15 Best Places to Visit in Chile

Most of the guidebooks will tell you to take your time with Chile.  It’s made for slow adventure and best suited for those who travel with a heart and mind open to experiencing the moment. Chile is uniquely shaped, long and narrow, which can make travelling the country a little challenging. With over 4,000km from one end to the other, you can expect long and always interesting bus rides on your way to explore deserts, fertile valleys, volcanoes, lakes, fjords, glaciers, the Andes mountain range, dunes, and incredible coastline. Going east to west, you’ve got the Pacific on one end and the Andes on the other. The locals have a relaxed culture that invites you to sit down and share a story or two; they call it la buena onda, or good vibes. Once you let go of the daily grind, you’ll really want to sink in here. And don’t forget some of the most amazing wine on the planet.  Mixed with some of the best company on the planet and you’ll never want to leave. Here’s the 15 best places to visit in Chile!

1. Elqui Valley

Elqui Valley

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Elqui Valley

The Elqui Valley stretches about 140km from the beach town of La Serena all the way to the Argentinean border.  Steep mountains on both sides give way to a fertile green valley complete with vineyards, pisco distilleries, avocados, papayas, and oranges.  Charming little towns can be found throughout the valley and many of the pisco distilleries you come across will be too inviting to pass up a tasting.  Don’t miss the Observatorio Cerro Mamalluca, the valleys most popular attraction.  Here you can see other galaxies through their 30cm telescope. For the perfect end to any day, you’ll love star gazing and UFO sighting under crystal clear skies.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Chile:

Elqui Valley