15 Best Things to Do in Angeles City (the Philippines)

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Formerly home to the largest American Air Force Base outside of the states, Angeles city has been hyper-kicked into full urbanization. There has been a lot of international influence here throughout modern history by the American Air force, WWII Japanese invaders, and Spanish conquistadors. You’ll see this reflected in monuments, street names, food, and more.

When you visit, expect to see lots of historical memorials honoring American forces and plenty of neighborhoods that were once the stomping grounds for American troops. When the air force base closed down, many Americans stayed. That is why you’ll find a heavy expat community here and plenty of American food, restaurants, and shops that cater towards western desires.

The climate here is categorized as “Tropical Savanna” and “Tropical Monsoon”. You’ll find the wettest times of the month between May and October, with the remainder of the year relatively dry. The hottest month that Angeles City experiences is June- it typically reaches around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Angeles City:

1. Join a Festival

Angeles City PhilippinesSource: asiastock / shutterstock
Angeles City Philippines

Angeles City has festivals kicking off all year round, with October being one of the liveliest months.

Start with La Naval Fiesta on the second Sunday of October that honors the Spanish fleet of Navy ships that have protected the country from the Dutch.

Also in October, you can join in on 3 days of the Big Bite Northern Food Festival held at Marquee Mall. Enjoy over 100 food stalls serving food from the Northern Philippines- with Sisig as the main event.

On the last Friday of October, thousands of devotees migrate to the Apu shrine to pay tribute to Jesus Christ in the Apu Fiesta.

2. Holy Rosary Church

Source: Insights Unspoken / Flickr
Holy Rosary Church

Also known as Santo Rosario Church, this Roman Catholic Church is a beautiful sight to visit with two tall towers and a castle-like structure. But this church is more than just a pretty building and house of worship; it also carries a lot of controversial history.

During the Spanish era, this church was filled with Filipino slaves. The Spanish would take Filipino people of “peasant” status and submit them to forced labor in the name of the church. Countless murders have been committed in this spooky place.

3. Juan D. Nepomuceno Center for Kapampangan Studies

Juan D. Nepomuceno Center for Kapampangan StudiesSource: Judgefloro / Wikimedia
Juan D. Nepomuceno Center For Kapampangan Studies

With so much history and so many changes of rule in this city, it’s hard to keep up with what happened when. Luckily, there is a comprehensive library that has archived it all.

Thanks to the Holy Angel University, anyone can come and take a deeper dive into the history of Angeles City and the native Kapampangan people. This place serves as a museum, research center, gallery, and more.

Nearby, you’ll also find the Museum of Kapampangan Arts that houses works by locally famous Filipino artists.

4. Lily Hill

What was once a lookout point during World War II to monitor the movements of the Japanese, Lily Hill is now an unofficial historical museum. Here you can find WWII relics such as the skeleton of an old Japanese airplanes. On your visit, you’ll also find a 5-ton granite statue of the Tibetan monk, Kannon along with smaller monuments in remembrance of these tough times.

The land itself is worth a walk with greenery all around, blossoming flowers in the spring, and a mysterious feeling while imagining what has taken place right where you step.

5. Kamikaze East Airfield

Source: www.backpackingphilippines.com
Kamikaze East Airfield

During World War II, the Japanese fought dirty with suicidal airplane pilots that would crash their Kamikaze planes into the ground at great speeds, killing those around them.

At the Kamikaze East Airfield, you can visit a thought-provoking monument describing the attacks and depicting the intense nationalism of the Japanese military soldiers. The monument serves as a reminder to the reality that once was upon the Philippines and to promote international friendship and positive relations so that history is never repeated in this way.

6. K-9 Cemetery / Military Working Dogs Cemetery

Source: www.tripadvisor.com.ph
K-9 Cemetery

During the era of the Clark Air Force Base, any and every service dog that passed was given an honorary burial and ceremony.

The K-9 Cemetery / Military Working Dogs Cemetery has not been well maintained, but to be honest, the over growth has only added to the intrigue. You’ll walk through tall grass, parting the reeds to read the headstones with doggie names engraved on each one.

These dogs were well loved and were hard workers. If you are an animal lover, go pay tribute to our K-9 service pals.

7. Air Force City Park

Source: Apollothirteen / Flickr
Air Force City Park

Geek out at this outdoor air force museum home to multiple air force jets, propeller planes and helicopters. You can get an up close look to touch at the planes and helicopters once used by the American air force during their stay in Angeles City. A entertaining alteration, many of these planes have been repainted with the Philippine Air Force Logo, but have never actually been used by the Philippine military.

Nearby, you’ll find the barracks for soldiers and a couple of small monuments paying tribute to the American troops. If you come from a military family, you will especially appreciate the opportunity to take a step back in time to see how these soldiers once lived.

8. Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Source: www.panoramictrip.com
Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Whether you are a family with kids or just a couple of grownup kids yourselves, a day at Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Angeles City is one you’ll never forget. There are so many thrilling activities for fun-lovers of all ages.

There are super-extreme slides, superman-style ziplining, gravity car racing, pony rides, and an impossibly huge garden maze.

After you’ve worked up an appetite, pop into their tree house restaurant with beautiful views of the jungle. Nibble on western bites such as grilled chicken, burger steak, or breaded pork. There are also set menus that offer a little bit of everything for a reasonable price!

9. Midnight Rodeo

Source: www.balibago.org
Midnight Rodeo

It might look a bit intimidating at first with a cloudy front door and crowded scene, but Midnight Rodeo is the place to go for live music. Talented Filipino cover bands play nonstop from evening til 2:30 in the morning. Your eardrums will be treated to country, reggae, oldies, alternative, pop, and more. You’ll be singing along with practically every song.

The vibes are really friendly here with everyone wearing a smile and many people wearing cowboy hats and big belt buckles.

The music isn’t overwhelmingly loud so you can still have a conversation with your pals while you sip on an ice-cold beer.

10. The Living Room

Source: www.tripadvisor.com
The Living Room

On the 7th floor of the Queen’s Hotel you will find the coveted establishment dubbed ‘The Living Room’.

Chill out with your friends by playing a game of darts or billiards. There are plenty of TVs around to catch a Philippine boxing match, and lots of laidback seating where you could easily spend hours taking a little ‘me time’.

Head out to the patio for some fresh air and spectacular views of the city. When events or festivals are taking place in Angeles city, this is one of the best spots to watch the fireworks.

11. SM City Clark

Source: www.tripadvisor.in
SM City Clark

SM City Clark is a one-stop mall shop for all your needs and entertainment. Anything you need or miss from home is right here under one roof.

Fill up on tons of great food from Filipino fast food restaurants, traditional pot stalls, Japanese cuisine, or western spots with burgers. The most popular Angeles city Starbucks is here, along with a theatre playing IMAX movies. There is a Nike store along with many more familiar western brands. For kids, there is a play place and lots of ice cream shops.

During the hottest days of the year, this place serves as an air-conditioned oasis.

12. Nayong Pilipino Clark

Source: angelescity.com
Nayong Pilipino Clark

If you’re wanting to enjoyably stuff decades worth of Philippine culture and history into one or two hours, then come to Nayong Pilipino Clark.

Take a walk through this park where you’ll pass by significant Angeles City buildings like old churches and the house of national heroes. Then, enjoy an hour-long cultural show in the afternoon. Mosey on over to the Aeta Village where you can watch traditional dances. There is also an Orchidarium with indigenous plant species. The exhibits touch on a little bit of everything from culture to history to nature.

This is a great place for kids with plenty of action to keep them entertained and lots of snacks to keep them satiated.

13. Aqua Beach Club

Source: all-philippines.com
Aqua Beach Club

Needing a break from all of the heavy historical lessons? Come to Aqua Beach Club where you can take your mind off of things for a while.

This is the place to be glamorous, get tipsy, and socialize. Every day of the week, this chic beach club has something to offer. Wednesdays are Ladies Day where girls get Php 250 to spend on drinks and on Fridays, come for the pool party with a live DJ and beer pong tournament. The design of the bar and DJ booth overlooking both the city and the pool sets the tone for lots of social interaction, so don’t worry about coming alone.

14. Puning Hot Spring

Source: Marcos Detourist / Flickr
Puning Hot Spring

Pamper yourself at this full-service hot spring in Angeles City. Not only are there natural hot springs with warm water to detox your system and purify your skin, but also, there are a multitude of spa services you’ll want to get in on. There are mud masks, massages, and even a spa service where your entire body is buried in a sandbox.

You can enjoy multiple hot spring pools on the property with bungalows and stairs carved directly into the mountain and surrounded by carefully planted palm trees. The view is beautiful and the entire experience is ultra-relaxing.

15. Piccolo Padre

Source: primeasiahotel.com
Piccolo Padre

The Philippines is known for having some of the freshest seafood around. This is what makes cities like Angeles City perfect for upscale seafood dining experience.

Tall ceilings, glitzy chandeliers, and posh table settings; come to Piccolo Padre for grand ambience, top tier service, and luxurious dishes.

Some of the most popular dishes here are the Oysters Inferno, Seafood Platter with seared tuna, Surf and Turf with Lobster Tail, and if you’re not in the mood for seafood, the dry aged steak.


15 Best Things to Do in Angeles City (the Philippines):

  • Join a Festival
  • Holy Rosary Church
  • Juan D. Nepomuceno Center for Kapampangan Studies
  • Lily Hill
  • Kamikaze East Airfield
  • K-9 Cemetery / Military Working Dogs Cemetery
  • Air Force City Park
  • Zoocobia Fun Zoo
  • Midnight Rodeo
  • The Living Room
  • SM City Clark
  • Nayong Pilipino Clark
  • Aqua Beach Club
  • Puning Hot Spring
  • Piccolo Padre