15 Best Things to Do in Tequesta (FL)

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Tequesta is a village of about 6,000 residents that’s located along the Atlantic coast in southern Florida’s Palm Beach County.

Bordered by Port St. Lucie to the north and West Palm Beach to the south, Tequesta is perfectly positioned to offer visitors easy access to some of the state’s most visited attractions.

A number of local, state, and national parks are nearby, as are historical, cultural, artistic, and outdoor recreation attractions.

Many visitors spend much of their time on the beach when in the area, and there are abundant dining and lodging options close by as well.

Below are 15 things to do in and around Tequesta, Florida.

1. Lighthouse ArtCenter

Lighthouse ArtCenterSource: Lighthouse ArtCenter / Facebook
Lighthouse ArtCenter

Tequesta’s Lighthouse ArtCenter is both a gallery and an art school that’s been offering the community a variety of educational opportunities and cultural experiences since the mid-‘60s.

The center was founded by the son of the founders of the famous Norton Art Gallery in nearby West Palm Beach and primarily caters to those living in Martin and Palm Beach Counties.

The gallery features an impressive private collection of art created in a variety of mediums. In addition, it has a year-round schedule that includes temporary exhibits from other institutions and private collections, art contests, cultural events, and guided tours.

2. Blowing Rocks Nature Preserve

Blowing Rocks Nature PreserveSource: aarbois / shutterstock
Blowing Rocks Nature Preserve

Blowing Rocks Nature Preserve is most well-known for its relatively remote location and scenic beach, which has a way of making visitors feel like they’re a lot farther away from civilization than they really are.

The preserve was named after the surging surf that blows through the rocks near the shore when the tide is coming in.

It’s a dramatic display that’s a popular spectacle with locals and tourists alike, and many visitors time their trip to coincide with the incoming tide, which is easily done by checking online.

The preserve is usually more crowded on the weekends, and there’s ample on-site parking.

3. PapiChulo Tacos

PapiChulo TacosSource: PapiChulo Tacos / Facebook
PapiChulo Tacos

Though it’s only been around for a little over a year, PapiChulo Tacos in nearby Jupiter has already attracted a loyal following appreciative of its casual atmosphere, extensive menu, and reasonable prices.

The restaurant was founded by three friends committed to providing their customers with a unique dining experience centered on fresh ingredients, vibrant flavors, and hefty servings of traditional Mexican street food with a twist.

They offer an impressive array of drinks and cocktails, and their guacamole, donuts, and fresh salsas are perennial favorites.

Daily happy hour deals offer specials on both food and drink, so visit then to save a few bucks if your schedule allows.

4. Tequesta Brewing Company

Tequesta Brewing CompanySource: Tequesta Brewing Co. / Facebook
Tequesta Brewing Company

The Sunshine State has experienced micro and craft brewing renaissances in the last decade, and no matter where travelers find themselves in the state, they’re probably not far from a local brewing company.

Located on U.S. Highway 1, Tequesta Brewing Company is a popular meeting place that features a chill vibe and a variety of beers made on-site with a number of distinct flavor profiles.

Though many customers already know their beers inside-out, those who don’t will appreciate the staff’s helpfulness and guidance. Many first-timers choose to purchase a sampler to see which brew they like best before buying a pint.

5. Agape Healing Arts

Agape Healing ArtsSource: Agape Healing Arts / Facebook
Agape Healing Arts

For many visitors from other parts of the country, Florida is a place of relaxation, and their vacation is the once-yearly chance to escape the stress and chaos of their everyday lives.

Agape Healing Arts is a local business focused entirely on total-wellness; to that end, the facility offers a variety of therapeutic options, including guided meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Oriental massage, to name just a few.

Previous guests have noted that the environment was tranquil and that they left feeling much more relaxed and grounded than when they arrived.

Agape Healing Arts sells a line of their own health and wellness products as well.

6. Bagel Bistro

BagelsSource: littlenySTOCK / shutterstock

Lots of native New Yorkers live and vacation in Florida, and many of them seek-out places that offer the food they’ve come to love in The Big Apple.

Bagel Bistro is one such place. It offers homemade bagels made fresh daily, which come in several tasty options, both traditional favorites and those popular with the contemporary crowd.

According to many bagel aficionados, Bagel Bistro offers the most authentic New York-style bagels in South Florida. They’re known for their crisp outsides and soft, doughy insides, which are the result of a unique cooking method that includes both steaming and baking.

7. Jupiter Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving In JupiterSource: frantisekhojdysz / shutterstock
Scuba Diving In Jupiter

Just a short drive from Tequesta, Jupiter is one of the area’s premier destinations for snorkelers and SCUBA divers, who are drawn to its warm, clear waters that are home to a wide variety of unique fish and marine life.

The patient and experienced staff at Jupiter Scuba Diving are focused on delivering safe, exhilarating, and memorable experiences to their guests. They offer a variety of guided tour options that may be suitable for those with a range of experience levels.

Excursions include dive briefings, and options include both wrecks and reefs.

Check out their website or give them a call to determine if you’ve got enough experience to qualify to join one of their dives.

8. Juno Beach

Juno BeachSource: Allison Michael / shutterstock
Juno Beach

Juno Beach is a popular destination for those staying in Tequesta. Many who decide to visit end-up staying longer than anticipated because of the area’s incredible natural beauty and the diverse variety of educational and recreational activities and attractions it offers.

Juno Beach is a great place to spend the day enjoying the sun, sand, and surf. It’s also home to the famous Loggerhead Center, a facility dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating sea turtles that have been injured in the wild.

Fishing is also a popular activity and may be done from the city’s public pier, and there are plenty of dining and shopping options too.

9. Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

Hobe Sound National Wildlife RefugeSource: Sandi Cullifer / shutterstock
Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

Whether you’re looking for exclusive resorts and swanky dining or natural beauty and wide-open spaces, you’ll likely find it in South Florida. For those who fall into the latter category, Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge is one of the area’s most popular destinations.

The refuge is comprised of nearly 800 undisturbed acres that are managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It offers visitors a variety of activity options, including hiking, biking, photography, and wildlife viewing.

Hobe Sound can draw crowds during peak times on the weekends during summer, but it’s generally less crowded than its more urban neighbors.

10. Flagler Museum

Flagler MuseumSource: Sean Pavone / shutterstock
Flagler Museum

Consisting of more than 50 rooms that date back to the turn of the 20th century, the Flagler Museum was originally a grand, European-style home built by an uber-wealthy local oilman for his wife.

Flagler spared no expense in adorning the home with the most expensive and trendy art, furniture, and housewares of the day. Its unique architectural style and vastness were considered to be among the world’s most grand.

Now, the Flagler Museum is one of the area’s most popular historical attractions. Many choose to experience it as part of one of the relatively inexpensive guided tours that are offered regularly.

11. Carlin Park

Carlin Park, JupiterSource: shelnew19 / Flickr
Carlin Park

Humble county parks often get overlooked by travelers intent on experiencing big-name attractions, but for those looking to make the most of their limited vacation time without breaking the bank, they’re often perfect options that shouldn’t be passed up.

Carlin Park is one such local attraction that’s especially popular with snorkelers. Since powerboats are prohibited in the park, it’s the perfect place to explore the underwater world safely.

The offshore reef is reachable by most fit swimmers and is home to a variety of marine animals that are easy to see in the clear, blue water. There’s an on-site café as well that’s a great place to relax after a day in the water.

12. Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society

Palm Beach Zoo And Conservation SocietySource: Palm Beach Zoo / Facebook
Palm Beach Zoo And Conservation Society

The Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society is spread over more than 20 natural acres and is home to a fantastic array of exotic animals from all over the world.

The zoo’s animal inhabitants total more than 500 and include big cats from Africa, Asia, and South America. There are lots of other less toothy and cuddlier options too.

In addition to its traditional animal exhibits, the zoo offers interactive learning areas, guided tours, and even admittance to animal training and feeding sessions. There’s a full-service restaurant on the premises as well.

The cost of admission is moderate, and free parking is offered every day.

13. Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens

Ann Norton Sculpture GardensSource: ansg.org
Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens

Located on Barcelona Road in West Palm Beach, the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens are located on the grounds of what was once the home of the famous artist and sculptor who lived from the turn of the 20th century until the early ‘80s.

Ann Weaver Norton left an art legacy that totals more than 100 sculptures. Each piece includes an informative plaque describing the work in detail, including when and how it was made and the factors that influenced it.

The artist’s home and studio are also open to visitors, and guided tour options are available for those who’d like a unique insight into the life of the artist and her work.

14. South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

South Florida Science Center and AquariumSource: Christopher A. Salerno / shutterstock
South Florida Science Center And Aquarium

Though Florida’s weather is just about perfect for much of the year, during the summer months, it can be downright hot, humid, and oppressive. During those times, it’s essential to have a few indoor activity options to fall back on.

Located on Dreher Trail North in West Palm Beach, the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium is one of the region’s premier educational attractions. It’s usually one of the most memorable experiences of their Florida trip for those who decide to visit.

The center features thousands of gallons of fresh and saltwater aquariums brimming with unique life, and many of the exhibits promote interaction, which makes for an especially engaging experience for little ones.

15. Maltz Jupiter Theater

Maltz Jupiter TheatreSource: Maltz Jupiter Theatre / Facebook
Maltz Jupiter Theatre

The Maltz Jupiter Theater was initially founded as a dinner theater more than four decades ago by famous actor Burt Reynolds.

The theater bore its owner’s name until the mid-‘90s and drew big-name talents like Sally Field and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The theater no longer bears its original owner’s name and now operates as a non-profit entity dedicated to offering the community a wide range of live performances ranging from dramatic plays to children’s productions.

It has undergone numerous renovations over the years, and now seats more than 500 visitors and includes state-of-the-art lighting and sound as well as comfy seats and air conditioning.

15 Best Things to Do in Tequesta (FL):

  • Lighthouse ArtCenter
  • Blowing Rocks Nature Preserve
  • PapiChulo Tacos
  • Tequesta Brewing Company
  • Agape Healing Arts
  • Bagel Bistro
  • Jupiter Scuba Diving
  • Juno Beach
  • Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge
  • Flagler Museum
  • Carlin Park
  • Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society
  • Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens
  • South Florida Science Center and Aquarium
  • Maltz Jupiter Theater