15 Best Lakes in Ohio

While most lakes in the state of Ohio are manmade, there are also a few that are natural! Regardless of how these lakes and ponds came to be, all of them offer something special and are great to visit. This list covers most of Ohio, with a few hidden gems that you might not have heard of.

Let’s have a look at the best lakes in Ohio:

1. Lake Erie

Lorain lighthouse, Lake Erie

Source: flickr

Lorain lighthouse, Lake Erie

This list would not be complete without a huge mention to one of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie. This nearly 10,000 square mile lake forms the uppermost boundary for the state of Ohio as well.

With hundreds of beaches and entries points in the state of Ohio, there is space for everyone on one of the world’s most impressive lakes.

One of the most interesting things to check out on Lake Erie are the many islands just off the shore. From historic residences to stunning beaches and recreation areas. These islands are a blast to visit and provide a new perspective for even the most seasoned visitor.

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15 Best Lakes in Ohio:

Lorain lighthouse, Lake Erie