15 Best Places to Visit in Uruguay

Uruguay has always lived in the shadows of Brazil and Argentina, it’s bigger and faster neighbours.  But in recent decades, this little country is finally getting some of the recognition it deserves.  It’s everything you want a holiday country to be:  progressive, culturally sophisticated, stable, jam packed with nature and outdoor adventure, and accessible.  Because it’s not yet heavy on the tourist circuit, you’ll get lots of “local experience,” which comes with great memories and stories to retell back home.  Come and discover for yourself why it’s called the Switzerland of South America. Here’s the best places to visit in Uruguay!

1. Montevideo


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Montevideo is the seat of the nation’s capital and home to almost half of its population.  This eclectic own is high on fun and steeped in cultural life.  There are lots of different aspects to discover here.  Start with the historic downtown where you’ll find neoclassic buildings right next to towering skyscrapers.  You can visit the port and industrial side, spending the day shopping, or check out the beach communities of places like Pocitos and Carretas.  In the evening enjoy theatre, galleries, and concerts.  You’ll love the tango bars and seaside discos. Be sure to check out La Feria Tristán Narvaja flea market, The Rambla, and Plaza de Independecia.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Uruguay: