15 Best Things to Do in Tequesta (FL)

Written by Bart Meeuwesen
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Covering little more than two square miles, this small coastal city has some enchanting scenery. Tequesta features Atlantic shoreline, a piece of the Indian River Lagoon, and the lower reaches of the Loxahatchee River.

Something that intrigues me about the coastline is that it’s unusually rocky, and you can view some peculiar formations at the Blowing Rocks Nature Reefs. Offshore are reefs loaded with awe-inspiring underwater life, while sea turtles nest on the beaches during the summer.

Just downstream, the Loxahatchee River flows into the Atlantic at the Jupiter Inlet, guarded by the magnificent Jupiter Inlet Light, dating back 160+ years.

1. Blowing Rocks Nature Preserve

Blowing Rocks Nature PreserveSource: aarbois / shutterstock
Blowing Rocks Nature Preserve

Awaiting you at this nearby coastal preserve is the largest outcropping of Anastasia limestone on the East Coast. 

Blowing Rocks Nature Preserve was named for the phenomenon caused by surf surging through cavities in the rocks when the tide is coming in.

It’s a dramatic spectacle, adored by locals and tourists alike. Now, when I was here the rocks weren’t blowing, due to shifting sands. Still, the jagged formations are a treat, as is the long stretch of undeveloped shoreline. 

Before you get to the shore the trail leads you through beautiful mangroves. Meanwhile the beach is one of a few local spots with a high concentration of intact shells.

2. Coral Cove Park

Palm Beach County takes care of this park with roughly half a mile of sandy Atlantic shorefront. Coral Cove Park also traces the Intracoastal Waterway, and can be reached from the water if you’re paddling or boating.

The beach, which was remarkably steep when I passed through, is one of the best for miles to do some shelling. If you enjoy hunting for specimens you could spend hours poring over these sands. 

As with Blowing Rocks Preserve the shoreline is unusually craggy for Florida. This continues offshore, with rocky reefs, loaded with marine life and waiting to be discovered if you have snorkeling gear.

3. Pointe Paddle

I can’t think of many better places in Florida than the southernmost section of the Indian River Lagoon, next to Tequesta.

What makes the area so special is the quantity of interesting and beautiful things to see, all set close together. I mean there’s Blowing Rocks Preserve and the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse of course. 

But you’ve also got Coral Cove Park, and the Tequesta Sandbar, a shoal with glistening shallow waters. 

Perfectly located to serve these spots is Pointe Paddle, at the Jupiter Pointe Marina, on the opposite bank from Blowing Rocks Preserve. You can rent kayaks and paddleboards here for anything from one to five hours.

4. Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

Hobe Sound National Wildlife RefugeSource: Sandi Cullifer / shutterstock
Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

The largest contiguous chunk of undeveloped beach in Southeast Florida is ten minutes north of Tequesta. Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge is renowned as an important site for nesting sea turtles. 

The property is made up of 1,000+ undisturbed acres on both sides of the Intracoastal Waterway, safeguarded in 1969 to protect the leatherback and green sea turtle. 

You can follow trails along the estuary, through pine scrub and across the barrier island. My ideal time to come is for one of the guided sea turtle walks, taking place on evenings during the nesting season from May to mid-July.

5. Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum

Crossing the Loxahatchee River on A1A or US 1, I can’t be the only person whose eye is drawn to this solemn lighthouse. 

Built on a dune, the Jupiter Inlet Light was raised in 1860. The tower is 105 feet tall, but stands 153 feet above sea level thanks to that dune.

The climb to the top is less onerous than other Florida lighthouses, with 105 steps. Still, the view of the river and inlet is a joy, and even better if you come for a sunset tour.

The grounds are no less beautiful with old-growth forest, including a banyan tree of amazing proportions.

6. Jonathan Dickinson State Park

North of Tequesta a massive, 11,500 tranche of the landscape is protected by Jonathan Dickinson State Park, the largest state park in Southeast Florida. 

One of special things about Jonathan Dickinson State Park is the variety of the scenery, in this tapestry of 16 different plant communities.

These vary from pine flatwoods to swamps along the Loxahatchee River. As I’m sure you can imagine in a place this size, there’s a lot to get up to. You can paddle along the misty river, explore a maze of mountain biking trails, or bring your own mount for an adventure on horseback.

Canoes, kayaks, and bicycles are all available at the park’s concessionaire, and you can book a laid-back trip aboard the Loxahatchee Queen II. Finally, the Elsa Kimbell Environmental Education and Research Center merits a visit for its enlightening museum exhibits.

7. DuBois Park

A little slice of heaven, this public park is tucked inside the Jupiter Inlet on the south side. DuBois Park has a wonderful swimming lagoon, shielded by breakwaters and guarded seven days a week during school breaks (weekends at other times). 

Crowded with palms, the beach and remaining waterfront are nothing short of sublime. But things get really special late in the day when you can see the sun go down on the inlet, behind the lighthouse. To my mind, there are few prettier sights in all of Florida.

Finally, a bridge leads you east to the oceanfront at Jupiter Beach Park, for spectacular shoreline of a different kind.

8. Jupiter Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving In JupiterSource: frantisekhojdysz / shutterstock
Scuba Diving In Jupiter

Based just across the inlet, this dive center serves some of the region’s top sites for snorkeling and SCUBA diving. People are drawn to this stretch of coast for an astonishing variety of animal encounters.

These might happen during the turtle mating season in spring, or late summer when there’s a massive congregation of groupers. 

Whenever you dive, these waters are teeming with spectacular marine life, from moray eels to hammerhead sharks, and even the occasional whale shark. 

The patient and experienced staff at Jupiter Scuba Diving deliver safe, exhilarating, and memorable experiences to their guests.

9. Lighthouse ArtCenter

Lighthouse ArtCenterSource: Lighthouse ArtCenter / Facebook
Lighthouse ArtCenter

This community facility is a gallery and art school that has offered educational opportunities and cultural experiences since the mid-‘60s.

The center was founded by the son of the founders of the famous Norton Art Gallery in nearby West Palm Beach and primarily caters to those living in Martin and Palm Beach Counties.

The gallery features an impressive private collection of art created in a variety of mediums. I visited in time for the awesome Little Lush exhibition, featuring the work of top ceramicists from across the country. 

The calendar features temporary exhibits from other institutions and private collections, art contests, cultural events, and guided tours.

10. Constitution Park

A carefree place for families to spend an afternoon, Constitution Park is just off Tequesta Drive, east of the North Fork Loxahatchee River. 

Next to the Tequesta Recreation Center, this is a thoughtfully designed space packed with amenities. There are two play areas here, with a tot lot for smaller children and a sprawling larger playground for bigger kids. 

Added to that you’ve got a small skate park, a paved path, basketball courts, exercise equipment, and picnic tables in the shade of the handsome live oaks.

11. Maltz Jupiter Theater

Maltz Jupiter TheatreSource: Maltz Jupiter Theatre / Facebook
Maltz Jupiter Theatre

This professional theater was initially founded as a dinner theater more than four decades ago by famous actor Burt Reynolds. The theater bore its owner’s name until the mid-‘90s, and drew talents like Sally Field and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The Maltz Jupiter Theater now operates as a non-profit entity, offering the community a wide range of live performances. These run the gamut from Broadway musicals to dramatic plays and children’s productions.

The facility has undergone numerous renovations over the last 40+ years. Today it seats more than 500 visitors, and boasts modern lighting and sound technology.

12. Tequesta Brewing Company

Tequesta Brewing CompanySource: Tequesta Brewing Co. / Facebook
Tequesta Brewing Company

Opened in 2011, Palm Beach County’s longest-running craft brewery is right here in Tequesta. 

Located in a stripmall on US 1, Tequesta Brewing Company has a chill vibe and a variety of beers made on-site with a number of distinct flavor profiles.

There were 12 beers on tap when I was here, including three guest taps (Pedaler’s Hard Cider). Options included a Kolsch (Der Chancellor), American IPA (Contraband), and a Helles Lager (What The Helles an Oktobercue?). 

I was delighted with my pint of Schwarzbier, malty and sweet, with chocolate notes. Friday and Saturday nights usually mean live music, while there’s trivia on Tuesdays and a wine night on Wednesdays.

13. Agape Healing Arts

Agape Healing ArtsSource: Agape Healing Arts / Facebook
Agape Healing Arts

At the Gallery Square North shopping center, this local business focused on holistic wellness. 

To that end, the facility offers a variety of therapies, including guided acupuncture, meditation, tai chi, qi gong, yoga, and oriental massage, spiritual bathing, aromatherapy, and homeopathy, to name just a few.

As a rule, these treatments are non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical, and are intended to bridge the gap between western and eastern medicine. 

In addition, Agape Healing Arts has a schedule of classes and workshops for a range of disciples. The center also sells a line of their own health and wellness products.

14. Bagel Bistro

BagelsSource: littlenySTOCK / shutterstock

I don’t think it’s news that lots of native New Yorkers live and vacation in Florida. Many of them seek-out places that offer the food they’ve come to love in The Big Apple.

Bagel Bistro is one such place. It offers homemade bagels made fresh daily. These come in lots of tasty options, from onion to everything.

According to many bagel aficionados, Bagel Bistro offers the most authentic New York-style bagels in South Florida. 

They’re known for their crisp outsides and soft, doughy insides, which are the result of a unique cooking method that includes both steaming and baking.

15. Tequesta Chili Cook-Off

My favorite community event in Tequesta is this annual chili cook-off on Main Street in November. Every year there are more than 30 teams representing public safety, military and private organizations, all competing to win the coveted prize for ‘Best Chili’.

There’s an award ceremony to honor veterans and Gold Star families, while proceeds go towards causes like the Tequesta Friends of Public Safety and the Wounded Veterans Relief Fund.

There are celebrating judges adjudicating, as well as a military flyover, live music and pipes & drums displays.


15 Best Things to Do in Tequesta (FL):

  • Blowing Rocks Nature Preserve
  • Coral Cove Park
  • Pointe Paddle
  • Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge
  • Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum
  • Jonathan Dickinson State Park
  • DuBois Park
  • Jupiter Scuba Diving
  • Lighthouse ArtCenter
  • Constitution Park
  • Maltz Jupiter Theater
  • Tequesta Brewing Company
  • Agape Healing Arts
  • Bagel Bistro
  • Tequesta Chili Cook-Off