15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Oklahoma

Oklahoma, famously known for its unique pan-like shape on the map, is located in the South Central United States. Its name was derived from the Choctaw language and roughly means “red people”. This state was settled during the westward expansion and is home to small mountain ranges, prairies and forest.

Also a location for the resettlement of many Native American tribes, there are now 25 Native American languages spoken here, second only to the state of California. Come visit to appreciate its wild nature and history and disconnect from normal life.

Lets have a look at the best small towns to visit in Oklahoma:

1. Medicine Park, Oklahoma

Medicine Park, Oklahoma

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Medicine Park, Oklahoma

Medicine Park is a town located in Comanche County, in the Wichita Mountains. It was founded in 1908 by Elmer Thomas, a new member of the Oklahoma State Senate. He transformed the land he purchased into a resort location, complete with a swimming hole. This quickly turned into a cobblestone resort community that is now Medicine Park; tourists are still drawn here to this day.

Take a few days and visit for a natural paradise resort destination vacation – it is near the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge and has been landscaped with beautiful gardens and trees. Go fishing or kayaking on Medicine Creek or admire the waterfalls. Pamper yourself at Stardust Inn Bed & Breakfast and relax over coffee at Mrs. Chadwick’s Bakery and Coffee Bar.

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15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Oklahoma:

Medicine Park, Oklahoma