15 Best Places to Visit in Burundi

Burundi may be one of the smallest countries in mainland Africa but it packs a lot of stunning nature into such a small space. The country is divided into 16 provinces which cover an area of just over 28,000 square kilometers; a similar area to Maryland, one of the USA’s smallest states.

Hippos and birds are the main natural attractions in Burundi with their home varying from shrublands and forests, to huge lakes. The lack of coast in Burundi doesn’t mean a lack of beaches either and the country has some great inland beaches where the heat can be escaped by a cool and safe dip in one of the country’s lakes.

Culture in Burundi is also varied for such a small nation and the influences from colonial settlers as well as the aboriginal cultures are worth learning about in order to understand this small but fascinating country.

Unfortunately, the country is currently going through a hard time politically and recent events involving a military coup means that at the time of this article being written, travel to the country is not advised. Hopefully the people, the culture, and the nature of the country will not be hit to hard by the political events. Here’s a list of the best places to visit in Burundi!

1. Bujumbura

Lake Tanganyika, Bujumbura

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Lake Tanganyika, Bujumbura

This relatively small city has not seen much development over the past decades mainly due to years of conflict in the region. The city, commonly known as Buji, has retained other characteristics from its period as a French colony such as excellent food, drink and nightlife. French cuisine can be found at various restaurants in the city, occupying a wide range of prices and quality. Sights in the city include the university which is the only one in Burundi and the Independence Monument which remembers hard times of occupation by French, Belgian and German rulers. The Living Museum is also located in Bujumbura and is arguably one of the best museums of its kind in Africa. It shows ancient and modern crafts used in Burundi.

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