15 Best Romantic (Weekend) Getaways in Mississippi

Whether you live in Mississippi, or are looking to vacation there, this southern state is a sight to behold, with hidden beauty, history and heritage. Mississippi is nestled along the river that it takes its namesake from, and it’s a state that is composed of lowlands and foothills. Mississippi is a state that is covered in forests, with major cities that are filled to the brim with history that harks back to the Civil War and colonial era.

Mississippi has an area of 48,430 square miles, which means that for travelers and vacationers, there’s much of it to explore! With a humid subtropical climate, Mississippi is home to long, humid summers and short, mild winters – which makes it the perfect place for couples to sneak away, or honeymooners to spend their first vacation together as a married couple.

Romantic getaways can be memorable no matter where you go – but knowing the best places to go that will cater to your every romantic whim is a great place to start. Whether you’re looking for a small hideaway, or a romantic resort, Mississippi’s charm will worm its way into your vacation.

Let’s explore the best romantic (weekend) getaways in Mississippi:

1. The Alluvian Hotel

The Alluvian Hotel – Courtyard

Nestled admits the heart of the Mississippi Delta site the Alluvian Hotel, located in Greenwood, Mississippi. The Alluvian is the perfect place for couples who are looking to escape the hustle of most tourist locations. With only 45 rooms, the Alluvian offers guests a quiet and secluded southern experience, with accommodations that range from suites to two-bedroom lofts. Each room boasts the rich design and culture of the Mississippi south.

The Alluvian offers guests a complimentary daily hot buffet breakfast, and is centrally located that seeking out a nearby restaurant for lunch or dinner is easy. Guests have easy access to tennis and golf, as well as the private Alluvian theatre. This hotel also offers complimentary transportation to and from local attractions, so you can make sure you are always going to get where you’re going.

Website: http://www.thealluvian.com/

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15 Best Romantic (Weekend) Getaways in Mississippi: