15 Best Capri Tours

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Featuring nearly a dozen historic churches, abundant monuments to religious and historical figures, and some of the most amazing scenery anywhere in Italy, the island of Capri is a must-see attraction for those visiting the southern Mediterranean region.

Capri is located along the south-central portion of the country’s coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea and is easily accessible after a short ferry or boat ride from the mainland.

It has been a popular resort area since the Roman-era, and its major attractions include the Blue Grotto, Roman ruins, and stunning postcard-like beaches.

Below are 15 of the best tours of Capri.

1. 2-Hour Boat Tour with Happy Hour

CapriSource: Boris-B / shutterstock

Because it’s an island, guided boat tours are the easiest and most popular ways to experience all that Capri has to offer.

This two-hour option with a happy hour is perfect for those working with limited time. The fact that it includes alcohol is a big bonus for energetic revelers looking to take a break from their stressful lives.

Despite its relatively short duration, the tour hits a number of island hotspots, including the Sorrentine Peninsula, Arco Naturale, Punta Carena Lighthouse, and White and Green grottos.

In addition to narration from the captain, guests will have ample free time to swim, snorkel, sunbathe, and enjoy happy hour in the shade.

2. Capri Island Tour with Lunch

Punta Carena LighthouseSource: Nesllo / shutterstock
Punta Carena Lighthouse

The seaport in Naples is the starting point for many boat tours to the island of Capri.

The journey by ferry takes about an hour. Upon arrival, guests will board a smaller tour boat and set out to explore the coastline.

The tour’s main attractions include Green and White grottos, the Natural Arch, and Punta Carena Lighthouse.

After the boat portion of the tour, guests will be driven to Anacapri, where they’ll enjoy both guided and free time to explore the boutique shops and historical attractions, as well as a traditional three-course Italian lunch and drinks.

3. Full-Day Walking Tour of Capri with a Private Guide

capri walkingSource: Zigres / shutterstock
capri walking

Walking tours are great options for those who want to experience Capri more intimately than they would from the deck of an offshore tour boat.

This full-day, guided walking tour is limited to ten guests, which ensures everyone has a truly personalized and memorable experience.

After visiting Capri’s pier and seeing some of the island’s main attractions, participants will have several options from which to choose.

They include visiting the island’s varied grottos, taking a fun and scenic trip on a cable car, or just relaxing in Anacapri and enjoying the scenery with an espresso, limoncello, or glass of local wine.

4. Small-Group Capri and Blue Grotto Boat Tour from Sorrento

Blue Grotto BoatSource: Lesia Popovych / shutterstock
Blue Grotto Boat

After pick-up from your Sorrento hotel, tour guests will be driven to the port and, from there, depart for Capri.

The vistas between Sorrento and Capri are nothing short of breathtaking. While en route, guests will learn about the things they see, like the historic fishing village of Marina Grande and the Roman ruins near Bagni della Regina Giovanna.

Tours are limited to just seven passengers, making them great options for families and couples looking to meet locals and other international travelers.

Additional highlights include the White, Green, and Blue grottos, the Faraglioni Rocks, and Punta Carena Lighthouse.

5. Under 30s Boat Trip to Capri from Sorrento

SorrentoSource: BAHDANOVICH ALENA / shutterstock

For young-ish travelers looking to whoop it up without being bothered by stodgy old tourists with funny cameras and fanny packs, this under 30 boat trip would be a great way to spend a day.

Things get underway from a central Sorrento location. Once on the water, there’s a palpable party atmosphere that includes ample drinking and other raucous revelry.

Tours also include fantastic views of island highlights like the White and Green grottos, Arco di Naturale, and Casa Malaparte.

Snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, and sneaking peeks at attractive tour guests in skimpy bathing suits are also popular activities.

6. Sea and City Sightseeing Boat Tour from Naples

Mount VesuviusSource: Romas_Photo / shutterstock
Mount Vesuvius

Crossing the Gulf of Naples on the way to the island of Capri is an incredible experience that features some of the Italian coast’s most impressive views, like that of Mount Vesuvius.

Upon reaching the island, guests will visit grottos and have unobstructed views of the island’s impressive lighthouse, ancient Roman ruins, and natural attractions like Arco di Naturale.

Along the way, you’ll hear the histories of the things you’re seeing. Tours also include hours of free time in which guests can explore the island on foot before it’s time to head back to the mainland just after 4:00.

7. All-Inclusive Day Trip to Capri from Sorrento

Anacapri’s Gardens of AugustusSource: Roman Babakin / shutterstock
Anacapri’s Gardens of Augustus

For many travelers intent on fun and relaxation, worrying about pesky vacation details is an activity best left to tourism professionals.

If that sounds like you, this all-inclusive day trip to Capri may be a perfect option.

Tours begin with a brief meet and greet between guide and guests, after which everyone will be whisked from Sorrento to Capri onboard an impressive hydrofoil.

The tour’s first order of business is a one-hour cruise around Capri to see the island’s most iconic sites.

Guests will also explore Anacapri’s Gardens of Augustus and enjoy a traditional lunch before departing for the return trip to Sorrento.

8. DIY Day Trip with Blue Grotto, Funicular, and Lunch

Mount SolaroSource: Diego Fiore / shutterstock
Mount Solaro

DIY tour packages are steadily gaining popularity among savvy travelers who prefer to spend their vacations doing exactly what they want, when they want.

The package includes a variety of activity and attraction options, as well as locked-in ticket prices and vouchers for things like visiting the island’s grottos, the town of Anacapri, and riding the funicular to Mount Solaro.

Tours don’t include the services of a guide or a set schedule, so guests can see and experience the things that interest them and ignore those that don’t.

Another popular activity is a traditional three-course lunch, and tickets are valid for three days.

9. Private Yacht Tour to Capri and Positano

Positano yachtSource: D.Bond / shutterstock
Positano Yacht

The Gulf of Naples between Sorrento and Capri is well-known for its majestic cliffs, otherworldly grottos, and mesmerizingly blue water.

This private yacht tour is a great small group activity for those who want to experience Capri like a high-roller.

Guests can expect to see panoramic views of Capri’s iconic attractions like the natural arch, Faraglioni Rocks, and Punta Carena Lighthouse.

Tours also include a stop at one of Positano’s most impressive beaches, where there will be time for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing on the boat’s ample deck before heading back to the mainland.

10. Capri Boat Tour with stop by the Blue Grotto

Port of CapriSource: Boris Stroujko / shutterstock
Port of Capri

For visitors who venture to Italy’s coastline, boat tours around the island of Capri tend to be one of the most memorable experiences of their trips.

Featuring coves, grottos, historic ruins, and impressive natural rock formations, the island is truly a sight to behold.

This tour begins at Marina Grande and includes stops at numerous caves around the island. At the Blue Grotto, guests can decide whether they’d like to purchase an entry ticket or just appreciate it from the outside.

Tours depart every 30 minutes from the Port of Capri between mid-morning and early afternoon, and spots are filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

11. Special tour of Capri with Private Convertible Coach

AnacapriSource: Roman Babakin / shutterstock

First-time visitors to Capri tend to notice that most of the island’s vehicles have had their tops removed.

These Capri-style roadsters are the perfect ways to see the island without feeling the confinement often associated with stuffy, overcrowded tour busses.

The tour’s first stop is the island town of Anacapri, where guests will hear their guide’s insights into the area’s history and culture while taking in attractions like the Piazetta and Agustus Garden.

Tours begin mid-morning, last about five hours, and may include a boat tour to the Blue Grotto, depending on available time and the prevailing weather conditions.

12. Capri Island and Blue Cave Private Boat Tour from Sorrento

Punta CampanellaSource: A_Shots / shutterstock
Punta Campanella

Upon being collected at their Sorrento area hotel, guests of this Capri Island and Blue Cave tour will board a private boat and head into the Tyrrhenian Sea toward the coast’s premier attraction.

When within sight of Capri, guests will appreciate clear views of island attractions like Roman ruins, White, Green, and Blue grottos, and the marine park at Punta Campanella.

After the tour, the captain will find a quiet stretch of water where guests can swim, snorkel, or just relax with a cold drink and soak up some rays.

Tours include round-trip transportation to and from your Sorrento area hotel.

13. Guided Capri and Anacapri Experience

Villa of Curzio MalaparteSource: Roman Plesky / shutterstock
Villa of Curzio Malaparte

For those who prefer to sleep in and spend a leisurely morning dining and preparing for the day’s activities, this guided Capri and Anacapri tour would be a wise choice.

It starts mid-morning at Marina Grande in Capri when guests rendezvous with their guide and get an overview of the things they’ll see and do.

Tours last between four and six hours depending on the schedules and interests of the guests and include the island’s main attractions like the natural arch, the Villa of Curzio Malaparte, and Punta Carena Lighthouse.

Much of the day will be spent on your feet, so wear comfortable shoes.

14. Sorrento Coast and Capri Sea View Tour

Capri SeaSource: S-F / shutterstock
Capri Sea

Departing from Sorrento’s port at 8:30, this coast and sea view tour affords guests the opportunity to see many of the area’s main features, like stunning views of Mount Vesuvius and both natural and humanmade attractions.

After an overview of the island’s hotspots, guests will have approximately six hours to do as they please.

For those unfamiliar with the island, there will be plenty of options; the captain and crew will assist with a list of things that most visitors choose to take advantage of.

Meals, entrance fees, and other personal expenses are the responsibility of each guest.

15. Tour of Capri with Lunch from Naples

CapriSource: Roman Babakin / shutterstock

Featuring idyllic sidewalk cafes, narrow streets, historic plazas, and an abundance of natural and historic attractions, the island of Capri is one of the area’s premier tourist destinations for good reason.

Unlike many tours that offer rigid itineraries, this one allows guests to choose the things that interest them while saving money on things that don’t.

Guests may choose to circumnavigate the island by boat, head inside the many-colored grottos, or just take a relaxing walk or sit out of the sun with a refreshing drink.

Participants who choose to visit crowded attractions will appreciate their skip-the-lines tickets.

15 Best Capri Tours:

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  • Full-Day Walking Tour of Capri with a Private Guide
  • Small-Group Capri and Blue Grotto Boat Tour from Sorrento
  • Under 30s Boat Trip to Capri from Sorrento
  • Sea and City Sightseeing Boat Tour from Naples
  • All-Inclusive Day Trip to Capri from Sorrento
  • DIY Day Trip with Blue Grotto, Funicular, and Lunch
  • Private Yacht Tour to Capri and Positano
  • Capri Boat Tour with stop by the Blue Grotto
  • Special tour of Capri with Private Convertible Coach
  • Capri Island and Blue Cave Private Boat Tour from Sorrento
  • Guided Capri and Anacapri Experience
  • Sorrento Coast and Capri Sea View Tour
  • Tour of Capri with Lunch from Naples