15 Best Things to Do in Aalborg (Denmark)

At the furthest edge of North Jutland in Denmark is this university city that brings you Viking history, 21st-century architecture and a quaint medieval city centre.

Aalborg’s location on the shore of Limfjord has brought trade to its doorstep for centuries.

In Viking times this narrow channel was a veritable highway for longboats, while the harbour helped turn the city into an industrial powerhouse in the 19th century.

The chimney stacks and waterfront industry have now been replaced by trend-setting regeneration projects and cultural centres.

Here are the best things to do in Aalborg:

1. Lindholm Hoje

Lindholm Hoje

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Lindholm Hoje

Minutes from Aalborg is an extensive Viking burial site marked by stone circles covering an entire hillside.

The majority of these tombs belong to the Viking, but some are earlier, from the year 500 during the Nordic Iron Age.

What has preserved the site so well is the same thing that caused the Vikings to abandon it: Deforestation brought about sand drifts, burying the hillside for centuries. Lindholm Hoje has a superb museum that will shed light on the history of the Vikings in this area with 3D animations and models showing how they kept livestock and cultivated the fields.

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15 Best Things to Do in Aalborg (Denmark):

Jørgen Olufsen's House