15 Best Things To Do in Aarhus (Denmark)

Denmark’s second city and the largest on the Jutland peninsula, Aarhus encapsulates many of the things people love about this country.

It’s a clean, forward-thinking place filled with arresting pieces of modern architecture.

If you’ve got a thing for design, check out the functionalist town hall or the new Dokk1 complex by the water.

History also abounds in Aarhus: The sprawling open-air museum, Den Gamie By is the closest thing you’ll get to a time machine, while the old streets of the Latin Quarter are made for a wander and cool glass of beer in the summer.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Aarhus:

1. Den Gamle By

Den Gamle By

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Den Gamle By

A large and labyrinthine open-air museum with 75 authentic historic buildings and a large cast of “re-enactors” , Den Gamle By is the ultimate gateway to Danish social history since the 1700s – and a fun day out.

The attraction creates living snapshots of the 18th, 19th and 20 centuries and lets you interact with the period as much as possible.

So in the 19th-century area you can see what life was like when Hans Christian Andersen was writing, meeting village characters like the widow of a clergyman or merchant’s maid and tasting cakes baked with recipes from 1895.

The most recent part covers the 1970s, so you’ll meet four young hippie-types and listen to LP records.

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15 Best Things To Do in Aarhus (Denmark):

Den Gamle By