15 Best Places to Visit in Portugal

2. Azores

São Miguel, Azores

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São Miguel, Azores

Roughly halfway between Massachusetts and mainland Portugal, you’ll find the Azores.  This archipelago is made of nine volcanic islands scattered over several hundred nautical miles and best known for the hot mineral springs, first-class whale watching (named one of the top ten spots on the planet), and lovely seaside towns. Each island has its own distinct identity, but they’re all  rich with beautiful beaches and green landscapes.  Sao Miguel, “The Green Island,” is the largest of the nine while Pico is home to the tallest mountain in all of Portugal. If you’re an adventurer, this is where you want to be.  All water sports can be found here as well as cycling and horseback riding; primarily in Vila Franca do Campo, the largest town in The Azores.

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