15 Best Beaches in Texas

It should come as no surprise that a place known as the Lone Star State would have beaches that are absolutely stellar. Texas offers much more than just a beach or two here and there, or a single sandy strip that straggles out to the sea. Like everything else it’s known for, Texas does beaches in a big way. Here, the Gulf region entices with 600 miles of glistening coastline that invite you to swim and soak up the day enjoying land, sea, and sky.

Immerse yourself in jet skiing, sailing, sea kayaking, fishing, or snorkeling. Gather some petal pink shells while taking a sunset stroll, all the while letting the warm-water surf dance about your feet. Spend a day letting your imagination take flight; Texas, after all, is known as the top bird-watching destination in the United States. You can even saddle up, in true Texas style, and go horseback riding, beachside.

To whet your interest:  let’s explore some of the best beaches in Texas:

1. South Packery Channel Beach (also know as South Packery Jetty Beach)

Packery Island Beach

Source: flickr

Packery Island Beach

Home to some of the best jetty fishing in South Texas ( you could reel in kingfish, grouper, tarpon, or trout), South Packery Channel Beach is known for swimming and serenity, and for being an excellent spot for children to splash in the water or build a sandcastle on the shore.

Often less crowded than some of the other touristy swimming holes in Texas, this one’s a keeper.

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15 Best Beaches in Texas:

Boca Chica Beach