15 Best Swimming Holes in Arizona

The sunny southwestern state of Arizona is home to The Grand Canyon; the cactus filled Sonoran Desert and the rugged red scenery of the aptly named Red Rock State Park. There’s a meteor crater that defies belief and scenery fit for any western movie. Clearly, there are many reasons to visit and holidays can be hot work.

Here are some of the Arizona’s best swimming holes for cooling off and relaxing before your next adventure:

1. Grasshopper Point, Sedona, AZ.

Grasshopper Point, Sedona

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Grasshopper Point, Sedona

Grasshopper Point is your quintessential swimming hole and a great alternative to Slide Rock. It’s shaded and cool and surrounded by rugged scenery which provides jumping platforms for those who dare. The water depth varies so those that like splashing in the shallows can cool off too. This spot is at the base of Oak Creek Canyon and just two miles south of Encinoso Picnic Area.

The trail from the parking lot is quite rocky as is the water’s edge so do be prepared for some scrambling. For those who want to earn their swim, hiking trails lead from the car park too.

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15 Best Swimming Holes in Arizona:

Bull Pen, Camp Verde