15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Arizona

4. Jerome, Arizona

Jerome, Arizona

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Jerome, Arizona

Jerome is built on Cleopatra Hill, which overlooks the Verde Valley in the Black Hills. Originally a mining town that struck it rich with copper, the population dropped off after the heyday of mining was over. Jerome began to rise again when it became a National Historic Landmark in the 1960s and the tourism breathed some life back into this town.

Come enjoy the revitalized town and browse its art galleries before discussing the local art over coffee at one of the many coffee houses. Or, take a tour of the wineries such as the Bitter Creek Winery and stop in for a meal at a local restaurant. You can always walk off whatever you eat and drink at the Jerome State Historic Park, or if you’re a history buff, while browsing the local Jerome Historical Society Mine Museum. Visit a real life ghost town at Gold King Mine and Museum before heading back into town to shake off the eerie vibes.

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