15 Best Girona Tours

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Girona is a city of about 100,000 residents in the northeast corner of Spain that lies just inland from the Mediterranean Sea.

Located at the confluence of four rivers, it’s conveniently close to France to the north and about an hour away from Barcelona to the southwest.

For much of its history, Girona was hotly contested by rival cultures, including the Romans and Moors. It was captured and recaptured numerous times before finally falling under Spanish rule permanently.

Now, it’s considered to be one of the country’s most important historical attractions and is particularly well-known for its impressive natural beauty, vibrant art and food scenes, and abundant outdoor activity options.

1. Small Group Walking Tour

Walking TourSource: Oleg_P / shutterstock
Walking Tour

For those who’ve just arrived in town, short, small-group walking tours are great ways to get an overview of the city’s layout without shelling out big bucks for more conventional tours.

Perched like a fortress overlooking the rivers below, Girona is an impressive walled city. It’s chock-full of historical and cultural attractions that are often best experienced with a local guide.

Featuring amazing cathedrals, quaint ethnic neighborhoods, and narrow medieval alleyways, it’s a real wonder to behold, and this three-hour tour hits many of the city’s key areas.

Guests will benefit from their guide’s insights, stretch their legs, and discover places to explore on their own later.

2. Jewish Heritage Guided City Tour and Museum Visit

Jewish HeritageSource: Lena Serditova / shutterstock
Jewish Heritage

Though it’s not as well-known as Jewish enclaves in other European cities, Girona’s Jewish Quarter is a vibrant cultural attraction that has been home to a thriving Jewish community for generations.

This three-hour, mid-morning tour meets at a convenient central location, after which guests and their guide will set out to explore the city’s premier attractions that relate to Jewish culture and history.

Tours included a guided excursion to the Museum of Jewish History and the homes of some of the city’s most prominent historical figures.

Everything but food, drinks, and transportation to and from your hotel is included.

3. Game of Thrones Small Group Tour

Cathedral of Santa MariaSource: kavalenkava / shutterstock
Cathedral of Santa Maria

Take part in a fascinating exploration of the Game of Thrones filming locations in Girona.

Tours include the services of an accredited guide and an expert on all things related to Game of Thrones. Guests will get behind-the-scenes looks at prominent attractions that they may recognize from the show itself.

You’ll start at St. Marti’s stairs, then make your way to the Jewish Quarter, Claveria Street, and the Cathedral of Santa Maria, where you’ll learn about local history and how it relates to one of the most successful medieval fiction series of all time.

Tours last about 2 ½ hours and require moderate amounts of walking.

4. Private History Tour

Gomez BridgeSource: Vaflya / shutterstock
Gomez Bridge

For lovers of history, culture, and amazing architecture, there are few better cities to visit in Spain than Girona.

Though it was originally founded by Iberians, it still features remnants of the many cultures that have called it home over the years.

One of the city’s most impressive attractions is the 15th-century cathedral that boasts one of the longest unsupported arches in the world.

Not surprisingly, it dominates the city’s skyline and is one of the tour’s centerpieces.

Other highlights include the neighborhoods of colorful homes along the river and Gomez Bridge.

Tours are conducted on foot and meet at a central location.

5. Girona Highlights Scooter Tour

GironaSource: Santi Rodriguez / shutterstock

Girona’s narrow streets and significant changes in elevation make it the perfect city to explore by scooter.

Don’t worry if you’re not up to snuff on operating a two-wheeled machine, because each guest gets an orientation to ensure that everyone has a safe and memorable day.

In just a few hours, tours hit many of the city’s premier hotspots that include both historic and contemporary attractions.

Highlights include the Jewish Quarter, the Cathedral, stunning river views from elevated locations, and quiet stretches along the water with minimal traffic.

Scooter tours are available in English and Spanish and meet at a central location.

6. 2-Hour Walking Tour with Optional Cathedral Entrance

Monastery of St. Pere de GalligantsSource: Santi Rodriguez / shutterstock
Monastery of St. Pere de Galligants

From the medieval Monastery of St. Pere de Galligants and the Arabic Baths to the Jewish Quarter and Cathedral Square, this two-hour walking tour has nearly all the bases covered.

Despite the variety of attractions on its itinerary, it doesn’t necessarily need to be an all-out mad dash.

Guests can opt for a quick pace or a more leisurely one if they’d like to take advantage of the optional cathedral entrance.

The cathedral features one of the most expansive naves in the world, second only to that found at St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican. From the elevated Jewish Quarter, participants will have unobstructed views of the rivers.

7. Dalí Museum and Girona Small Group Tour

Dalí MuseumSource: Alex Cimbal / shutterstock
Dalí Museum

Getting out of the city for a few hours is a great way to break things up and see the country from a different perspective.

Leaving Girona’s urban hustle and bustle in the rearview mirror temporarily, this eight-hour tour focuses largely on the life and works of world-famous surrealist painter Salvador Dalí.

Dalí was born and raised in Figueres, and the town now features a theater and museum dedicated to his legacy.

After a two-hour guided museum tour, guests will return to Girona for a relaxed lunch followed by a three-hour walking tour of the city’s most iconic attractions.

8. Besalú, Volcanos and Banyoles Lake

Banyoles LakeSource: CRISTIAN IONUT ZAHARIA / shutterstock
Banyoles Lake

For those with short attention spans, combo tours are one of the best ways to stay engaged and get the most bang for those scarce travel dollars.

These eight-hour tours combine elements of history, culture, and the natural world like few others. They give guests the chance to distance themselves from the crowds that often congregate at urban attractions.

Before departing Girona, guests will explore the Jewish Quarter, after which they’ll depart for Besalú and La Garrotxa Natural Park.

The area is characterized by towering cliffs, quaint villages, and amazing views of Catalonia’s largest lake.

Tours last about eight hours and begin and end in Girona.

9. Girona Tour

Sant Feliu ChurchSource: travellight / shutterstock
Sant Feliu Church

Previous visitors to Girona have described exploring its myriad of ancient streets as akin to taking a giant leap back in time.

On this 90-minute guided tour, guests will delve into the city’s historical, cultural, and architectural legacies with their guide.

In less than two hours, participants will familiarize themselves with the city’s layout and visit a number of its most significant attractions, like Sant Feliu Church and the Cathedral of St. Mary of Girona.

Tours include skip-the-line tickets at the Girona History Museum and the St. Pere de Galliagants Monastery.

Tours depart mid-morning and meet at a central location near the Cathedral.

10. Hot Air Balloon Flight with a Catalan Breakfast

Hot Air BalloonSource: plazas i subiros / shutterstock
Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon rides are amazing experiences, and that’s especially so when visiting a new and exotic area like Girona.

For those who don’t let a little thing like altitude make them squeamish, this hot air balloon flight of Costa Brava ensures a truly memorable experience.

While aloft, guests will enjoy unparalleled tranquility and have amazing views of nearby attractions, like Rosas Bay, the Medes Islands, and vast stretches of the Empordà coast along the Mediterranean Sea.

Flights depart in the morning from the nearby village of Colomers and include a relaxing, post-flight traditional Catalan-style breakfast in town.

11. Private Small-Group Walking Tour from Barcelona

Arab BathsSource: Santi Rodriguez / shutterstock
Arab Baths

The city of Girona has no shortage of historic attractions, and this small-group walking tour includes access to a number of its most impressive sights.

Due to its location near the junction of four rivers, the city is well-known for its bridges, in addition to gothic cathedrals, Arab Baths, and the always fascinating Jewish Quarter.

Tours are limited to just seven guests, which means participants will benefit from their guide’s undivided attention as they learn about the significance and histories of the things they’re seeing.

Depending on the interests and energy level of guests, tours can be extended to include a wine tasting and late lunch in Girona before heading back to Barcelona.

12. Witches and Ghosts Tour

Cathedral of Santa MaríaSource: Artur Bogacki / shutterstock
Cathedral of Santa María

Apparently, witches, ghosts, ghouls, and gargoyles abound in the ancient city of Girona, because this 90-minute tour focuses on them almost exclusively.

Tours get underway at the Plaça de la Independència and include stops at other attractions with intriguing histories, like the Cathedral of Santa María.

The Cathedral is most noted for its expansive gothic nave, but it’s also home to a number of imposing towers, atop which a variety of witches and gargoyles are eerily perched.

In addition to mythological figures, tales of yore, and the supernatural, guests will learn about the histories of the things they’re seeing and get valuable tips on things to see and do when the tour is over.

13. Small Group Jewish History Tour of Girona and Besalú

BesalúSource: Miguel Moya Moreno / shutterstock

Girona’s historic Jewish Quarter is one of the city’s most visited neighborhoods and is home to the Museum of Jewish History.

On this small-group tour, guests will learn about the plight of the Jews in the city spanning back to the Middle Ages.

Tours include visits to several synagogues and an excursion to the village of Besalú just outside the city.

In Besalú, guests will walk the old streets, meet locals, visit many historic attractions, and stroll through stalls of vendors selling local artwork and handicrafts.

Tours begin early and include pickup and drop-off at your accommodation in Girona.

14. Game of Thrones Walking Tour

Stairs Sant Martí SacostaSource: Deyan Denchev / shutterstock
Stairs Sant Martí Sacosta

For those who prefer to sleep in and enjoy a lazy morning before setting out to explore Girona’s attractions, this later afternoon Game of Thrones walking tour would be a good fit.

After meeting their guide, guests will get a crash course in the city’s history before heading out to see a number of filming sites for the popular television series.

Tours begin in Old Town and include attractions like the Stairs Sant Martí Sacosta, the Jewish Quarter, the Monastery Sant Pere de Galligants, and the Arab Baths.

Tickets to the Monastery and baths are included, as are the services of a local professional guide.

15. Costa Brava Coastal Walk and Snorkeling from Barcelona

Costa BravaSource: kavalenkau / shutterstock
Costa Brava

For those staying in Barcelona, a trip to Costa Brava is the perfect way to experience the great outdoors.

Costa Brava features some of the country’s most stunning stretches of Mediterranean coast. On this tour, guests will enjoy a leisurely hike followed by free time to sunbathe, swim, and snorkel in the amazingly blue water.

The area also includes quaint villages, old-growth pine forests, and beautiful beaches that don’t get much tourist traffic.

Tours feature a light lunch and refreshments, and it’s common to see a variety of fish and marine life among the rocks and cliffs just offshore.

15 Best Girona Tours:

  • Small Group Walking Tour
  • Jewish Heritage Guided City Tour and Museum Visit
  • Game of Thrones Small Group Tour
  • Private History Tour
  • Girona Highlights Scooter Tour
  • 2-Hour Walking Tour with Optional Cathedral Entrance
  • Dalí Museum and Girona Small Group Tour
  • Besalú, Volcanos and Banyoles Lake
  • Girona Tour
  • Hot Air Balloon Flight with a Catalan Breakfast
  • Private Small-Group Walking Tour from Barcelona
  • Witches and Ghosts Tour
  • Small Group Jewish History Tour of Girona and Besalú
  • Game of Thrones Walking Tour
  • Costa Brava Coastal Walk and Snorkeling from Barcelona