15 Best Cabo San Lucas Tours

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Cabo San Lucas – or Cape Saint Luke in English – is one of Mexico’s most popular resort cities and is located on the most southern portion of the Baja California Peninsula.

For decades, Cabo San Lucas has drawn tourists from around the world, who come to bask on its magnificent beaches and swim in its sparkling waters.

The area is full of resorts and accommodations for travelers of every age, interest, and budget; whether you’re looking for quiet sunsets or all-night parties, you’ll likely find it nearby.

The coastal waters are famed for their sport-fishing as well, with species including the elusive striped and black marlin and a number of different shark species as well.

Below are 15 of the best tours in Cabo San Lucas.

1. Cabo Submariner’s Adventure

Submarine Adventure in Los CabosSource: www.getyourguide.com
Submarine Adventure In Los Cabos

There aren’t many places in the world where tourists can descend beneath the waves in an actual submarine, but in Cabo, this unique experience is an option.

You and your travel companions will buckle up and dip into the clear waters of the Sea of Cortez in a 60-foot submarine, from which you’ll be able to see the diverse array of fish and marine critters that call the area home.

It’s a diverse ecosystem; while enjoying the view from the air-conditioned sub, your guide will describe what it is that you’re viewing.

It’s a truly unique tour, and one you shouldn’t miss.

2. 2-Hour Whale Watching Tour

Whale Watching AdventureSource: www.getyourguide.com
Whale Watching Adventure

Every year between December and April, the waters off Cabo San Lucas play host to migrating humpback whales.

Many of the females come to the area to give birth and nurse their young; on this two-hour tour, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to see these massive and magnificent creatures.

The tour includes a quick safety briefing and life jacket, water, and light snacks, but check in advance because photographs are extra.

The tour is given from a sturdy inflatable boat; you’ll be able to listen to the whales with underwater devices specifically made for whale-watchers too.

3. Cabo Animal Sanctuary Tour

Cabo Animal Sanctuary TourSource: getyourguide.com
Cabo Animal Sanctuary Tour

Full of an exotic array of animals that have been rescued from the wild due to injury or abandonment, Wild Canyon Kingdom is a great place to spend a day getting up-close-and-personal with some species of animals you may never have the chance to see again.

You’ll be led by a knowledgeable guide who will impress you with his or her knowledge of the wild world. You’ll also learn what brought these particular animals here.

A few of the tour’s highlights are iguanas, prairie dogs, and parrots.

It’s possible to touch some of them, though it’s probably not a good idea to pet the crocodile, as they tend to consider human appendages snacks.

4. Tandem Parasailing Adventure

Tandem Parasailing Adventure
Tandem Parasailing Adventure

Parasailing is an excellent way to get up into the air and get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful scenery below.

It’s one of the most adrenaline-filled and exhilarating activities you’ll ever do, but it’s surprisingly safe and inexpensive.

Your pre-flight meeting will include an introductory safety course; from there, you’ll head via boat to some of Cabo’s most scenic areas – like Pelican Rock and Lover’s beach.

You’ll stay aloft for around 10 minutes and reach hundreds of feet into the air. Take your camera and snap a few high-altitude selfies, and don’t forget to look for dolphins, whales and sea lions below.

5. Camel Safari

Camel Safari in Cabo San LucasSource: www.getyourguide.com
Camel Safari In Cabo San Lucas

If you’re tired of the crowds and want to do something unique, consider a guided camel excursion along a scenic beach.

At 15 minutes, it’s not exactly a Lawrence of Arabia grade trek, but you’ll get an interesting glimpse into the exotic beasts, as well as some interesting cultural highlights.

The tour includes a famous turtle breeding area. If you’re there in winter, you may catch a glimpse of whales offshore as well.

The tour is full of amazing scenery and even includes lunch, a tortilla-making demonstration, and a tequila tasting.

There really aren’t any other tours that offer such an eclectic mix of activities.

6. Glass-Bottom Boat Tour

Glass-Bottom Boat TourSource: getyourguide.com
Glass-Bottom Boat Tour

If being submerged in a submarine and snorkeling in waters full of large, toothy predators isn’t exactly your cup of tea, then consider this glass-bottom boat tour instead.

You’ll stay safe and dry while still viewing many of the area’s most colorful fish and sea creatures.

The tour is great for those with little ones and includes stops at The Arch, Land’s End and Pirate’s Cove.

Your captain will give you a running narrative of the things you’re seeing; one of the favorites is the colony of sea lions that are usually frolicking in the surf or napping on the rocky coast.

Photos, snacks, and refreshments aren’t included.

7. Shared Sunset Sailing Cruise

Shared Sunset Sailing Cruise in Cabo San LucasSource: www.getyourguide.com
Shared Sunset Sailing Cruise in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo sunsets are amazing no matter where you view them from, but there’s something extra special about witnessing one from the deck of a gently rolling sailboat.

The tour starts with a cruise past Land’s End, Sunset Beach, and The Arch. From there, your captain will position the boat at the optimum location from which to watch the sun dip behind the horizon.

Tour size is limited to create an intimate atmosphere, and yummy appetizers and an open bar are included.

Transportation to and from the dock isn’t included, but ask the staff where you’re staying to help you find a ride.

8. 3 ½ -Hour Canyon Bungee Jump

Canyon JumpSource: www.getyourguide.com
Canyon Jump

Bungee jumping is another popular activity with fit and fearless adrenaline junkies, and with its deep gorges and canyons, the country around Cabo is made for it.

The tour takes place in El Tule Canyon. You’ll get a thorough safety briefing and all the equipment you need to have a safe and exciting experience.

If you’re staying in Cabo’s central tourist area, the tour includes door-to-door transportation. After you’ve all taken the great plunge into the canyon hundreds of feet below, you’ll have a chance to relax at a nearby restaurant and enjoy an adult beverage or two to get that heart rate back down.

9. 1-Hour Guided Wave-Runner Tour

Waverunner Guided TourSource: getyourguide.com
Waverunner Guided Tour

From submarines and zip-lines to parasailing and glass-bottom boats, Cabo has more than its fair share of unique and exhilarating tours; this wave-runner tour is another that’ll make memories that won’t soon be forgotten.

You’ll get a course on how to handle the powerful machine safely, and a life jacket before you head out.

The tour is limited to groups of five wave-runners. Some of the attractions include dolphins, turtles, sea lions and an amazing array of fish species too.

Some wave-runners are built for one passenger while others carry two, so it’s perfect even if some of your travel companions don’t feel confident driving.

10. Half-Day Kayak and Snorkel Tour to Santa Maria and Chileno Bay

 Half Day Kayak & SnorkelSource: www.getyourguide.com
Half Day Kayak & Snorkel

This half-day tour is a great option for those looking to distance themselves from the overcrowded tourist areas and do a bit of communing with Mother Nature.

Santa Maria and Chilen Bay are some of the area’s most scenic destinations. On this 3 ½-hour tour, you’ll see some amazing natural wonders like steep, jagged cliffs plunging into the sea and an underwater ecosystem that’s noted for its amazing diversity of colorful sea life.

The kayaks feature glass bottoms, so even if you choose to sit out the tour’s snorkeling portion, you’ll still get a great view of what’s below.

11. Migriño ATV Beach Tour

ATV Beach TourSource: getyourguide.com
ATV Beach Tour

The Baja Peninsula is one of Mexico’s most scenic and natural areas and there’s no better way to see it than via a guided ATV tour.

The peninsula is full of dunes, cliffs and scrubby forested areas that are perfect for ATVs.

Before heading out, you’ll get a safety orientation from your bi-lingual guide, then you’ll head out into the wild in an area that’s often referred to as Mexico’s Outback.

You may see a few animals along the way, and some towering cacti as well.

Though ATVs are relatively safe, you may want to consider purchasing additional insurance. Park entry and environmental fees aren’t included.

12. Cabo Off-Road Adventure

Cabo Off-Road AdventureSource: getyourguide.com
Cabo Off-Road Adventure

This Cabo off-road adventure tour begins with a drive along the peninsula’s Pacific coast to a private ranch, where you’ll meet your guide and get a pre-trip briefing.

Then you’ll head out into the Baja, which is nearly pristine in this area, making the sights you’ll see uniquely rare and beautiful.

Canyons, beaches and rocky hills are also on the itinerary; some of the terrain will test the vehicles’ ability and give guests a dose of adrenaline like few other tours will.

The tour ends with a stop at a local cantina, where guests can indulge in a few drinks and talk about the highlights.

13. Photo Tour of Todos Santos “The Magic Town”

Photo Tour Of Todos SantosSource: getyourguide.com
Photo Tour Of Todos Santos

The Baja Peninsula’s Todos Santos – or Magic Town – is a great place to see the area’s unique cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Local hotel pickup and drop-off are included. The guided walking tour will lead guests through the area’s historic sites, like a Jesuit mission-style church, The Tropic of Cancer Monument, and another monument built to the gray whales that flock to the area’s waters during the winter months.

You’ll have time to stroll through some local shops too, which include a coffee bean roaster, blanket making facility, and a candy shop that’s always a big hit – especially for those with a sweet tooth.

14. 4-Hour Zip-Line Outing in Wild Canyon

Zip Line in Wild CanyonSource: www.getyourguide.com
Zip Line in Wild Canyon

If you’re ready to see the sights from the perspective of a soaring bird, then this four-hour zip-line tour of Wild Canyon is a must.

The canyon is in the center of an arid, desert-like area but features a lush oasis at the bottom.

In addition to unobstructed views of the amazing landscape, you’ll see the shimmering Sea of Cortez.

Whether it’s your first zip-line or you’re an old pro, you’ll get a thorough safety briefing before heading out.

Lines of different height are available, the tallest of which reaches nearly 2,700 feet above the canyon floor.

15. Luxury Yacht Cruise

Luxury Yacht CruiseSource: www.getyourguide.com
Luxury Yacht Cruise

Though most of us will never be rich and famous, it doesn’t mean that we can’t experience a little luxury once in a while.

This luxury yacht cruise is a special and unique opportunity to see the splendor of the Baja Peninsula and the Sea of Cortez from the deck of a boat that’s usually reserved for high rollers.

The tour visits Santa Maria and Chileno Bay. Activities include snorkeling and stand-up paddle boarding if you’d like to get a bit of exercise.

If you’d rather stay on board, that’s OK too. The boat has plenty of shaded seating areas and includes a light lunch and open bar.

15 Best Cabo San Lucas Tours:

  • Cabo Submariner’s Adventure
  • 2-Hour Whale Watching Tour
  • Cabo Animal Sanctuary Tour
  • Tandem Parasailing Adventure
  • Camel Safari
  • Glass-Bottom Boat Tour
  • Shared Sunset Sailing Cruise
  • 3 ½ -Hour Canyon Bungee Jump
  • 1-Hour Guided Wave-Runner Tour
  • Half-Day Kayak and Snorkel Tour to Santa Maria and Chileno Bay
  • Migriño ATV Beach Tour
  • Cabo Off-Road Adventure
  • Photo Tour of Todos Santos "The Magic Town"
  • 4-Hour Zip-Line Outing in Wild Canyon
  • Luxury Yacht Cruise