15 Best Places to Visit in Monaco

One of the most glamorous and glitzy places on earth is just two square kilometres in size. Monaco comes complete with a gorgeous deep blue sea, exotic flowers, palm trees, and Le Rocher (The Rock) – a dramatic promontory that juts out over the Mediterranean. But it’s not just the natural beauty that makes the world’s second smallest country so seductive.  Here you’ll find extravagance, designer everything, luxury everything, and wealth, wealth, wealth. Monaco isn’t a member of the European Union, but you won’t notice that when you visit.  There are no border formalities with France and the Monégasque use the Euro. Pack your bags for balmy weather and holiday of hedonism in sunny opulent Monaco. Here’s the best places to visit in Monaco!

1. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

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Monte Carlo

Your first stop will undoubtedly be Monte Carlo where comfort and lavishness rule.  This is the district that everyone thinks of when they think of Monaco. It’s fabulous for people watching – and car watching for that matter.  Not to be outdone by man-made magnificence, the natural beauty of Monte Carlo will take your breath away.  The district is located on a promontory that has fantastic views of the Port of Monaco.  You’ll also find incredible seaside views from Place du Casino. For dinner try one of three Michelin-starred restaurants and after take a walk down Princesse Charlotte Boulevard or Boulevard des Moulins.  Both offer haute couture shopping and luxury boutiques. If you can handle more decadence, don’t forget the Opera House.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Monaco:

Monte Carlo