15 Best Places to Visit in Sweden

Sweden may well be the land that gave the world IKEA and iconic meatballs, but sadly it is often neglected on the traveler trail around Europe, and many visitors choose not to visit this corner of Northern Europe, eschewing it in favor of locations further south.

If you do choose to venture to the north however, you will find sun dappled leafy towns by the water’s edge, fun filled modern cities, and winter wonderlands with a few reindeer thrown in if you make it all the way to Swedish Lapland. Whatever you choose however, know that you are in one of the cleanest, most efficient, and some would say friendliest countries in the world.

Lets explore the best places to visit in Sweden:

1. Stockholm


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Stockholm is widely said to be one of the most picturesque and user friendly cities in Europe, and has an abundance of clean air that blows in off the Baltic Sea, as well as wide open spaces, woodlands, and parks. There is also a strong dedication to history in Stockholm that can be felt when you venture to the old town centre of Gamla Stan where you will find historic buildings as well as dainty cobbled streets that wind around the island and give visitors the chance to explore on foot. For some maritime history, head down to the harbor to see the Vasa, a warship that dates from the 17th century and escaped a watery end after being preserved and restored. Make the most of Sweden’s open green spaces with a trip to the central park of Kungsträdgården where locals go to relax and enjoy the splendid scenery.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Sweden: