15 Best Swimming Holes in Vermont

The northeastern state of Vermont is known for maple syrup, but it’s more likely the wide open spaces that will attract you to visit. A state for all seasons, go to play in the snow in the winter or relish the great outdoors in summer.

Vermont is one of the least populous states, so if you are looking to escape the crowds, this could be the state for you to explore.  Hike, fish and of course swim and cool off at one of the many natural swim holes the state has to offer.

Here’s the best swimming holes in Vermont:

1. Bristol Falls, Bristol, VT

Bristol Falls (Bartlett Falls)

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Bristol Falls (Bartlett Falls)

Bristol Falls is idyllic and popular when the sun shines. The falls drop into a long deep channel which is framed by rocks. Jump from the rocks into the refreshing water below and enjoy the simple pleasures of summer. The rocks provide perfect picnic spots too, so get there early to get a good one. If you’ve got younger children with you, you’ll find shallows a little further away from the falls. Parking is roadside and close by to the falls but it still can be a bit of a scramble so appropriate footwear is a must.

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15 Best Swimming Holes in Vermont:

Bristol Falls (Bartlett Falls)