15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Arizona

3. Greer, Arizona

Greer, Arizona

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Greer, Arizona

Located in Apache County, Greer is an unincorporated community in the White Mountains. Surrounded by the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest, this town has a colorful background: It was founded by Mormon settlers from Utah in 1879! Greer has a much milder climate due to its proximity to the lakes in the valley of the Little Colorado River, and is a true haven for nature lovers. Escape extreme weather and sneak away to Greer!

Come up in the winter and spend a few days hitting the slopes at Sunrise Park Resort, a popular skiing resort. Enjoy the mountains in the snow and snap some photos. Or, if the cold isn’t your favorite, Greer is also a popular summer vacation destination in Arizona as the heat isn’t nearly as oppressive here as in the desert. If you are here in the summer, spend some time hiking the West Baldy Trail, the beauty and quiet calm will make you glad that you came!

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