15 Best Nuremberg Tours

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Nuremberg is a historically significant city in Germany and a major hub for Bavarian culture. Visitors to the city will discover medieval streets, World War II sites and monuments from the Holy Roman Empire. There is also plenty of excellent food and beer to be sampled.

There are many tours available in Nuremberg, catering to a variety of tastes. Whether you want to discover the history, sample the cuisine or check out surrounding villages, there will be a tour for you.

These are the 15 best tours you can enjoy in Nuremberg.

1. 2-Hour Old Town Walking Tour

Nuremberg Old Town, GermanySource: Gayane / shutterstock
Nuremberg Old Town

Nuremberg has a rich and fascinating history, and this tour helps you experience that while in the Old Town. Your guide will show you where kaisers were once crowned, the beautiful medieval architecture and the bustling year-round markets. This tour is an excellent introduction to Nuremberg and a real treat for history buffs. This two-hour trip is the perfect length for Nuremberg, which is quite a compact city and easy to get around thanks to huge pedestrianization efforts.

2. Private Tour with a Local Guide

Nuremberg, GermanySource: Shutterstock

For something a little more personalized, this tour allows you to organize your own itinerary with the help of an expert local. You will, of course, be taken to all the historical attractions; however, you can also arrange for some more local experiences and off-the-beaten-path sights. You can opt for a tour from two to six hours in length, depending on how much you want to cover. This is a walking tour and commences outside your accommodation, making it the perfect way to learn about your area in the city and how to get around to the other important attractions.

3. Gingerbread Baking Class

Gingerbread Baking ClassSource: getyourguide.com
Gingerbread Baking Class

Gingerbread is a highly popular German treat that can trace its roots to the Franconian Region where Nuremberg is located. This class allows you to make your own to take home as a unique gift for friends and family – or to enjoy by yourself. In this class, you will learn about the history of gingerbread, the best recipe for getting soft and flavourful gingerbread, and how to source the best ingredients. Gingerbread is a favorite snack across the world at Christmas, making this a great activity if visiting over the festive season. It is, however, available year round and you are provided with the recipe to take home.

4. Private 2-Hour Tour with Brewery Visit

Nuremberg with Brewery VisitSource: getyourguide.com
Nuremberg with Brewery Visit

This is another great private tour that not only takes you around the main sights of the historic center but also allows you to visit a working Bavarian brewery and sample some of the finest beer in the region. In the first hour of the tour, you will explore central Nuremberg, including the castle, market square, and Albert Dürer’s house. You will then continue to two breweries – Barfüsser and Altstadthof – where you can learn how German beer is produced and try some samples. There are two meeting points in the Old Town, allowing you to choose the most convenient location for your itinerary.

5. 6-Hour Culinary Experience

Nuremberg Culinary ExperienceSource: getyourguide.com
Nuremberg Culinary Experience

This bumper tour combines all the food experiences you could have in Nuremberg for a half-day culinary experience. You will begin with a tour of the Old Town focussed around trying typical Nuremberg snacks and tasting Bavarian beer. For lunch, you will learn how to prepare your own bratwurst with the help of a professional chef. Afterward, you will be taken to a gingerbread baking class to learn how the sweet and spicy treat is made and try it yourself. Recipes are provided for you to take home after the experience. This is the ultimate tour for foodies.

6. Nuremberg Old Town and Nazi Rally Grounds Tour

Nuremberg Old TownSource: marcociannarel / shutterstock
Nuremberg Old Town

This four-hour tour lets you see the many different sides of Nuremberg history. In the Old Town, you will learn about the history of the Holy Roman Empire and medieval Germany, through the monuments and architecture built during the time. Afterward, a complimentary bus ride to the Nazi Rally Grounds is included. Here, you will learn about the Third Reich and the impact of WWII on Nuremberg – as well as the Nuremberg Trials, where Nazi’s were tried after the war. This is a somber and informative tour – great for anyone interested in German history.

7. 1.5 Hour Medieval Tour

Nuremberg CastleSource: aragami12345s / shutterstock
Nuremberg Castle

This short tour focuses on the medieval history of the city and is perfect if you are only in Nuremberg for a short stay. You will be shown around the castle as well as the winding alleys of the Old Town. The guide will dive into the history of the city and teach you about the life of Albrecht Dürer – one of Nuremberg’s most famous residents. The tour also teaches you about the impact of Italian migration to the area, with a walk through Sebalder and Lorenzer Altstadt. This is a walking tour, ideal for exploring the compact center at a leisurely pace.

8. 1.5 Hour Culinary Walking Tour

Culinary Walking TourSource: getyourguide.com
Culinary Walking Tour

This is another great tour for foodies visiting Nuremberg and focuses on the local produce and beer. You will sample food from markets and regular food outlets across the Old Town – including bratwurst and ox. You will also be shown the beautiful attractions in the center of Nuremberg, including the St Sebaldus Church and medieval houses. All food tastings are included in the price, and the guide is a local food expert. This is perfect for getting a quick sample of local cuisine before continuing with the rest of your trip.

9. Old Town and Christmas Market 1.5 Hour Tour

Christmas Market in NurembergSource: Perati Komson / shutterstock
Christmas Market in Nuremberg

Nuremberg is a popular destination for Germans and international visitors alike during the Christmas period. The city transforms into a winter wonderland, with bustling Christmas markets and twinkling decorations. The tour begins with a short introduction to the old town and its medieval history. You will learn about Albrecht Dürer and the city’s former place as the heart of German civilization. From there, you will be taken to the world famous Christmas market to soak up the atmosphere and sample some local glühwein.

10. 2-Hour Sausages with a Twist Cooking Class

Sausages With A Twist Cooking ClassSource: getyourguide.com
Sausages With A Twist Cooking Class

Bratwurst are famous German sausages that can trace their roots to Bavaria. With this cooking class, you will explore three different recipes of bratwurst, allowing you to sample the many flavors available. You will learn how to make bratwurst itself before taking a look at salads, pies, and sauces that can be made out of the sausage. After cooking, you will sample your own food and discuss the history of the sausage with the chef. Recipes are provided for you to take home, as well as complimentary wine and coffee during your lunch.

11. Nuremberg WW2 and Beer Combined Tour

Nuremberg WW2 And Beer Combined TourSource: viator.com
Nuremberg WW2 And Beer Combined Tour

This tour combines a wander around the Nazi Rally Grounds with visits to three micro-breweries across the region. Transport is included, allowing you to get easily from the city center to the rally grounds and breweries. You will learn about Nuremberg’s dark past during the Second World War, and its use as the location of the trials where Nazis were tried for war crimes after the war. After this somber experience, you will be able to relax with tours of local breweries, including samples of modern Bavarian beer. This is a great way to combine two popular Nuremberg attractions in a single trip.

12. Franconian Village Private Beer Tour

Franconian Village Private Beer TourSource: viator.com
Franconian Village Private Beer Tour

This private tour takes you out of the city and into the quaint villages and stunning scenery of rural Franken. The region is known as a hub for breweries and Bavarian culture, and this private tour lets you gain a more intimate experience of the area. You will be able to visit a few of the 73 breweries in the region, which can be tailored to your preferred itinerary. This tour is customizable, though additional costs may be incurred for extra experiences.

13. Nuremberg Day Trip from Munich

Nuremberg, GermanySource: Dmitry Zinovyev / shutterstock
Nuremberg, Germany

Munich is an important international hub in Germany and the main point of arrival for many visitors to Bavaria. If you want to fit Nuremberg into your itinerary but are struggling for time, this trip allows you to visit the city from Munich as part of a day trip. This ten-hour experience takes you to all of the main historical sights in Nuremberg – from the medieval old town to the Nazi Rally Grounds on the outskirts. Transport is by train, helping to cut down your journey times and give you more free time to explore the city during the tour.

14. Heidelberg and Nuremberg Tour from Frankfurt

Heidelberg CastleSource: anyaivanova / shutterstock
Heidelberg Castle

Frankfurt is another large international hub in Germany, located in the neighboring state of Hesse. This full day tour takes you to both Heidelberg and Nuremberg from the city, with transport by luxury coach included. Heidelberg is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Germany and makes an excellent stopover on your way to Nuremberg. You will be given entry to Heidelberg Castle to learn about the town’s history. In Nuremberg, you will also gain access to the Albrecht Dürer house and be given a tour of the medieval Old Town.

15. Taste Nuremberg Food Tour

Taste Nuremberg Food TourSource: viator.com
Taste Nuremberg Food Tour

This bumper food tour is the ultimate experience for foodies interested in tasting the variety of Bavarian cuisine. You will get to sample traditional bratwurst and gingerbread – as well as a variety of lesser known dishes that make up Bavaria’s diverse culinary scene. This three-hour walking tour also includes some of the sights of the old town and a sample of a red beer. You will visit seven different food outlets across the city center.

15 Best Nuremberg Tours:

  • 2-Hour Old Town Walking Tour
  • Private Tour with a Local Guide
  • Gingerbread Baking Class
  • Private 2-Hour Tour with Brewery Visit
  • 6-Hour Culinary Experience
  • Nuremberg Old Town and Nazi Rally Grounds Tour
  • 1.5 Hour Medieval Tour
  • 1.5 Hour Culinary Walking Tour
  • Old Town and Christmas Market 1.5 Hour Tour
  • 2-Hour Sausages with a Twist Cooking Class
  • Nuremberg WW2 and Beer Combined Tour
  • Franconian Village Private Beer Tour
  • Nuremberg Day Trip from Munich
  • Heidelberg and Nuremberg Tour from Frankfurt
  • Taste Nuremberg Food Tour