15 Best Places to Visit in Madagascar

Ah, Madagascar; just the very mention of the name evokes images of the exotic and the tropical. A land of colossal, bulbous baobab trees from centuries gone by, of bug-eyed lemurs and of swinging indri indris, it’s got all the elegance of a onetime French colony; all the wildernesses of East Africa; all the warmth and sparkling sands of the Indian Ocean; all the traditions of a place disconnected and alone and steeped in tribal histories.

The huge island – the fourth biggest in the world, in fact – is a magnet for a whole host of different travelers. Beach lovers can flock to the shining shores of the west coast to snorkel with rays and spot whales. Adventurers can take to the jungle paths, or rattle in the cages of 4X4s to far-flung rainforests in the hills. History buffs can see UNESCO spots that showcase the regal past of the native islanders. Yep, there really is something for everyone in this jewel of the south!

Lets explore the best places to visit in Madagascar:

1. Ifaty


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A single name for a duo of resorts, Ifaty (and its bigger brother of Mangily, also now confusingly referred to as just Ifaty too) is a stretch of sun-kissed onetime fishing villages on the south-western edge of Madagascar island.

Famed for their luxurious hotel resorts and wide beaches of shining yellow sand, they draw some of the biggest crowds in the country.

Most come for the rigmarole of sun, sea, sand and world-class snorkelling that’s offered by the Indian Ocean, while others head in to enjoy catamaran tours on the Mozambique Channel, sample uber-fresh fish curries and encounter the traditional reed villages of the coastal folk.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Madagascar: