15 Best Places to Visit in Gabon

Some have called it ‘the last Eden on Earth,’ and once you’ve visited, you’re likely to agree.

Leave the capital city, the only real city in Gabon, and you’ll find yourself in a vast and largely undiscovered paradise of white sandy beaches, dense jungle, raging rivers, and pristine landscapes.

In 2003, ten percent of the country was dedicated as protected land and 13 national parks were created to conserve this last Eden.

Gabon is unique among its equatorial African neighbours.

It enjoys stability and peace.

It’s also the most progressive and tourist friendly destination in the area.

But be forewarned that most travellers elect to work with a travel agency on the ground due to the total lack of infrastructure, non-existent roads, and unreliable transportation options.

It’s a true adventure just waiting to steal your heart and make you fall in love.

1. Libreville


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Roughly one third of Gabon’s inhabitants live in Libreville. It stands as the country’s capital and only real city to speak of.

Because of an influx of oil money, you’ll find paved roads, clean streets, unbelievable restaurants, surprisingly good French wine, casinos, and gated communities.

Not exactly like the Africa of its neighbours.

But Libreville’s foundation has a vibrant African heartbeat complete with the overcrowded, chaotic, and oh-so-fun markets, close knit communities, and gorgeous coastline.

Founded in the mid 19th century by freed slaves (Libreville means ‘Freetown’ French), the city grew slowly and attracted a wide variety of people – creating a modern day eclectic town.

In addition to the markets, don’t forget the National Museum, the Presidential Palace, L’Eglise St-Michel (St Michael Cathedral), and the Musée des Arts et Traditions du Gabon.

When you’re ready to relax, find a little spot of beach like Ekwata Island and soak up the sun.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Gabon:

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