15 Best Munich Tours

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With a population of nearly 1.5 million residents, Munich is the third-largest city in Germany, and the most populous in the State of Bavaria, of which it’s the capital.

Munich’s natural attractions include the Isar River, which flows through the city center, and the nearby Bavarian Alps.

Like most of Germany’s cities, Munich combines elements of the old and new worlds and offers visitors with a variety of interests an abundance of tour options to keep them entertained and engaged.

Below are 15 of the best tours of Munich that rank highly on the itineraries of tourists from all over the world.

1. 5-Hour Old Town Scavenger Hunt

Mary's square in Munich, GermanySource: RossHelen / shutterstock
Mary’s square in Munich, Germany

For those looking for an exhilarating interactive experience instead of a boring and passive one, this scavenger hunt in the city’s Old Town might be just the thing.

Tours get underway in a central location, after which mentally sharp participants will use their teamwork and problem-solving skills to answer riddles and gather clues, which will lead them to the tour’s next attractions.

Stops include St. Michael’s Church, the Marienplatz, and the New Town Hall, to name a few.

Hands-on tours like this one are great options for new visitors and those traveling with little ones in need of exhilarating outdoor activities.

2. 2 ½-Hour Segway Tour

Munich SegwaysSource: frantic00 / shutterstock
Munich Segways

Segways have taken off in recent years as a safe and fun means of tour transportation.

They’re safe, easy to use, and allow riders to experience the great outdoors without breaking too much of a sweat.

This 2 ½ –hour Munich tour includes a brief training session for those who’ve never used a Segway. From there, guests will don their helmets and hit the road to experience some of the city’s most significant attractions.

Highlights include Königsplatz, the Pinakothek Museums, and portions of both the Old and New Town areas.

Not a good fit for children under 14-years-old.

3. Munich City and FC Bayern München Soccer Arena Tour

Bayern München ArenaSource: Travel Stock / shutterstock
Bayern München Arena

This four-hour combo tour departs mid-morning from downtown Munich and offers visitors with varied interests the opportunity to take in some of the city’s premier historical, cultural, and sports attractions.

Tours start with a bus excursion, where guests will get an overview of the city’s layout and key points of interest from their guide.

Then it’ll be time to experience Munich’s rich football culture and visit the home of its most popular team that has loyal fans spread all over the world.

Tours include stadium and exhibition portions, but during matches, guests will be taken to the nearby Olympic Park instead.

4. Mystic Munich: Legends of the Old Town

Marian Column, MunichSource: Elena Odareeva / shutterstock
Marian Column, Munich

Old Town Munich is brimming with interesting stories, fascinating legends, and lots of old mysteries that still warrant a closer look in our modern age.

When the sun begins to fade, the city’s darker corners come to life. Experiencing them with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic local guide is definitely the way to go.

Apparently, monsters, creatures, and mythical figures abound in Munich after dark, and though this tour is a bit on the eerie and quirky side, it’s a perennial favorite with tourists from both near and far.

In just 90 minutes, plan on seeing the Old Court, Marienplatz, and the Frauenkirche, among others.

5. Viktualienmarkt 2-Hour Gourmet Food Tour

Viktualienmarkt, MunichSource: FooTToo / shutterstock
Viktualienmarkt, Munich

For lovers of culture and all things food, Munich’s Viktualienmarkt is a must-visit attraction.

It’s where the locals go to buy the things they’ll need to fill their stomachs on a daily basis.

This 2-hour guided tour runs the gamut from funny and tasty to interesting and downright memorable.

Along with their guide, guests will converse with shoppers and sellers, learn how to barter German-style, and sample everything from sausages and cheese to pastry and pickles.

A traditional Bavarian breakfast is included in the cost of the tour, so show up with an empty stomach.

6. Third Reich Tour

Altes Rathaus, MunichSource: Elena Odareeva / shutterstock
Altes Rathaus, Munich

Long before the hostilities of World War II ensued, the seeds of the Third Reich were planted in Munich’s public places and beer halls.

Because of its relation to the Nazi Party, the Hofbräuhaus is still considered one of the world’s most famous beer halls.

This three-hour guided walking tour examines the movement’s key figures, historically significant locations in the city, and the conditions that existed that eventually led to one of history’s darkest eras.

Guests will also learn how the city was reduced to rubble during the war, and how it has undergone an amazing rebirth in the decades since then.

7. Munich’s Beer Halls and Breweries

Munich Beer Hall, OktoberfestSource: Takashi Images / shutterstock
Munich Beer Hall, Oktoberfest

Beer and Munich go together like beer and pretzels. Even for those working with limited time, it’s possible to explore the city’s beer halls and breweries in just three hours.

Under the direction of a knowledgeable local guide, your tour of the world’s beer capital will start with an overview of the city’s history before making your way to a number of historic beer houses.

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting in October during the Oktoberfest celebration, the city will be more energetic than usual.

Tours also include a stop at Munich’s oldest brewery, where you’ll sample a variety of brews and taste an array of traditional German fare.

8. Discover Munich 2-Hour Small Group Walking Tour

Munich CathedralSource: Animaflora PicsStock / shutterstock
Munich Cathedral

For those who prefer intimate group tours to large and impersonal ones, this 2-hour walking tour of Munich City would be a good fit.

Tours are generally limited to 15 people but often proceed with just 10. They may be personalized to the interests of participants.

Highlights include iconic attractions like Rathaus-Glockenspiel, historic cathedrals and beer halls, and the always chaotic Marienplatz.

While en route, guests will benefit from their guide’s insider’s insight and learn about things like annual festivals and cultural and sporting events that they may want to explore by themselves later on in their trip.

9. Signs and Wonders Tour

Munich MarienplatzSource: BAHDANOVICH ALENA / shutterstock
Munich Marienplatz

According to legend, Munich’s Holy Spirit Church is home to Madonnas that radiate healing powers.

It’s common for seekers of love, fame, and fortune to congregate on-site to participate in profound rituals that are truly amazing to behold for the uninitiated.

This 90-minute tour starts at 2:00 pm when guests meet their guide in the city’s Old Town area.

Tour highlights include a number of the city’s oldest churches and stories about the myths, mysteries, and legends that surround them.

Depending on your faith – or lack of it – the tour may range from quirky and odd to poignant and memorable.

10. 1 or 2-Day Hop-On Hop-Off Tour Ticket

Hop-On Hop-Off MunichSource: bellena / shutterstock
Hop-On Hop-Off Munich

Value-minded visitors rejoice because these 1 or 2-day hop-on hop-off bus tour tickets have three distinct options with more than a dozen stops, all for one very reasonable price.

Tours are given in open-air double-decker buses, which give guests unrestricted views of the city’s most visited attractions.

As with similar hop-on hop-off tours, this one allows participants to utilize their time wisely by seeing only the things that interest them while ignoring those that don’t.

Depending on which sites you explore and which package you choose, tours can last from just a few hours to nearly all day.

11. Neuschwanstein and Linderhof Castles Day-Trip from Munich

Neuschwanstein CastleSource: Yury Dmitrienko / shutterstock
Neuschwanstein Castle

According to historians, in ages long past, Bavaria’s King Ludwig went on a no-holds-barred building spree that included two of the region’s most impressive castles.

Neuschwanstein and Linderhof are both conveniently located within a relatively easy drive from Munich. This four-hour tour gives history-minded visitors the opportunity to see them both in all their splendor.

At 10 ½ hours, it makes for a long day, but the scenery, history, and overall experience make it a wise use of time.

Guests will get a glimpse into royal life, dine at a castle, and enjoy sightseeing and shopping before heading back.

12. Nightwatchman Torch Tour

Nightwatchman Torch TourSource: www.getyourguide.com
Nightwatchman Torch Tour

Before the advent of electricity and other modern conveniences, nightwatchmen prowled Munich’s streets after dark performing a number of vital roles.

This two-hour night tour starts at 9:30 when many residents and visitors are tucked safely in their beds.

Guests will follow the night watchman as he makes his rounds just like he would’ve in centuries past.

He’ll regale the group with fascinating and eerie tales of bygone eras, lead them past historically significant landmarks, and describe medieval society before returning them safely to the central Munich meeting point.

It’s a walking tour, so dress appropriately and wear comfortable shoes.

13. Eagle’s Nest Tour from Munich

The Eagles Nest, SalzburgSource: flickr
The Eagles Nest, Salzburg

As the winds of global war crept towards Europe’s borders in the late ‘30s, Adolf Hitler began construction on a mountaintop chateau that would be his opulent retreat for much of the World War II years.

The Eagle’s Nest is one of the Third Reich’s most iconic symbols and is perched high in the Alps a few hours from Munich.

The road in is among the most scenic in the country. With their English-speaking guide, guests tour the facility and get unique insights into the social and political conditions that existed in Germany back then.

Eagle’s Nest tours tend to be among the most memorable activities of many traveler’s trips.

14. Munich’s Original Pub Crawl

Munich's Original Pub CrawlSource: www.getyourguide.com
Munich’s Original Pub Crawl

Pub crawls are mainstays of the vacation experience for young, social travelers looking to make the most of their time in exotic cities in far-flung corners of the globe.

They’re also great ways to drink a lot, meet attractive singles from foreign countries, and rub elbows with fun-loving locals.

After meeting their guide at a central location, pub crawl participants will head to four of Munich’s trendiest drinking establishments, where they’ll enjoy great music, free drinks, and tons of alcohol-fueled camaraderie.

Tours include a professional guide, singing, dancing, and drinking games – and possibly a whopper of a hangover the following morning.

15. Haunted City Exploration Game and Tour

Frauenkirche, MunichSource: Roman Levenko / shutterstock
Frauenkirche, Munich

On this short but exhilarating exploration and activity tour, guests will use an app and their wits to explore the city and discover many of its most renowned attractions.

Though the tour focuses on supposedly haunted and macabre Munich attractions, participants will also get to see historical and cultural ones as well, all while getting acclimated with the city’s geography.

Each solved clue and riddle reveals keys that will lead to the next attraction, and guests have the freedom to complete the activity at their own pace.

It’s a great option for those traveling with young ones who need exercise and mental stimulation.

15 Best Munich Tours: