15 Best Places to Visit in Myanmar

Erstwhile Burma – now Myanmar – has slowly but surely been coming into the tourist fold in the last couple of decades. As the iron-fist of its military junta slackens and fair elections sweep across the nation, there’s a newfound love for the backpacker and adventure traveler. The country -sandwiched between India and the mainstays of Southeast Asia – certainly has its fair share of awesome things to see though. You can experience the frenetic pulse of modern Burmese life in the pagoda-topped metropolis of Yangon. Or, you can hike wild hills in the old lands of the Shan Kings, meeting lake farmers at Inle and the rusting relics of British rule in Kalaw.

There are oodles of ancient temples here too, with places like Bagan coming up trumps with its carved stupas and old Hindu motifs, not to mention fascinating Buddhist relics and some seriously sun-kissed beaches lining the Bay of Bengal.

Lets explore the best places to visit in Myanmar:

1. Bagan


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Breathtaking Bagan bags a well-deserved top spot on this list of the best places to visit in Myanmar.

The reason? Most all travelers who head this way leave with a distinct sense of awe and amazement.

And it’s easy to see why! A sea of countless temple tops pierce the clouds and the forests; plumes of dust coalesce at the spires of ancient stupas; the faded outlines of forgotten Hindu demigods beckon from the great platforms, and all the while the serrated tips of the Arakan Mountains loom in the background.

Seeing Bagan by balloon is becoming increasingly popular, and offers a truly unique view over this 26-square-mile land of temples.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Myanmar: