15 Best Things to Do in Cincinnati (Ohio)

Straddling the divide between the Deep South and the Midwest as it sprawls out across the banks of the Ohio River (one of the major tributaries to the Mississippi River), Cincinnati oozes with a curious mix of American industrialism, BBQ heritage, baseball fanaticism, riparian come railroad character and a deep sense of its own history.

These are all clear in the town’s wealth of museums, bursting out of the green swathes of Eden Park and the Union Station alike, not to mention its revered Major League sporting institutions.

However, Cincinnati is also a city on the up. Its districts pulse with bohemian coffee bars, art cafes and more microbreweries than you can shake a Midwestern local IPA at.

The art exhibitions are both cutting-edge and thought-provoking, and there are some mouth-watering restaurants to boot. Check out this list of the best things to do in Cincinnati, the fabled Queen City of the West…

1. See endangered gorillas and more at the Cincinnati Zoo

Rhino at the Cincinnati Zoo

Source: flickr

Rhino at the Cincinnati Zoo

Situated just north of the city’s University district, Cincinnati Zoo is home to a real medley of curious and exotic creatures.

Exhibits range from the speedy cheetah to elusive snow leopards, sand cats to Siberian lynxes, bears to wolves, venomous snakes to slow-moving armadillos.

Oh, and there’s just a smattering of sunfish and sharp-toothed piranhas thrown in at the aquarium for good measure!

Cincinnati Zoo is also known for its accomplished CREW conservation program, which has worked hard to preserve – among other animals – the great lowland gorilla of the Congo.

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