15 Best Flea Markets in Virginia

Written by Jan Meeuwesen
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Majestic mountain ranges, history-soaked lands and miles of white sandy beaches – Virginia is impossible to define by any one category. Known as the “Old Dominion” and “Mother of Presidents” – a reference to it being the birthplace of four of the first five presidents – America needs little reminder of the important role Virginia has played over the years, from the Civil War to the Revolution.

This rich history makes it one of the finest states in the country for colonial architecture, antiques and collectibles. For those who like to take a small piece of the past home with them, Virginia has a wealth of vintage markets, fleas and antique shows offering bargain prices on hidden treasures.

Here is our pick of the 15 best flea markets in Virginia:

1. The Virginia Bazaar

The Virginia BazaarSource: vabazaar.com
The Virginia Bazaar

Open every Saturday and Sunday year-round, the Virginia Bazaar is one of Virginia’s biggest indoor and outdoor flea markets. With over 67,000 sq.ft of indoor shopping, and a total of 100 acres of flea market land, bargain hunters can easily spend a whole day rummaging around the Virginia Bazaar for hidden treasure.

Whether you want to pick up some fresh fruit and veg, find a rare antique for your home, buy a one-off piece of vintage clothing or brose amongst the collectibles, the Virginia Bazaar has something for everyone.

The indoor market also has a large food hall, meaning you can refuel after a busy morning of shopping on delicious snacks and meals.


2. Shenandoah Valley Flea Market

Shenandoah Valley Flea MarketSource: facebook.com
Shenandoah Valley Flea Market

Opened in 2004, the Shenandoah Valley Flea Market has become one of Virginia’s most popular fleas.

The daily flea market, open year-round, has a huge selection of vendors and merchandise, with stalls selling furniture, antiques, car parts, homeware, collectibles, records, books, clothing, gardening equipment, glassware, comics, toys and more.

Alongside the daily regular flea, the Shenandoah frequently hosts events, including “Yard Crawl” sales – which can see up to 40 miles of vendors and local businesses selling their goods. If you don’t mind raking around for your next great bargain, this is the place to go.


3. Shen-Valley Flea Market

Shen-Valley Flea MarketSource: markethopper.com
Shen-Valley Flea Market

With vendors coming from as far as Florida, you’re guaranteed variety at this large Clarke County flea market.

The Shen-Valley Flea opened in 1985 with just a handful of stalls, but today more than 300 vendors set up each weekend. With both indoor and outdoor shopping space, the Saturday and Sunday Shen-Valley Flea Market is the perfect place for all-weather bargain hunting.

There’s more than just the usual antiques and collectibles at this Virginia flea – the market also features vendors selling baked goods and handmade gifts – and with food and snack trucks, you can make a day out of a trip to the Shen-Valley Flea.


4. Jefferson Flea Market

Jefferson Flea MarketSource: facebook.com
Jefferson Flea Market

The Jefferson Flea Market in Newport News is one of the best Virginia flea markets for variety. With hundreds of indoor and outdoor vendors showcasing their wares every Thursday to Sunday, shoppers are guaranteed to find everything they are looking for, as well as plenty of items you might not expect.

Alongside the usual bric-a-brac, antiques and collectibles, the Jefferson Flea Market also has a coin shop, computer repair centre, herbal medicines, BMX bike building, mobile phones and custom T-shirts. There’s also a great range of food and fresh produce available, with snack vendors and local fruit and veg suppliers.


5. Factory Antique Mall

Factory Antique MallSource: factoryantiquemall.com
Factory Antique Mall

One of the largest antique malls in, not just Virginia but all of America, The Factory Antique Mall in Shenandoah Valley hold a huge 121,000 sq.ft. of antiques, furniture and collectibles.

The flea isn’t only famous for its size – thanks to its wide and well-respected collection of rare pieces, it has also been used for set dressing in period film and TV series, including “Lincoln” and “Turn”.

Open Monday to Saturday from 10am, shoppers who are looking for a particular piece for a collection, or simply wish to find a rare antique, will find plenty to keep them browsing all day, with items sourced from all over the world.


6. Supreme Flea Market

Supreme Flea MarketSource: twitter.com
Supreme Flea Market

Richmond’s Supreme Flea Market is a must visit for anyone who loves a bargain. With both indoor and outdoor selling space, even the rain won’t stop you from picking up a great buy from one of the 30+ vendors.

For second-hand and vintage fans, there are many stalls selling antiques, collectibles, artwork and glassware, and if you have a piece of furniture at home that is in need of some repair, the Supreme Flea Market’s onsite refurbishment service can breathe new life back into antique items.

The market also features new items, including handmade gifts and jewellery, as well as a floral arrangement service and several onsite restaurants.

7. Craft Cville

Craft CvilleSource: flea-ville.com
Craft Cville

Formerly known as FleaVILLE, the Craft Cville pop up markets are Charlottesville’s most popular flea markets.

Founded to showcase the wide range of crafts and skills in Charlottesville, the Craft Cville markets combine both vintage, antique and second-hand homeware with new, handcrafted items and artwork. Whether you are looking for a unique piece of jewellery, handmade gift or a carefully curated piece of vintage art for you home, the Craft Cville is one of Virginia’s best unique shopping destinations.

The pop-up markets are held in different locations, on different dates, around Charlottesville, with new events updated on the Craft Cville website.


8. Warren County Fairgrounds Antiques & Collectibles Flea Market

Warren County Fairgrounds Antiques & Collectibles Flea MarketSource: warrencountyfair.com
Warren County Fairgrounds Antiques & Collectibles Flea Market

Now in their 30th year of operation, the Warren County Fairgrounds Antiques & Collectibles Flea Market is one of Virginia’s busiest fleas.

Open every Saturday and Sunday from 8am, the popular flea market has over 80 vendors and both indoor and outdoor shopping space. Antiques, bric-a-brac and collectibles might be the most common items at the market, but shoppers will also find a selection of vintage and leather goods, books, CDs, DVDs and electricals, new and used clothing and accessories, as well as handmade gifts.


9. Chula Junction Flea Market

Chula Junction Flea MarketSource: facebook.com
Chula Junction Flea Market

One of Virginia’s best small flea markets, the Chula Junction Flea

Market near Amelia is packed to the roof with bargain vintage pieces, antiques, collectibles, furniture, vintage toys, retro home décor and much more.

The indoor market, open every Friday from 10am and every Saturday to Sunday from 8am, is also popular for its great selection of clothing, including baby clothing, at very reasonable prices.

There might not be much in the way of food at the market, but shoppers can take a break with a cone from the market’s onsite ice cream shop.


10. Stagecoach Markets & Antique

Stagecoach Markets & AntiqueSource: facebook.com
Stagecoach Markets & Antique

Open every weekend in Gloucester, the Stagecoach Flea Market is a goldmine for antiques and junk collectors alike. With more than 50 antiques dealers, and 100 flea stalls, whether you are looking for a rare collectible, priceless work of art or simply a piece of bargain junk for your home, the Stagecoach Flea Market is an unmissable stop.

Alongside second-hand and vintage items, shoppers can also find garden ornaments, home décor, tools and equipment, car accessories, electrical items and more.


11. Reston’s Indie Arts Market

Reston’s Indie Arts MarketSource: facebook.com
Reston’s Indie Arts Market

If upcycled items, handmade gifts and unique crafts are your favourite flea market items, Reston’s Indie Arts Market at Lake Anne Plaza could be the perfect place for your next flea market shopping trip.

Running weekly on Saturdays from May until November, this small market features more than 35 vendors from all over the world, each offering different handcrafted items for low-cost prices.

Visitors can pick up everything from handmade jewellery to hand-painted scarves, organic skin care, artwork and more. With new vendors setting up on a regular basis, there’s always something different to see at Reston’s Indie Arts Market.


12. Arlington Civitan Open Air Market

Arlington Civitan Open Air MarketSource: arlington-fleamarket.com
Arlington Civitan Open Air Market

One of the oldest flea markets in Virginia, the Arlington Civitan Flea Market is a playground for treasure hunters, collectors and families alike.

Taking place on the first Saturday of every month between April and November, the market features over 150 vendors selling a huge range of both new and used goods.

Families will love the great range of kids clothing, toys and electronic games, whilst book lovers can browse amongst the many new and antique works. There are also many vendors selling both vintage and new clothing and accessories, with handmade items such as jewellery on display.


13. The Flea Market Edinburg

The Flea Market EdinburgSource: facebook.com
The Flea Market Edinburg

Open year-round, The Flea Market, Edinburg, is one of Virginia’s small but mighty flea markets. The indoor market – filled with furniture, antiques, home accessories, garden ornaments, glassware, lighting, crockery and more – is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8am.

The market also features a range of local arts and crafts, from handmade jewellery and gifts to linens and artwork.

Whether you are a serious bargain hunter, a collector or you simply love to spend your weekends rummaging around for treasure, The Flea Market in Edinburg has something for everyone.


14. Lake Country Indoor Flea Market

Lake Country Indoor Flea MarketSource: virginia.org
Lake Country Indoor Flea Market

Lake County Flea Market, open year-round from Wednesday to Sunday, is a huge all-weather indoor flea, with a sprawling selection of vendors and merchandise.

Alongside regular flea bric-a-brac, the popular flea is known for its range of highly collectible antiques – including crystalware, glassware, ornaments and figurines. The market also has an impressive vintage vinyl selection, as well as a year-round Christmas shop, antique books, cameras, furniture and more.

Visitors can make a weekend trip out of their visit, with several nearby campgrounds and the scenic Southside Virginia countryside to explore.


15. The Massaponax Flea Market

The Massaponax Flea MarketSource: massaponaxfleamarket.com
The Massaponax Flea Market

One of Virginia’s best kept secrets, the Massaponax Flea Market in Fredericksburg might be small, but the selection of antiques and collectables on offer is one of the best in the state.

Originally a motel, the converted flea market has expanded to include two barns and outdoor space, with more than 10,000 sq.ft. of shopping. Alongside the indoor and outdoor vendors, visitors will also find an Auction Company and snack bar.

Whether you are looking for vintage clothing, homeware, antique furniture or retro memorabilia, the Massaponax Flea Market has a bargain for everyone.


15 Best Flea Markets in Virginia:

  • The Virginia Bazaar
  • Shenandoah Valley Flea Market
  • Shen-Valley Flea Market
  • Jefferson Flea Market
  • Factory Antique Mall
  • Supreme Flea Market
  • Craft Cville
  • Warren County Fairgrounds Antiques & Collectibles Flea Market
  • Chula Junction Flea Market
  • Stagecoach Markets & Antique
  • Reston’s Indie Arts Market
  • Arlington Civitan Open Air Market
  • The Flea Market Edinburg
  • Lake Country Indoor Flea Market
  • The Massaponax Flea Market