15 Amazing Waterfalls in Croatia

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With more waterfalls and breathtaking scenery per square kilometer than just about any other place on the planet, the majority of Croatia’s waterfalls are in the Plitvice Lakes National Park and Krka National Park.

Though the falls and lakes in these parks are popular sites for locals and tourists alike, with a little leg-work you’ll be able to find plenty of hidden gems that get little foot traffic, if that’s the experience you’re after.

Many of the falls are near quaint old towns with amazing character and history, so be sure to save a few hours to check them out. We’re sure you’ll be glad you did. Below are 15 amazing waterfalls in Croatia.

1. Veliki Slap

Veliki SlapSource: xbrchx / shutterstock
Veliki Slap

Located in the waterfall-rich Plitvice Lakes National Park Veliki Slap, or Big Fall, lies along the Korana River and is one of the most amazing waterfalls in Croatia.

At over 250 feet, Big Fall is appropriately named and the highest waterfall in the park.

The park is broken into the upper and lower lakes areas, both of which are brimming with scenic vistas, clean, clear water and waterfalls of every shape and size.

There are ample trails and bridges near the falls from which you’ll be able to see fish, waterfowl and the stunning caves and rock formations all around.

Some of the falls are accessible by car and hiking trail, and there’s a ferry available, which will give you the most panoramic views.

2. Sastavci Waterfalls

Sastavci WaterfallsSource: goran_safarek / shutterstock
Sastavci Waterfalls

Also located on the Korana River, in the lower lakes area of Plitvice Lakes National Park just between the ‘Y’ in the rivers, Sastavci Falls drops nearly 80 feet. Other falls nearby are in clear view, making it seem like the landscape is made of nothing but waterfalls.

Though some claim it’s possible to get too much of a good thing, you’ll probably never tire of the new and unique waterfalls that seem to be lurking around each corner, just waiting to be discovered.

Comprised of multiple tiers, the Sastavci’s water travels over dramatic outcroppings of dark brown rocks, before landing in the clear pool below.

Like many of the park’s falls, there are ample trails leading to multiple viewing areas.

3. Roski Waterfall

Roski SlapSource: DaLiu / shutterstock
Roski Slap

Right up there with Skradinski Buk, Roski Waterfall is another perennial favorite in Krka National Park.

Most tours of the area begin in the City of Split, which is the second largest in Croatia.

The bus trip takes about 90 minutes and will drop you at the bus stop in Skradin, from which you can easily walk to the park.

Consisting of 12 joined waterfalls with a fall of nearly 80 feet, the falls are nearly 2,000 feet long, making them impressive even by Croatian waterfall standards.

The price of the ferry that’ll take you to the falls is included in the park entrance fee, and the views on the 20-minute ferry ride will be stunning too.

4. Pevalekovi Slapovi

Pevalekovi Slapovi Source: ninopavisic / shutterstock
Pevalekovi Slapovi

Also located in Plitvice Lakes National Park and sporting a semicircular crest nearly 50 feet high, the impressive water flow and clear pool beneath Pevalekovi Falls makes it look like a postcard.

The falls are surrounded by sheer rock faces spotted with thick forest.

There’s a minimal fee to enter the park, but considering the scenery it’s a bargain, and with admission there’s a complimentary bus that’ll take you to the top lake.

From the park office and bus drop-off, there are trailheads that will take you to any number of the lakes and waterfalls in the park.

5. Mali Buk Waterfall

Mali Buk WaterfallSource: Uhryn Larysa / shutterstock
Mali Buk Waterfall

Though some waterfalls are renowned for their size, some waterfalls’ appeal lies in their serenity and remoteness.

Located in the upper lakes portion of Plitvice Lakes National Park, Mali Buk Waterfall is a half-hour hike from the ferry dock, making it unpopular with less ambitious and energetic visitors.

For those who relish the thought of burning a few calories and getting away from the pesky crowds which can abound, especially in summer, Mali Buk may be a waterfall that you have all to yourself.

Surrounded by unimaginably blue lakes, the water is so clear that you’ll be able to see all the fish swimming along the bottom.

6. Skradinski Buk

Skradinski BukSource: ZM_Photo / shutterstock
Skradinski Buk

Located near the town of Skradin on Croatia’s peninsula between the Adriatic Sea and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Skradinski Buk is in the Krka National Park.

Perhaps the most appealing and popular falls in the park, Skradinski Buk is really a collection of nearly 20 different waterfalls on this portion of the Krka River.

Known more for their breadth than height, the falls are nearly 300 feet wide in areas, and drop nearly 150 feet over their course. When combined the falls are nearly a half-mile long, and among the most amazing waterfalls in Croatia.

From the clear, Caribbean-like pool at the bottom, the view up the falls is a photo-op you won’t want to miss.

There’s a ferry that’ll take you near to these falls, or if you’d rather hoof it there are well-marked and maintained paths and bridges that’ll take you there as well, which will take about 30 minutes. Keep in mind what time the ferry service stops and the park closes.

7. Rastoke Falls

Rastoke FallsSource: LarryDJ / shutterstock
Rastoke Falls

Formed by the merging of the Korana and Slunjcica Rivers, the Rastoke Falls are full of emerald-like water cascading over the various falls and rapids that come together to make these stunning falls.

They’re an hour’s drive north of the main park area of Plitvice Lakes National Park, making them less visited and more attractive to those who like a little elbow room while taking in a majestic waterfall.

Also noted for the various waterwheels that dot the river, the area is a favorite of photo-seekers and artists alike looking to capture the area’s magical quality.

Though a relatively small village, there are sufficient lodging and restaurant choices available as the town and falls have become a hotspot in the last few years.

8. Kotli Waterfall

Kotli WaterfallSource: Michal Dziedziak / shutterstock
Kotli Waterfall

Like many waterfalls in Croatia, Kotli Waterfall in Pula is blessed with magically green and clear water.

Though a few miles off the main road, the falls can be crowded with tourists in the spring and summer.

Just near the falls is a long-abandoned waterwheel and viaduct system that was once used to provide water to homes and power many of the small village’s cottage industries.

The dramatic rock walls that surround the river, falls and gorge are littered with hiking trails that’ll let you get as close as you’d like to the attractions, but be careful as there aren’t any safety rails.

Most visitors hire a car, although some like to hike from the town.

9. Strbacki Buk

Strbacki BukSource: marcin jucha / shutterstock
Strbacki Buk

Located on the Una River, Strbacki Buk lies on Croatia’s border with Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Una National Park.

At nearly 80 feet, the allure of Strbacki Buk is partly due to its size, and partly its natural surroundings.

In addition to their impressive height, the falls are wide and characterized by mossy, green rock outcroppings jutting through the falling waters.

There are plenty of viewing areas, and even some benches that are great places to have a picnic lunch or just gaze quietly and take in all the beauty.

Located in the town of Donji Lapac, there’s a famous Orthodox Church that you’ll want to check out if you’ve got time.

10. Zarecki Krov

Zarecki KrovSource: Ivan Nemet / shutterstock
Zarecki Krov

Located on the Pazinicia River, Zarecki Krov Falls flow over a massive cave which acts as a roof over the river and causes the waters to fall nearly 30 feet to the deep, clear pool below.

Just a short drive from the town of Pazin, most of the falls on the Pazinicia River have the same shape, making the region particularly unique in that respect.

If you happen to find yourself here on a warm summer day, you may be surrounded by young couples relaxing, swimming and sharing a picnic lunch by the river’s side.

11. Gologoricki dol Waterfalls

Gologoricki dol WaterfallsSource: Wirestock Creators / shutterstock
Gologoricki dol Waterfalls

Located near the town of Cerovlje in the peninsular region of Istria, Gologoricki dol Waterfalls are surrounded by pleasant and scenic little country villages that are great places to walk through and see the Croatian culture up-close and in person.

The falls are on a farm and are accessible by horse, coach or foot.

Don’t expect to see falls with a massive drop or breadth. It’s a secluded little fall set in the most picturesque of country landscapes, that’ll make you think you’ve been teleported a few centuries into the past.

12. Butori Ponor Waterfalls

Butori Ponor WaterfallsSource: Wirestock Creators / shutterstock
Butori Ponor Waterfalls

Located in the village of Momjan in the central part of Istria, the falls are on the River Ardila and there’s even an impressive gorge below, though they aren’t on most itineraries. Set in a small, out-of-the-way rural setting, the falls are a hidden gem.

The area is also known for its generations-old water wheels, which are as much a part of Croatia as windmills are of Holland.

The scenic hilltop town gives panoramic views of the valley below, and there are also a centuries-old castle and church ruins if you’d like to take in a bit of history. There are plenty of hotels and restaurants nearby too.

13. Sopot Waterfall

Sopot WaterfallSource: Vedrich / shutterstock
Sopot Waterfall

At nearly 100 feet tall, the Sopot Waterfall in Labin, Istria has an interesting claim to fame.

Supposedly this area used to be covered by the sea, as evidenced by the marine fossils that can be found in the ground and rock nearby.

Carved into the surrounding limestone over thousands of years, the falls are surrounded by beautiful forests and a dramatic and rocking terrain.

14. Butoniga Waterfall

Located in the town of Buzet, also in Istria, Butoniga Falls is on the river of the same name that feeds the Butoniga and Draguc Lakes.

Though really a reservoir that was completed in 1988 to supply water and power to the surrounding towns, the falls are at their fullest when the reservoir’s water level is high.

Visitors aren’t allowed to fish or swim in the lake, but the waterfalls are accessible for viewing.

15. Waterfalls at Skradin

Waterfalls at SkradinSource: andras_csontos / shutterstock
Waterfalls at Skradin

The scenic town of Skradin is located near one of the five entrances to Krka National Park.

The falls nearest to this park entrance are accessible by a ferryboat from the town, and the scenery on the ride will be just as breathtaking as the falls themselves.

The falls in this area of the park are characterized by their multiple tiers and deep, clear swimming holes which are popular spots for sun and fun in the summer.

After you’ve had your fill of the falls and amazing scenery, stroll through the narrow streets of old town Skradin and check out its harbor, which looks like a private resort for the glamorous and artsy.

15 Amazing Waterfalls in Croatia:

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  • Roski Waterfall
  • Pevalekovi Slapovi
  • Mali Buk Waterfall
  • Skradinski Buk
  • Rastoke Falls
  • Kotli Waterfall
  • Strbacki Buk
  • Zarecki Krov
  • Gologoricki dol Waterfalls
  • Butori Ponor Waterfalls
  • Sopot Waterfall
  • Butoniga Waterfall
  • Waterfalls at Skradin