15 Best Things to Do in Bad Ischl (Austria)

Bad Ischl is considered a spa town owing to its history of involvement with salt mining and also brine pools – During the 1500’s a salt mine was opened in the town which saw a boost to its economy and development, and then later in the 19th century when Brine became popular for medicinal purposes, Bad Ischl turned into a fashionable spa resort catering for famous and wealth Austrians.

The town is set against the backdrop of the mighty Katrin Mountain and remains a popular tourist destination in Upper Austria.

Lets explore the best things to do in Bad Ischl:

1. Kaiser Villa

Kaiser Villa

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Kaiser Villa

Once described as Heaven on earth by the great emperor Franz Joseph, the Kaiser Villa served as the summer residence for the Habsburgs in the 1800’s and onwards and was also a place that several historical meetings of world leaders took place.

The delightful Neoclassical architecture of the Villa contains many columns and tympana, while there are also plaster sculptured above each of the three wings depicting various classical scenes.

This treasured home of the Austrian Royalty is a spectacular tribute to their power and prowess and is a highlight of any trip to Bad Ischl.

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15 Best Things to Do in Bad Ischl (Austria):

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