15 Best Lakes in Missouri

Missouri is located in the Midwestern USA, boasting a diverse landscape. It is a mixture of the Dissected Till Plains, the Ozark Mountains and the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, with the Missouri River dissecting the state in half. Geographically, Missouri sits near the centre of the country and is landlocked by eight states.

Missouri has a large array of flora and fauna, which includes reptiles, mammals, birds, fish, trees and shrubs. It also has a large amount of freshwater, having numerous rivers, streams and lakes.

Lets have a look at the best lakes in Missouri:

1. Lake of the Ozarks

Lake of the Ozarks

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Lake of the Ozarks

Nicknamed ‘The Magic Dragon’ thanks to its serpentine shape, Lake of the Ozarks sits in centre Missouri, stretching across four counties. It is a massive reservoir that was created by the damming of the Osage River in 1931.

When the Lake of the Ozarks was built is was one of the world’s largest man-made lakes. Today, it is the largest reservoir in the state, with a surface area of over 200 square kilometres.

Lake of the Ozarks’ shoreline is 1,850 kilometres and is home to numerous settlements, parks and golf courses. There are also plenty of vacation rentals, camping grounds, marinas and restaurants sitting along the lake’s shoreline.

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15 Best Lakes in Missouri:

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