15 Best Dallas Tours

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For many Texans, Dallas is the city that epitomizes the state more than any other. It’s one of the 10 largest cities in America and the third largest in Texas.

The city is full of history, dating back centuries to when Texas was part of Old Mexico; not surprisingly, much of its cultural influences are Mexican and Spanish.

Whether you’re a history buff, sports fanatic, foodie, art-lover or just an all-around fan of all things Texas, Dallas would be a great place to hang your hat while visiting all the amazing places that are spread all over the state.

1. West Village Restaurant Tour

Dallas West Village Restaurant HopSource: getyourguide.com
Dallas West Village Restaurant Hop

Dallas’ West Village is just a mile or so from downtown and is home to lots of hotels, bars, and restaurants that are favorites with tourists and locals alike.

It’s an area that’s experienced a renaissance of sorts in recent years, especially when it comes to trendy cuisine and hip art galleries.

This West Village Restaurant hop will introduce guests to an eclectic assortment of foods, many of which have surprising international influences, like Mediterranean and French.

Your tour guide will be a local and enthusiastic foodie who will wow you with his or her knowledge of food in general, and the area’s unique culture too.

2. Walking JFK and West Village Tour Combo

Dallas JFK And West Village Restaurant Walking TourSource: getyourguide.com
Dallas JFK And West Village Restaurant Walking Tour

If you’ve been hibernating in a cave for the last six decades, you may not have heard that Dallas is where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

It’s one of the most pivotal historical events in American history. One of this combo tour’s highlights is a walk through the area where the assassination took place.

2014 marked the incident’s 50th anniversary, and it’s really an area best experienced on foot.

After this macabre but fascinating stop, you’ll lighten things up a bit and switch to the culinary aspect of the city.

The tour includes a few stops at chic West Village eateries that’ll wow you with their food, drink, and service.

Gratuities and drinks aren’t included.

3. Scavenger Hunt and Urban Adventure

Urban Adventure QuestSource: getyourguide.com
Urban Adventure Quest

Urban scavenger hunts are becoming big business and it’s no wonder. They’re inexpensive activities that promote physical activity and teamwork, and they’re a great way to get a quick overview of the geography of the city you’re visiting.

If this sounds like a great way to spend a few hours, you’re in luck; all you really need is a smartphone and a willingness to have fun.

You’ll decipher clues and scamper around the city collecting stashed items. With a little luck, you may win the prize at the end of the tour.

The tour lasts a few hours and generally covers 2 ½-miles of ground. You’ll see some famous monuments along the way too.

4. SEA LIFE Aquarium Entry Ticket

SEA LIFE AquariumSource: viator.com
SEA LIFE Aquarium

If you’re not familiar with American geography, you may not know that Texas has a long stretch of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s a big tourist area thanks to its pretty beaches and is also home to one of the country’s biggest fisheries. If you won’t be able to visit the coast on your Texas trip, then the SEA LIFE Aquarium in Dallas is a stop you shouldn’t miss.

It’s comprised of millions of gallons of water that houses fish and marine life from all over the world.

From sharks and crustaceans to jellyfish, the aquarium has it all; if you’re traveling with little ones, they’ll appreciate the interactive activities throughout the grounds.

5. Foodie Walk in Dallas’ Uptown

Dallas Uptown Foodie WalkSource: getyourguide.com
Dallas Uptown Foodie Walk

Dallas is full of unique neighborhoods with a wide array of cultural influences and the Uptown portion of the city is one that’s known for its popular eateries.

This tour is conducted on foot and will lead guests off the well-worn path and give them a great insight into what makes the neighborhood tick.

A handful of culinary hotspots are on the itinerary, as are lots of funky shops and galleries that are home to some of the city’s quirkiest and most unique products.

This tour is a great idea for your first activity in the city.

Drinks and gratuities aren’t included.

6. Haunted Evening Pub Tour

Haunted Evening Pub TourSource: viator.com
Haunted Evening Pub Tour

If scary tales on dark streets fueled by strong drink sounds like your cup of tea, then this 2 ½-hour tour of Dallas’ dark side would be a great way to spend your evening.

You’ll see a side of the city that most would rather avoid, and you’ll learn about some of the city’s most lurid characters, many of whom still rank among the walking dead.

This tour is accessible for those confined to a wheelchair. Since it’s a small-group tour, you’ll get a more intimate feel than you would on a larger tour.

Drinks aren’t included in the cost of the tour.

7. JFK Assassination and Museum Tour

The Dealy Plaza, DallasSource: f11photo / shutterstock
The Dealy Plaza, Dallas

This combo tour of the JFK Assassination Museum and Dealey Plaza is a must for value-minded lovers of American history.

You’ll visit the site of the shooting, and perhaps learn a few new tidbits of information that’ll help you decide exactly what happened on that fateful day.

The museum is considered the world’s most complete on the topic and is dedicated solely to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The tour includes your guide, museum entrance fee, and door-to-door transportation to and from your downtown hotel.

Gratuity for your hard working and enthusiastic guide isn’t included.

8. Dallas and Fort Worth Small-Group Sightseeing Tour

Dallas, TexasSource: Sean Pavone / shutterstock
Dallas, Texas

Dallas and Fort Worth are two of Texas’ largest cities that just happen to lie right next to one another.

In many ways they’re indistinguishable, but they’ve each got their own heritage and identity too.

Due to their proximity, it’s easy to see a good portion of each on the same day; this seven-hour tour gives guests the opportunity to do just that.

You’ll hit the JFK Memorial and Cowtown Coliseum, along with other local attractions.

Group size is limited to 11, so you’ll get a more one-on-one experience instead of getting lost in a big crowd.

Gratuities and food and drink aren’t included.

9. Medieval Times Tournament and Dinner

Medieval Times Tournament And Dinner, DallasSource: viator.com
Medieval Times Tournament And Dinner, Dallas

Medieval Times puts on a great show no matter where in the world you’re enjoying it.

It includes some of the best entertainment you’re ever likely to see, and the feast is pretty amazing as well.

In short, it’s an evening fit for a king. Acts include feats of falconry and horsemanship, and the perennial favorite, the jousting competition.

Though it’s great for all ages, it’s especially enchanting for children, who find the knights, kings, queens, and damsels especially alluring.

The two-hour show and four-course meal are included, but gratuities and transportation to and from your Dallas hotel aren’t.

10. Historic Downtown McKinney Food Tour

Historic Downtown McKinney Food TourSource: viator.com
Historic Downtown McKinney Food Tour

McKinney, Texas is a nearby suburb of Dallas. With a quaint and historic downtown, it’s well worth a visit.

This half-day combo tour is a great one for lovers of history, culture, food, and drink.

McKinney is home to some amazing eateries and micro-breweries, and this tour is the perfect way to get your fill of both.

Menu items include gourmet pizza and sandwiches, locally made chocolates, and some of the best micro-brews around.

The tour includes more than 10 samplings. Between spots, you’ll stroll the town’s streets at your own pace, checking out some sights, artwork, and shops.

11. West Village Food Tour

West Village Food TourSource: viator.com
West Village Food Tour

Food tours are the perfect way to get a full stomach, rub elbows with some enthusiastic local foodies, and get an idea of the layout of the city you’re visiting.

This two-hour West Village food tour is the perfect option for those who want to pack a lot of value into their trip.

The West Village is in the city’s Uptown district, known for its trendy and comfy eateries; in this part of town, many of the best are an easy walk from one another.

The tour includes an array of tastings of some diverse foods, and along the way, you’ll learn a lot about the local history from your guide.

12. 15-Person Downtown Private Party Bike Tour

Private Party Bike TourSource: viator.com
Private Party Bike Tour

This unique party bike tour is available for groups of up to 15 people. It is a different and fun way to see the city and enjoy a few adult beverages along the way.

Consider this tour for a birthday or bachelor party group. You’ll pedal around the city’s swanky Downtown area, stopping at plenty of watering holes for some much-needed liquid refreshment.

You’re welcome to bring your own beer, and at some of the stops, members of the group will get special drink offers.

Depending on the interests of the group, the tour can be customized, so make sure to mention any preferences before the tour starts.

13. Dallas Tacos and Margaritas Coach Tour

Dallas Tacos And Margaritas Coach TourSource: viator.com
Dallas Tacos And Margaritas Coach Tour

Few foods and drinks represent the tastes of Texas more than tacos and margaritas.

Tex-Mex is a style of food that’s popular all around the United States; when you sink your teeth into these local favorites, you’ll know why.

This half-day tour by coach includes a narrative on some of the city’s most interesting historical tales, and more importantly, some amazing sustenance that’ll fill your stomach and excite your taste buds.

The tour departs in the afternoon and the cost of the multiple tastings is already included in the price.

Hotel pickup and drop-off aren’t included.

14. Personal Chef Service at Home or Vacation Rental

Personal Chef ServiceSource: viator.com
Personal Chef Service

For a unique experience that you won’t soon forget, consider having a professionally trained chef in your home to prepare a delicious meal for you and your guests.

This is available whether you’re at home or in a vacation rental, but you’ll need standard kitchen appliances.

The cost of the service includes food and travel to your home or rental, and each meal can serve up to 15 people.

Dinner is the most popular option, but it’s available for breakfast and lunch as well; you’ll be able to choose the kind of food that suits you most.

Service typically lasts three hours.

15. 3-Hour Small-Group Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Dallas Cowboys StadiumSource: CK Foto / shutterstock
Dallas Cowboys Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys are often referred to as ‘America’s Team,’ though most football fans outside of Texas would strenuously disagree.

There’s no doubt about it, they’re an iconic brand, and they play their home games in one of the NFL’s fanciest stadiums. If you’re a football fan and in the area, it’s well worth a stop to check it out.

The tour lasts three hours and includes lots of exclusive looks at the behind the scenes areas that are usually off limits to visitors.

Tours are available in the morning or afternoon; with a maximum size of 20 guests, you’ll get an intimate experience.

15 Best Dallas Tours:

  • West Village Restaurant Tour
  • Walking JFK and West Village Tour Combo
  • Scavenger Hunt and Urban Adventure
  • SEA LIFE Aquarium Entry Ticket
  • Foodie Walk in Dallas’ Uptown
  • Haunted Evening Pub Tour
  • JFK Assassination and Museum Tour
  • Dallas and Fort Worth Small-Group Sightseeing Tour
  • Medieval Times Tournament and Dinner
  • Historic Downtown McKinney Food Tour
  • West Village Food Tour
  • 15-Person Downtown Private Party Bike Tour
  • Dallas Tacos and Margaritas Coach Tour
  • Personal Chef Service at Home or Vacation Rental
  • 3-Hour Small-Group Dallas Cowboys Stadium