15 Best Things to Do in Billund (Denmark)

In central Jutland, Billund is a modest town with a big story to tell: It’s the birthplace of LEGO, and boasts the original LEGO factory and Legoland resort.

The amusement park is the reason most people will descend on Billund, and it’s a world-class attraction that the little dudes are sure to love.

If you spend some of your trip branching out into the wider region you’ll see Denmark’s best Viking runestones, visit open-air museums of all descriptions and come face to face with a lion at Gifskud Zoo.

Day-trips are also an option to any number of exciting cities and villages in the countryside or on the coast.

Here are the best things to do in Billund:

1. Legoland Billund

Legoland Billund

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Legoland Billund

The world’s first Legoland, this attraction has been going strong for nearly half a century and is the most-visited place in Denmark not in Copenhagen.

There are nine LEGO-themed lands for kids to discover, but the part everyone will want to see is Mini Land.

This is where monuments and cityscapes from across Denmark and the World have been built to LEGO’s 1:20 scale.

The Statue of Liberty, Acropolis and Egyptian Abu Simbel temples are all here, as is the Copenhagen district of Nyhaven.

Legoland has four roller coasters, combined with a whole host of smaller rides for kids and toddlers.

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15 Best Things to Do in Billund (Denmark):

Legoland Billund