15 Best Places to Visit in Suffolk (England)

2. Ipswich


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On the Orwell Estuary, Ipswich is a town that vies for the title of the oldest in England.

Its history goes back to the 600s when a Saxon settlement took shape around the docks.

All the way through the middle ages, Ipswich was a key port for trade with Europe.

This legacy is recognised during the Ipswich Maritime Festival in August when there are street markets, historical re-enactments and old sailboats visit the town.

As it was in the past, the waterside area is the most engaging part of Ipswich, where old warehouses are now apartments, restaurants and galleries, and the University of Suffolk injects some youthful energy.

In the Buttermarket area, see the Ancient House, a fine 14th-century merchant’s house embellished with the “pargeting”, decorative plasterwork, that East Anglia is known for.

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