle manufacturing.

See historical cars such as the three wheel Mobile Raincoat that was small enough to fit in a hallway, and the Jan de Rooy Juggernaught.

The displays of trucks, cars, fire engines and lorries is really well maintained and a fantastic insight into automotive history.

12. PSV Eindhoven Stadium

PSV Eindhoven StadiumSource: flickr
PSV Eindhoven Stadium

The Philips stadium is the home of PSV Eindhoven and is considered a high quality stadium with its impressive stands and design.

The stadium has stood for many years and was originally a sports ground for Philips employees in 1910. From there the stadium has been extended greatly to cope with the development and progression of PSV Eindhoven and to hold the capacity crowds that regularly attend home matches.

Aside from hosting the city’s premier team, the stadium has also played host to many national games and also music concerts and is one of the finest in the country.

Tours are available of the stadium but it may also be worth seeing if there is a match on during your stay in Eindhoven and experiencing the excitement of the fanatic Dutch football scene.

13. Het Veem Food Market

Veem Food MarketSource: thisiseindhoven
Veem Food Market

This local food market is a beautiful showcase for passionate chefs, cooks, and entrepreneurs who specialize in the food industry.

At the market you will find a tantalizing display of bread, cheeses, meats, vegetables, coffee, wines and a whole lot more.

The vendors have wonderfully crafted stalls and shops with displays full of colour and bursting with mouth watering smells and tastes.

It really is a delight to the senses and food lovers will really appreciate this cosy and atmospheric market.

14. Culinary walk through the city centre

Culinary walkSource: flickr
Culinary walk

What better way to explore the city of Eindhoven than to enjoy a culinary tour that provides a combination of history and first class food? There are several different tours you can take including a walk through the trendy Strijp-S area.

Tours will usually last round 1.5 hours and prices will include food (but not drinks) and a English speaking guide.

Walk through the fascinating streets of Eindhoven and explore its history and culture, and then finish with a top quality meal that really shows what the city has to offer in terms of culinary delights.

15. Park Hilaria

Park HilariaSource: flickr
Park Hilaria

Park Hilaria is a festival that is held annually in Eindhoven in August and draws staggering crowds of over 500,000. The festival is truly like a huge playground and fairground combined with a delightful variety of rides, rollercoaster’s, live shows, street entertainment, circus acts, games stalls and food kiosks.

The park stretches for over 1km and although entry is free, a fee per ride is charged.

For a fun filled time, Park Hilaria will provide hours and hours of entertainment, laughs and exciting memories.

15 Best Things to Do in Eindhoven (the Netherlands):

  • Van Abbemuseum
  • Eindhoven Museum
  • Evoluon
  • Genneper Park
  • Stadswandelpark
  • St. Catherine's Church
  • Village of Nuenen
  • Philips Museum
  • PSV Eindhoven Museum
  • Eindhoven Bottle Distillery
  • DAF Museum
  • PSV Eindhoven Stadium
  • Het Veem Food Market
  • Culinary walk through the city centre
  • Park Hilaria