15 Amazing Waterfalls in Texas

Written by Jan Meeuwesen
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Texas is not a state many consider when thinking about waterfalls, but, in fact, they have over 15 amazing falls, some of which are on private land and require special permission to visit.

Texas is a vast landscape of desert, oasis, and thick vegetation, complete with a variety of wildlife and a few stunning waterfalls over 75 feet high.

1. Hamilton Pool Waterfall

Hamilton Pool, TexasSource: JiroTX / shutterstock
Hamilton Pool, Texas

Hamilton Pool Waterfall is named after the shallow pond the water flows into. The river runs over limestone cliffs dropping fifty feet into the shallow pool that sparkles green in the sunlight. Near Austin, hikers and swimmers can visit the relaxing pool to cool off in the sweltering summer heat. Hamilton Pool Waterfall is not the widest or highest falls in North America, but the beauty, vegetation, and swimming area make it a place to see. Hamilton Pool in Travis County Park is a popular attraction; there is an $11 fee for entry. Visitors can visit between 8:30 and 6 pm. Reservations for the pool area can also be made between certain hours but pets are not allowed.

  • Height: 50 ft.
  • Hike Distance: 0.25 miles
  • Location: Pedernales River, Travis County Park

2. Gorman Falls

Gorman FallsSource: JB Manning / shutterstock
Gorman Falls

Gorman Falls inside Colorado Bend State Park provides a great hike up a steep trail to see the beauty of Cyprus and fern trees, running down 65 feet of rock and plant-covered walls. The limestone around the falls is delicate, so don’t attempt to climb the ridge surrounding the water. The falls are secluded, taking visitors away from the world and into nature. Hiking to the top provides amazing views. Texas may have quite a few waterfalls, but this is one of a handful that flows year-round, even in the hot summer months when rainwater is scarce. Gorman Falls hike has a 200-foot elevation change. To enter the state park, you will either need a Texas State Parks pass or to pay $6. The hike is dog-friendly.

  • Height: 65 ft.
  • Hike distance: 3 miles (roundtrip)
  • Location: Colorado Bend State Park

3. Westcave Preserve Falls

Westcave Preserve FallsSource: Rick Mach / shutterstock
Westcave Preserve Falls

Westcave Preserve Falls is part of the 30 acres Preserve. The falls are reachable with a guide or by studying guidebooks. Westcave Preserve Falls creates a forty-foot drop going over the travertine columns (limestone deposits). Westcave Waterfalls are part of the Grotto and Texas Hill Country and visitors will need to take a guided tour to visit the savanna, limestone grottos, and waterfalls, with a pool below. There is also access to a cave and canyon area. Tours are weather-dependent and available on weekends. Fees are $15 for adults, $7 for children, or an annual pass is $75.

  • Height: 40 ft.
  • Hike distance: Unknown
  • Location: Westcave Preserve Falls

4. Boykin Springs in Angelina National Forest

Boykin SpringsSource: B Norris / shutterstock
Boykin Springs

Boykin Springs is a small fall, not even four-feet in height. The river water rushes over the old Aldridge Saw Mill, which adds a rustic flavor to the small cascade of water. The national forest offers camping, fishing, hiking, and picnic areas. The falls are part of the Neches River. The park has 85 miles for off-road vehicles, 200 miles of hiking trails, plus various bike and horse trails. Sawmill Hiking Trail will lead visitors to the waterfall on a 6.5-mile round trip loop, with 190 feet elevation gain. Dogs are allowed on the trail if they are leashed.

  • Height: Unknown
  • Hike Distance: 6.5 miles
  • Location: Boykin Springs Recreation Area, Angelina National Forest

5. Windows Trail

Windows TrailSource: Kelly vanDellen / shutterstock
Windows Trail

Located in Big Bend National Park is Windows Trail Waterfall. The spring feeding the waterfall is minimal most times of the year, but it is still a beautiful place to spend a few hours. The trail leads to a creek that runs into the Rio Grande. The hike is 5.2 miles out and back, with 948 feet elevation gain to the top of the waterfall. Visitors will start the hike near Terlingua, Texas. The trail is considered a moderate hike, with plenty of birding opportunities from spring to autumn.

  • Height: Unknown
  • Hike distance: 5.2 miles
  • Location: Big Bend National Park

6. Wichita Falls

Wichita FallsSource: Drew Williams / shutterstock
Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls is manmade; the river running through Lucy Park was adapted with rocks to provide a 54-foot drop. The falls run in several smaller segments with a walking path and stairs to show off the beautiful landscape. You can almost forget that man had a bit to do with this natural-looking beauty. Large boulders and pieces of wood in half barrel style with concrete help create the scenery and the charming falls are well-used as a wedding venue. There are plenty of areas to park since it is part of Lucy Park just off I-44.

  • Height: 54 ft.
  • Hike Distance: 1 mile
  • Location: Lucy Park

7. Pedernales Falls

Pedernales FallsSource: JB Manning / shutterstock
Pedernales Falls

Pedernales Falls are rather lacking in height but are magnificent in their spread across the river. Visit Texas Hill Country to find Pedernales Falls State Park and hike to the river for fishing. The waterfalls cover limestone rock and create several shallow pools for fish to gather in. The state park requires $6 entry fee per person. The park is open daily. Visitors can hike 0.5 miles to Twin Falls Natural Trail to visit Pedernales Falls or take the longer 10-mile single-track trail to view other parts of the river. The park allows tubing and swimming in certain areas.

  • Height: Unknown
  • Hike Distance: 0.5 miles
  • Location: Pedernales Falls State Park

8. Capote Falls

Capote Falls are found on private property in Marfa. Visitors must request permission to walk to the falls. For something entirely different and a little bit adventurous you can take a helicopter flight over the falls to get a different view of the water cascading into the pool below.

  • Height: 180 ft.
  • Hike Distance: .25 to overlook, 1 mile to base
  • Location: Marfa on Private Property

9. Beef Creek Falls

Beef Creek FallsSource: Cynthia Parish / Facebook
Beef Creek Falls

Beef Creek Falls require a guided tour because they are on East Timberland. The falls cascade down Hog Creek, close to Sam Rayburn Reservoir.

  • Height: Unknown
  • Hike Distance: Unknown
  • Location: Jasper, Texas, on East Texas Timber

10. Cattail Falls

Cattail FallsSource: Kelly vanDellen / shutterstock
Cattail Falls

Cattail Falls is named as such because they give the impression of cattails and the surrounding landscape is filled with the plant. The falls are located in the Chisos Mountains, within Big Bend National Park. The hike is one of the tougher options for waterfalls in Texas, requiring visitors to ascend the mountain slope. Cattail Falls is a three-mile round-trip hike that begins in the desert and reaches a thick oasis. Black bears are known to frequent the area.

  • Height: Unknown
  • Hike Distance: 3 miles
  • Location: Big Bend National park

11. Krause Springs

Krause Springs, TexasSource: JB Manning / shutterstock
Krause Springs

Krause Springs is surrounded by a verdant forest filled with ferns and Cyprus trees. The set of falls leads into a stream that has a swimming hole and the swimming hole is part of a campground. The fee for day guests is $8 for adults and $5 for children. Camping is reasonable at $15 for RV campsites. Hiking to the falls will take a 3-mile round trip but the swimming area is closer to the campground.

  • Height: Unknown
  • Hike Distance: 3 miles
  • Location: Cypress Creek near Spicewood, Texas

12. Dolan Falls

Dolan FallsSource: Sam C Chen / shutterstock
Dolan Falls

Entering Dolan Falls requires permission from the Devils River Nature Preserve. It is an area the preserve is attempting to maintain and they wish to lower the impact on the natural beauty by tourists. The hike to reach the falls is difficult. The falls run the expanse of the Devils River; visitors will need to stay on the Devils River State Natural Area that is open to the public and not cross onto Dolan Falls Preserve land to see the falls themselves without permission.

  • Height: 10 ft.
  • Hike Distance: Unknown
  • Location: Devils River State Natural Area

13. Madrid Falls

Madrid FallsSource: Hirome Fujio / Facebook
Madrid Falls

Madrid Falls in Texas is the second-highest waterfall in the state. The waterfall is near Lajitas, Texas. Visitors can walk the 3-mile round trip to see the beautiful landscape.

  •  Height: 100 ft.
  •  Hike Distance: 3 miles
  •  Location: Lajitas, Texas

14. Mexicano Falls

Mexicano FallsSource: Hirome Fujio / Facebook
Mexicano Falls

Mexicano Falls is 80 feet high, which makes the falls the third-highest in Texas. The falls are inside Big Bend Ranch State Park. Visitors can go to Ojito Adentro – the base of a small mountain – to see the falls, or hike the mile-long trail to the canyon and see them up close. There is a small trickle that creates an oasis in the canyon.

  •  Height: 80 ft.
  •  Hike Distance: 1 mile
  •  Location: Big Bend Ranch State Park

15. McKinney Falls State Park

McKinney Falls State ParkSource: Silvio Ligutti / shutterstock
McKinney Falls State Park

McKinney Falls is part of the state park of the same name. While the height is not awe-inspiring, the water pressure – particularly, after rain – is extremely strong. There are two rivers that come together at the falls, which is why people need to be careful of the strong, rushing water. Williamson and Onion Creeks meet, creating small falls that run over limestone rock. The park fee is $6. The height of the falls is unknown, however, there are lower and upper falls, with a hiking distance of 700 feet.

  • Height: Unknown
  • Hike Distance: 700 ft.
  • Location: McKinney Falls State Park

15 Amazing Waterfalls in Texas:

  • Hamilton Pool Waterfall
  • Gorman Falls
  • Westcave Preserve Falls
  • Boykin Springs in Angelina National Forest
  • Windows Trail
  • Wichita Falls
  • Pedernales Falls
  • Capote Falls
  • Beef Creek Falls
  • Cattail Falls
  • Krause Springs
  • Dolan Falls
  • Madrid Falls
  • Mexicano Falls
  • McKinney Falls State Park