15 Best Naples Tours

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According to historians, Naples was first settled by Greek immigrants in the 2nd millennium BC, making it one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited urban centers.

Naples is Campania’s capital, and with a population of just shy of one million residents, it’s the country’s third-most populous city behind Rome and Milan.

In addition to vibrant food and art scenes, Naples features an abundance of historical attractions. It is widely regarded as one of Italy’s education centers and is home to one of the oldest universities in the world.

Below are 15 of the best tours of Naples that warrant a closer look for those planning on visiting.

1. Wheelchair Friendly City Tour

Naples, ItalySource: Wila_Image / shutterstock

Those using wheelchairs and with other mobility issues often get short-changed when it comes to participating in guided tours, but this three-hour city tour was designed with those folks in mind.

Tours are offered twice daily and focus on two distinct areas of the city that are home to a number of popular attractions.

From the Piazza Plebiscito and the San Carlo Theater to Castle Nuovo built in the 13th century, this tour is big in the value department.

Along with their guide, guests will enjoy interesting cultural and historical insights, as well as comfortable, wheelchair-friendly transportation.

2. Archaeological Museum 2-Hour Guided Private Tour

Archaeological Museum, NaplesSource: lingling7788 / shutterstock
Archaeological Museum, Naples

Italy is home to some of the world’s most historically significant archaeological sites. This museum tour focuses on the art, culture, and history of attractions such as Pompeii and Herculaneum.

The Archaeological Museum is a treasure trove of artifacts that give guests unique glimpses into the past. It’s a great first-stop for visitors looking to make the most of their limited vacation time.

The museum’s highlights include mosaics of Alexander the Great from Pompeii and a variety of Roman-era frescoes recovered from the buried towns around Mount Vesuvius.

Tours last two hours and include the services of a knowledgeable local guide.

3. Panoramic Naples Private Tour by Vespa

Vespa TourSource: Marcell Faber / shutterstock
Vespa Tour

Vespas are trendy and iconic modes of transportation that are quintessentially Italian.

For those who’d rather not spend hours crammed into an uncomfortable seat on a stuffy tour bus, seeing Naples’ sites by Vespa is a great idea.

Tours include both popular attractions as well as some that are slightly off the beaten path. Each guest gets a helmet and all the training they need to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe day.

Both in-city and suburban attractions are included. In particular, participants can expect to see amazing views of the Gulf of Naples, Vesuvius, and quaint coastal fishing villages.

4. 3-Hour Guided Walking Tour and Pizza Dinner

Naples, ItalySource: Nadezhda Kharitonova / shutterstock
Naples, Italy

It’s much harder to get the lay of the land and experience cultural immersion on a bus tour than it is on a walking one.

This three-hour evening walking tour is a great option for activity-minded travelers interested in culture and cuisine.

Itineraries can be customized to accommodate the schedules and interests of guests, and tours include pick-up from hotels located in central Naples.

It’s a more street level and cultural experience than you’re likely to find elsewhere, and each tour ends with a traditional pizza dinner at a quaint pizzeria frequented by locals more than tourists.

5. E-Bike Vineyard Ride with Wine and Meal

Scenic E-Bike Ride with Vineyard Wine & MealSource: www.getyourguide.com
Scenic E-Bike Ride with Vineyard Wine & Meal

E-bikes are becoming popular modes of tour transportation because they’re quiet, have zero emissions, and allow riders to experience the great outdoors without working up a sweat.

These e-bike tours are offered with two morning start times. They include historic attractions as well as unobstructed vistas of some of Naples’ most beautiful natural areas.

Guests will enjoy a mid-tour break in a vineyard, where they’ll sample wine, cheese, and local honey in an idyllic outdoor setting.

Other tour centerpieces include stunning views of Mount Vesuvius and a Roman-era amphitheater.

Tours last about five hours and include safety gear and a safety orientation.

6. Coastal Water-Bike Excursion

Coastal Water-Bike ExcursionSource: www.getyourguide.com
Coastal Water-Bike Excursion

For travelers looking to appreciate Naples’ scenery from a nautical perspective and burn lots of excess calories in the process, this water-bike tour would be a great way to start the day.

After meeting their guide and getting their sea legs squared away, guests will explore the Caves of Palazo Donn’anna. They’ll ride by a stretch of coastline on the Gulf of Naples that’s the exclusive domain of uber-wealthy business moguls, celebrities, and sports stars.

Some of the tour’s stops – like the Cave of Love and Green Rocks – may be substituted if the conditions are rough. Due to the physical requirements of the tour, restrictions on age and physical condition apply.

7. 2-Hour Small-Group Pompeii Tour with an Archeologist

Pompeii TourSource: BAHDANOVICH ALENA / shutterstock
Pompeii Tour

When Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79, the city of Pompeii and its residences were forever covered in countless tons of volcanic ash.

It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the country’s most poignant and historically significant sites. It’s convenient and inexpensive to explore for those staying in Naples without much free time to spare.

Under the tutelage of their archaeologist-guide, guests will delve into Pompeii’s macabre and fascinating past by walking narrow streets, visiting iconic attractions, and gazing upon Vesuvius in the background.

Tours last about two hours and require substantial amounts of time on your feet.

8. Private 1 ½-Hour Segway Tour

Naples Segway TourSource: www.getyourguide.com
Naples Segway Tour

With such an abundance of iconic attractions conveniently located within city limits, many visitors to Naples opt for numerous short tours instead of ones that require a full-day commitment.

This 90-minute private Segway tour is a good option for those who aren’t familiar with the city’s layout, because it covers a lot of ground in a relatively short time.

After meeting their guide, guests will get a short orientation and a few moments to practice riding their Segway before heading out to the tour’s first stop.

Each participant’s audio guide will describe the things they’re seeing at attractions like City Hall Square and Maschio Angioino Castle.

9. Food Hopping Tour of Vesuvian Delights

Food Hopping Tour of Vesuvian DelightsSource: www.getyourguide.com
Food Hopping Tour of Vesuvian Delights

Whereas traditional multi-course meals are typically served from one kitchen, this food hopping tour offers visiting epicureans the chance to experience each course at a new and distinct location, making for a truly unique experience.

After meeting their local guide and enjoying a Prosecco near the Teatro de San Carlo, guests will embark on a tour of the city that includes aspects of food, history, and culture.

Tours get underway mid-morning, last about 3 ½ hours, and include stops at a number of restaurants and street food stalls that serve everything from homemade lemonade and wine to cheese, pasta, and sweets.

10. Rione Sanità and Fontanelle Cemetery Walking Tour

Fontanelle Cemetery, NaplesSource: Massimo Santi / shutterstock
Fontanelle Cemetery, Naples

Cemeteries often get overlooked as worthwhile attractions, but in cities like Naples so steeped in history, they’re fascinating places to visit with a local guide.

This two-stop tour begins at Fontanelle Cemetery and offers participants unique glimpses into the lives and deaths of city residents in ages long past.

The cemetery was built on the site of a former quarry and contains tens of thousands of bones and skulls, many of which are from victims of plagues and epidemics in past centuries.

The tour also visits Rione Sanità, which is most well-known for its impressive Baroque palazzos.

Cemetery tours may not be a good fit for kids and the overly squeamish.

11. Naples Cathedral and Sanservo Chapel Museum Tour

Naples CathedralSource: Takashi Images / shutterstock
Naples Cathedral

Short morning tours are great ways to start an exhilarating day in a new city.

This 3 ½-hour option focuses on Naples’ most iconic religious and historical attractions and includes elements of food and culture.

Beginning at the 14th-century Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, guests will follow their guide’s lead and delve into the site’s amazing architecture, learning why it’s one of the city’s most important historical and religious attractions.

Other tour stops include the Basilica of Santa Restituita, the Royal Chapel, and the Sanservo Chapel Museum that’s full of fascinating and engaging exhibits dating back many centuries.

12. Luxury Night Tour with Romantic Dinner

Luxury Night Tour with Romantic DinnerSource: www.getyourguide.com
Luxury Night Tour with Romantic Dinner

As the sun fades over the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west, the coastal city of Naples becomes awash with light, making for fantastic views and photo ops.

Guests of this romantic night tour will be picked up at their hotel by their English-speaking guide and set out along the shore towards some of the city’s most impressive attractions.

The sightseeing portion of the tour includes views of the Royal Palace and San Carlo Theater. It ends at Posillipo Hill, where guests will enjoy unobstructed panoramas of the city below.

A three-course dinner on a rooftop terrace within sight of the Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius caps the romantic evening.

13. Historic Center Private Walking Tour

Pizza Dante, Naples, ItalySource: T.Slack / shutterstock
Pizza Dante, Naples, Italy

Many of Naples’ most notable attractions are located close to one another in the city center, making them convenient to visit on walking tours.

The city’s Greek and Roman histories date back nearly 2,000 years. On this private walking tour, guests will explore narrow streets, see iconic sites, and explore areas that are slightly off the beaten path.

In addition to seeing panoramic views of the sea, mountains, and city, guests will explore attractions like the Church of Gesù Nuovo and the Cathedral of San Gennaro.

Walkers will benefit from their guide’s input along the way, and probably discover things they’d like to explore on their own when the tour is over.

14. Caserta Royal Palace and La Reggia Shopping Spree

Caserta Royal PalaceSource: trabantos / shutterstock
Caserta Royal Palace

According to previous tour guests, there are few more regal ways to spend a day than visiting a royal palace and shopping at one of Naples’ swankest retail centers.

This eight-hour tour’s first stop is the Caserta Royal Palace, which was built by the King of Naples in the 18th century.

In addition to the opulent palace, there are extensive outdoor grounds that feature fountains, gardens, and even a waterfall.

In the afternoon, guests will visit the La Reggia Designer Outlet that’s home to more than 100 shops, as well as some great places to enjoy a relaxing, upscale lunch.

15. Private 3-Hour Historical Center Tour

Piazza Gesù Nuovo, NaplesSource: Cezary Wojtkowski / shutterstock
Piazza Gesù Nuovo, Naples

Offering multiple start times to accommodate those with varying schedules, this three-hour private walking tour of the city’s historic center is a popular option for those who’d rather not set aside an entire day for a guided tour.

Though the tour hits several attractions, it’s decidedly relaxed and offers participants ample time to ask questions or stop for photos, snacks, and drinks.

Tours are offered in English, French, and Italian, and require significant amounts of walking, so wearing suitable shoes is a good idea.

Highlights include the Duomo, Piazza Gesù Nuovo, and the Church of Santa Chiara.

15 Best Naples Tours:

  • Wheelchair Friendly City Tour
  • Archaeological Museum 2-Hour Guided Private Tour
  • Panoramic Naples Private Tour by Vespa
  • 3-Hour Guided Walking Tour and Pizza Dinner
  • E-Bike Vineyard Ride with Wine and Meal
  • Coastal Water-Bike Excursion
  • 2-Hour Small-Group Pompeii Tour with an Archeologist
  • Private 1 ½-Hour Segway Tour
  • Food Hopping Tour of Vesuvian Delights
  • Rione Sanità and Fontanelle Cemetery Walking Tour
  • Naples Cathedral and Sanservo Chapel Museum Tour
  • Luxury Night Tour with Romantic Dinner
  • Historic Center Private Walking Tour
  • Caserta Royal Palace and La Reggia Shopping Spree
  • Private 3-Hour Historical Center Tour