15 Best Oregon Wine, Spirits and Food Tours

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Known for its scenic mountains, rivers, and valleys, Oregon is also one of the rising stars in the wine mania that’s swept the country in the last decade.

Perhaps the most well-known wine region in the state, the Willamette Valley is home to many award-winning vineyards that produce a wide range of varieties.

Microbreweries and small-batch distilleries have made a strong comeback as well, and when paired with local gourmet and street food, epicureans are in for a wonderful time.

Plenty of tours include jaunts into the surrounding countryside or guided walks downtown, where visitors will be able to experience Oregon’s best.

1. Willamette Valley Wine-Tasting Tour

Willamette Valley Wine-Tasting TourSource: viator.com
Willamette Valley Wine-Tasting Tour

This small group wine tasting tour begins in Portland and is limited to 10 people, so guests get a more intimate experience than they would in a large group.

The wine country in the Willamette Valley is a goldmine for wine lovers, and this tour includes stops at three of the area’s most popular wineries.

The tour lasts 5 ½ hours, and in addition to wine tastings, guests will enjoy some fantastic views of the surrounding countryside.

If you’re staying in a downtown Portland hotel, pickup and drop-off are included.

Everything is included except gratuities for your guide.

2. Full-Day Wine and Waterfalls Tour

Full-Day Wine & Waterfalls TourSource: getyourguide.com
Full-Day Wine & Waterfalls Tour

If exploring some amazing waterfalls and sampling some of the region’s best wine sounds like a great way to spend a day, then this tour is a perfect choice.

With its abundant rainfall and mountains, Oregon is full of waterfalls; this tour includes stops at a few favorites in the Columbia Gorge, like Bridal Veil, Horse Tail, and Multnomah Falls.

Guests have a few choices for lunch, and after you’ve got a full stomach, it’ll be time to head to some local wineries to learn about the history of the area’s wine industry while sampling an array of varietals paired with some yummy finger food.

3. 4–Hour Distillery Tour to Eugene

Distillery Tour In OregonSource: getyourguide.com
Distillery Tour In Oregon

Small-batch distilling has exploded on the scene recently, and Oregon is home to some of the west coast’s most popular brands.

All the little details have been taken care of already, so all you need to do is follow your guide’s lead as you visit three distilleries.

You’ll learn how the various ingredients are turned into liquor and sample some of the finished products.

There are plenty of distilleries in the area; if guests have a particular one they’d like to visit, it can be arranged, so don’t be shy about telling your guide.

Everything is included except tips.

4. Full-Day Portland and Country Wine Tasting Combo

Vineyard near Portland, OregonSource: J. Henning Buchholz / shutterstock
Vineyard near Portland, Oregon

The state of Oregon has won many awards for its blossoming and nationally recognized wine producers. This full-day Portland city tour includes not only plenty of wine but stops at some of the city’s most significant and beautiful sites.

The Portland Art Museum, Chinese Gardens, and the Pearl District are all included.

The local neighborhoods are known for their unique character, cozy eateries, and trendy art galleries. After you’ve enjoyed them and a bite of lunch, it’ll be time to begin the tour’s wine phase.

The Willamette Valley is the region’s premier wine country; that’s where you’ll head to sample an array of wines from different producers.

5. Chocolate Decadence Walking Tour of Portland

Chocolate Decadence Walking TourSource: getyourguide.com
Chocolate Decadence Walking Tour

Somebody once said that man cannot live on wine alone; whoever it was must have meant that chocolate should be eaten regularly as well.

This tour includes a fair bit of walking, so wear comfortable shoes and remember that Portland’s weather can change quickly and often, so come prepared.

Portland is full of small chocolatiers, many of which have been in business for generations. This guided tour takes guests to some of the most noteworthy, where they’ll have the opportunity to sample chocolate in all its wondrous forms.

It’s a great way to meet passionate artisans and support the local community.

6. 6-Hour Willamette Valley Wine and Tastings Tour

Willamette Valley Wine Tour With TastingsSource: getyourguide.com
Willamette Valley Wine Tour With Tastings

Oregon’s Willamette Valley is home to many of the state’s most well-known wineries, and though they produce a wide array of varieties, they’re mainly known for their Pinot Noir.

Three local wineries are included on the tour, and in addition to sampling some of their products, you’ll get a crash course in the process that turns grapes into wine.

It’s an interesting look into the history of a drink that’s still going strong after thousands of years.

Your guide and the winery staff will show you how to enjoy wine properly and appreciate the subtle nuances that make nearly every wine genuinely unique.

Everything is included except lunch and gratuities.

7. Brewery Tour in Eugene

Eugene Brewery TourSource: getyourguide.com
Eugene Brewery Tour

As you already know, Oregon is famous for its wines, but some people – including me – would rather have a micro-brew any day.

Not too far from Portland, the city of Eugene is home to more than 20 small-batch breweries that produce a fantastic array of beers, from IPA and wheat beers to stouts and beyond.

A few of the breweries have even been getting national and international recognition lately as well. At each stop, in addition to samples, you’ll get a fascinating insight into the art and science of turning humble ingredients into a drink that’s popular all over the world.

Everything is included except tips.

8. Vineyard Walk & Picnic

Vineyard Walk & PicnicSource: viator.com
Vineyard Walk & Picnic

Winemaking is equal parts art and science. On this vineyard tour to Winter’s Hill Estate Vineyard and Winery, guests will see the entire process from growing to bottling.

Due to the beautiful natural surroundings, the winery is a great place to take a stroll, eat lunch in the shadow of the area’s majestic mountains, and sample an array of world-class wines.

As you sample the varietals, you’ll get valuable insights from the vintner on how to enjoy what you’re tasting, and how to pair food with wines as well.

Before you leave, pick up a few bottles to take back with you.

9. Small Wineries of the Willamette Valley Tour

Small Wineries Of The Willamette Valley TourSource: viator.com
Small Wineries Of The Willamette Valley Tour

Located in the green hills just to Portland’s south, the Willamette Valley is ground-zero for the state’s wine aficionados. Due to its soil and weather, the grapes produced here create some of the country’s best Pinots.

The tour includes lunch and stops at some of the area’s most popular wineries. During your trip and sampling, you’ll enjoy snacks and an insightful overview of the area’s winemaking history.

The tour includes round-trip transportation to and from your hotel, so you won’t need to worry about getting behind the wheel if you’re feeling a bit tipsy.

10. Southern Willamette Valley Wine Tour

Southern Willamette Valley Wine TourSource: getyourguide.com
Southern Willamette Valley Wine Tour

This 4 ½ -hour tour of Oregon’s southern Willamette Valley includes stops at three wineries, where guests will enjoy a sampling of the products along with cheese and cracker trays.

Many wines are produced seasonally, so different wines are offered throughout the year, but no matter when you go, your taste buds will be wowed.

In addition to the amazing scenery and delicious wine, you’ll hear about why the area’s soil and climate are favorable for producing wines, and how the local wineries have burst onto the scene with such popularity lately.

Pickup and drop-off are included from designated meeting points.

11. Oregon Wine Tour & Gourmet Picnic

Oregon Wine Tour & Gourmet PicnicSource: viator.com
Oregon Wine Tour & Gourmet Picnic

Though this gourmet wine tour and picnic focuses on the area’s celebrated Pinots, guests will have a chance to sample a few other offerings as well.

It’s a wonderful step into some of the state’s most scenic countryside, and when paired with fantastic wines and yummy foods, it’s one of the most deliciously decadent tours around.

The region’s wineries are expanding as their national and international popularity grows. When you taste the wines they produce, you’ll know why they’re on such an upward trajectory.

The tour includes a historical overview of the area, gourmet lunch, and an array of cheese and fruit to go with your wine.

12. Portland Brewery Bike Tour

Portland Brewery Bike TourSource: viator.com
Portland Brewery Bike Tour

As long as you don’t drink too much, beer and bikes work well together.

This tour begins in the afternoon and is led by an expert guide and beer lover, who’ll direct you to some of the city’s most popular breweries.

The tour lasts about three hours and will visit a few distinct neighborhoods, each with their own breweries.

You may recognize some of the beer brands you see. No matter what variety of beer you prefer, you’ll find something that’s just right.

Everything is included except tips and extra food. It’s best not to begin the tour on an empty stomach.

13. Willamette Valley Wine Tour from Portland with Lunch

Willamette Valley Wine Tour From Portland With LunchSource: viator.com
Willamette Valley Wine Tour From Portland With Lunch

This full-day tour of the Willamette Valley is just right, regardless of whether you’re a well-seasoned wine aficionado or a budding enthusiast.

At nearly eight hours, the tour leaves plenty of time to fully immerse yourself in the area’s amazing scenery and charm, and the fabulous wines for which it’s known.

You’ll be guided along the way and will stop at three to five wineries to taste some of their most popular products.

Lunch is included in the cost of the tour, as are water, light snacks and door-to-door transportation from your Portland hotel.

14. Haunted Pub Tour

Haunted Pub TourSource: viator.com
Haunted Pub Tour

Portland isn’t all about frolicking in the country and drinking wine like it’s going out of style; there’s also a sinister and eerie side to the city that should be explored.

This haunted pub tour lasts 2 ½ hours and takes guests on a walking tour of the city’s seedy and haunted side. In addition to hearing some hair-raising stories, you’ll enjoy some cold brews at a few of the area’s pubs.

Much of the tour takes place in historic Old Town and the Merchant Hotel, which is purportedly the city’s most haunted place.

It’s a walking tour, so dress appropriately.

15. Portland: 2-Hour Street Food Walking Tour

Street Food Walking TourSource: getyourguide.com
Street Food Walking Tour

Portland’s got vibrant street food and food-truck scenes, and many of the local vendors have appeared on shows for the Food Network and The Travel Channel.

No matter where you go, street food is usually made fresh to order. It’s inexpensive and often more fresh and creative than the food you’ll find elsewhere. For dedicated foodies, this tour is a must.

It’s a great way to meet some enthusiastic and like-minded locals and get your bearings on the city’s layout.

There’s lots of ethnic food to choose from, and many of the vendors serve grub with an international flare.

15 Best Oregon Wine, Spirits and Food Tours:

  • Willamette Valley Wine-Tasting Tour
  • Full-Day Wine and Waterfalls Tour
  • 4–Hour Distillery Tour to Eugene
  • Full-Day Portland and Country Wine Tasting Combo
  • Chocolate Decadence Walking Tour of Portland
  • 6-Hour Willamette Valley Wine and Tastings Tour
  • Brewery Tour in Eugene
  • Vineyard Walk & Picnic
  • Small Wineries of the Willamette Valley Tour
  • Southern Willamette Valley Wine Tour
  • Oregon Wine Tour & Gourmet Picnic
  • Portland Brewery Bike Tour
  • Willamette Valley Wine Tour from Portland with Lunch
  • Haunted Pub Tour
  • Portland: 2-Hour Street Food Walking Tour