15 Best Las Vegas Tours

‘Sin City,’ as it is often referred to, is a great place to visit and it is famed worldwide for its huge themed resorts, endless casinos, and the fabulous entertainment that it is on offer. With life in the city revolving around the strip that runs through it, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time in Las Vegas.

The surrounding area also has loads of fantastic sights for you to enjoy. Whether it is basking in the glorious views from the High Roller, delving into the history and culture of the city, or going to one of the innumerable shows on offer, Las Vegas certainly won’t disappoint. With so much to see and do, here are some of the best tours around that will help you make the most of your time in the city.

1. Helicopter Flight at Night over the Las Vegas Strip

Helicopter Flight at Night over the Las Vegas Strip

An incredible way to get a bird’s eye view of the famous Las Vegas strip, this helicopter flight will be a truly memorable experience, as you pass above the city’s many sights.

At night, the strip is beautifully lit up and you’ll get to see the Bellagio fountain, the towering Stratosphere Tower, and other attractions on this unforgettable trip.

Shooting through the night sky while sipping on a glass of champagne is an exhilarating experience and the beautiful views will make you wish it would last forever.

2. Skip The Line: The High Roller at The LINQ

The High Roller At The LINQ

Boasting spectacular views of the strip and Las Vegas itself, a ride on the High Roller is simply a must when in the city. The audio commentary provided will tell you all there is to know about the attractions you see.

The highest observation wheel in the world, the High Roller reaches 550 feet and is located at the heart of the famous strip.

With so much to see and do in the city, investing in this skip the line ticket is a great way to make as much of your time as possible when in Las Vegas, and the views from the top are divine.

3. Grand Canyon National Park – South Rim with Snacks & Lunch

Grand Canyon National Park – South Rim

With the Grand Canyon so close, it would be a shame to visit Las Vegas without taking a trip to one of the most awe-inspiring natural settings on Earth. This tour offers up the perfect package.

Gazing out from the South Rim at the Grand Canyon is an amazing experience and will certainly make you feel very small.

With a stop at the impressive Hoover Dam also included in the tour, this excursion delivers on all fronts; the scenery will never fail to astound and awe visitors.

4. Wild West Sunset BBQ Dinner Horseback Ride

Horseback Saddle

Source: Jan S. / shutterstock

Horseback Saddle

Riding on horseback through Nevada’s Southwest Desert surrounding Las Vegas is a marvelous experience and the stunning scenery becomes even more beautiful as the sun slowly sets.

With the reddish hues of the fading sunbathing the desert in a magical glow, settling down to your BBQ dinner has never felt better. The picturesque scenery only adds to the setting.

Accompanied by an expert guide, you’ll fall in love with the cowboy way of life. The tour certainly offers up a unique experience which feels a million miles away from the bright lights of the strip.

5. Las Vegas: Fremont Street Walking Tour

Fremont Street

Source: Kobby Dagan / shutterstock

Fremont Street

Taking you on a whirlwind journey around Downtown Las Vegas, this fantastic walking tour will introduce you to many of the area’s most famous sights; you’ll get to hear the ins and outs of how the city works.

With neon lights surrounding you, and casinos, restaurants and entertainment complexes everywhere you look, Las Vegas really needs to be experienced to be understood – this walking tour will do just that.

Wandering around Fremont Street is a delightful affair and the themed bars and famous wedding chapels are the stuff of legend.

6. Las Vegas: Pawn Stars Half-Day VIP Tour

Pawn Stars Half-Day VIP Tour

The perfect tour for fans of the History Channel’s ‘Pawn Stars’ programme, this four-hour trip will take you to many of the locations that feature on it.

With a visit to Rick’s Restorations included, you’ll get to see some of the refurbished and restored items, while Count’s Kustoms has loads of interesting cars for you to peruse.

Getting to meet many of the stars from the programme is the cherry on top of a fabulous tour that will live long in the memory of the fans of Pawn Stars.

7. Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend Tour from Las Vegas

Antelope Canyon Tour

Source: Lissandra Melo / shutterstock

Antelope Canyon Tour

Not far from Las Vegas lies the beautiful Antelope Canyon. It is well worth taking a day out of your time in Sin City to make a trip to some of the amazing scenic sights that litter the nearby desert.

The slot canyon is lovely to wander through and you’ll certainly get some fantastic photos of its unique and distinctive characteristics.

An equally fascinating place to visit is the Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River. With so much to see and do in the area surrounding Las Vegas, this trip will take you to some of the best of what is on offer.

8. Cultural and Historical Las Vegas: Small Group Tour

Cultural And Historical Las Vegas

For visitors who want to gain a better understanding of the history, culture, and architecture of Las Vegas, look no further; this tour will teach you all there is to know.

Wandering through the various neighborhoods of Las Vegas is a captivating experience, as entertainment, art, and business combine to create an intoxicating mix.

With stops at the Cultural Corridor, the Farmer’s Market and Fremont Street included, you’ll certainly get to see a different side to the city – one that many tourists don’t get to experience.

9. Las Vegas: Classic, Premium or Deluxe Bus Tour

Vegas Bus Tour

With two great meandering routes on offer, this hop-on-hop-off bus tour is ideal for people looking to see as much of Las Vegas as possible.

The open-top buses have great guides who will tell you everything about the attractions you pass in an entertaining and informative manner.

With three different options to choose from, this bus tour will never disappoint. In just a day or two, you’ll see the famous wedding chapels, the themed resorts, and the debaucherous Las Vegas strip.

10. From Las Vegas: Area 51 Full-Day Tour

Area 51 Full-Day Tour

A fascinating day out, this tour will take you around an array of bizarre and unexplained sights that line the famed Area 51. You’ll probably come away with more questions than answers – and a greater interest in what the military facility actually contains.

Accompanied by a lively and entertaining guide, the day will flash by. You’ll get to gaze upon Indian petroglyphs, explore sites where numerous UFO sightings have been called in and drive along ‘Extraterrestrial Highway’.

Later, you’ll be able to visit a spot where many UFO enthusiasts meet and travel through a Joshua tree forest with a twist. It will be a magical day that you won’t forget in a hurry.

11. Las Vegas Firearms Shooting Beginner’s Adventure

Las Vegas Firearms Shooting Beginner’s Adventure

With an extensive collection of firearms for you to choose from, this tour offers you the opportunity to take to the shooting range and practice your aim with anything from a handgun to an Uzi.

An exhilarating experience, the facility has the largest collection that is available for the public to use; you’ll certainly have loads of fun if guns are your thing.

With trained professionals on hand to help you out, it is a safe place for beginners to practice and there are loads of old military vehicles for visitors to check out.

12. Las Vegas All Shook Up: A Tribute to the King Tickets

Las Vegas All Shook Up

An amazing spectacle, this performance will live long in the memory and is so well done that you’ll really believe The King has come back.

This tribute act is great fun to watch; the songs are very well performed, with all of Elvis Presley’s classics being played at one point or another.

Tickets to the show are well worth buying. For lovers of rock ‘n’ roll, it is almost a must to see a cultural icon perform before you… well, almost.

13. Indoor Skydiving – Learn to Fly

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

If you’ve been itching to learn how to fly but are not yet ready to throw yourself headfirst out of a plane, then this indoor wind tunnel is the perfect compromise and you’ll definitely have loads of fun.

Once you’re decked out in your wind-suit, it’s time to take to the skies and let the 120mph winds buffet you upwards.

A thrilling experience, this introduction to skydiving will leave you invigorated and ready to take on the rest of what Las Vegas has to offer.

14. 75 Minute Vegas! Vegas! The Show

Vegas – The Show!

When visiting Las Vegas, you simply have to go and check out a show. This extravagant production is up there with the best. It takes you through the history of the city and its many famous entertainers.

With over 40 singers, dancers, crooners, and showgirls involved in the show, it is an incredible spectacle, full of drama, comedy, life, and music – you’ll come away wanting to see it all again.

From Elvis and Tom Jones to the Rat Pack and more, this exhilarating trip through music history will leave you breathless and demanding an encore from the talented performers.

15. Las Vegas Rock Star Bar Crawl

Las Vegas Rock Star Bar Crawl

If you’re looking for a fun time out in Las Vegas and aren’t sure where to start, this bar crawl is a great way to meet people and you’ll discover some lovely bars and clubs on the way.

With complimentary drinks and free entry wherever you go, all you have to concentrate on is having a good time and experiencing Las Vegas nightlife.

A fun night out, this bar crawl includes a ride in a limousine as well as an open bar at one of the venues.

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