15 Best Places to Visit in Suriname

Suriname is a small country in north east South America.  It’s a combination of tropical rainforest, roaring rivers, Dutch colonial history, and great ethnic diversity.  You can divide your time between the dense and untamed interior jungles and the lively modern cities with shopping, fantastic restaurants, and surprising night-spots.  Locals include descendants of British and Dutch colonialists, African slaves, Indonesians, Indians, and Chinese indentured servants, and indigenous Amerindians. Communicating is fun with so many languages floating around, and so is the eating.  Be prepared for spicy and fantastic everywhere you go. Here’s the best places to visit in Suriname!

1. Paramaribo

Presidential Palace, Paramaribo

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Presidential Palace, Paramaribo

If you could combine the American Wild West with Amsterdam, you’d get Paramaribo.  A high energy city filled with things to see and do, it’s the most incredible capital in the Guianas.  Roam around the inner city, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, and discover grassy squares lined with black and white Dutch colonial buildings, have lunch at one of the many Indian roti shops, and buy a few pieces of artwork from the Maroon artists selling their art outside the old Dutch forts.  Parbo, as the locals call it, is a multi-ethnic city where synagogues and mosques are next door neighbours.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Suriname:

Commewijne River