10 Amazing Waterfalls in Michigan

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Michigan is located in the Mid-western region of the United States, surrounded by the Great Lakes.

Being the tenth most populous state in America, it is also one of the states with the most picturesque waterfalls.

Michigan is the only state that comprises two peninsulas – the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula.

People refer to the Lower Peninsula as a mitten because of its shape.

The Upper Peninsula is detached from the Lower Peninsula by an 8km waterway that joins Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

Since Michigan has almost 65,000 inner lakes and ponds, no resident is ever further than six miles from a natural water formation.

Now, let’s take a look at 10 amazing waterfalls in Michigan.

1. Bridalveil Falls

Bridalveil Falls, MichiganSource: Steve Lagreca / shutterstock
Bridalveil Falls

Bridalveil Falls can be found along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, which is only 1.5 miles from Miner’s Beach.

This waterfall is best seen on a boat cruise from the water, therefore, access is seasonal.

You can hike along the shoreline to get lovely views of the falls too.

Bridalveil Falls are unique in that the water cascades right into Lake Superior.

The cliffs reach up to 160 feet, which makes this waterfall the tallest one in Michigan.

Depending on the time of the year, the consistency of the water flow varies.

2. Alger Falls

Alger FallsSource: RonaldL / shutterstock
Alger Falls

Alger Falls lies one mile south of Munising.

It is easy to walk to, but can also be seen from your vehicle.

If you are stopping to take a look at the falls from your car, make sure you pull off the road far enough, as this is a busy highway.

Alger Falls is located in Alger County and there are a few different waterfalls you can enjoy here.

Just east of Munising, you will find Memorial Falls and Rudolph M. Olsen Memorial Falls.

They are both found in a wooded area and are best viewed via a hike.

The water of Alger Falls pours over the rocky ridges of Alger Creek.

This place is worth checking out while touring around Michigan.

3. Agate Falls Scenic Site

Agate Falls Scenic SiteSource: Jack R Perry Photography / shutterstock
Agate Falls Scenic Site

Agate Falls is seven miles west of Bruce Crossing, in the Interior Township.

It is open year-round but the best months to visit are between April and October.

The waterfalls are snuggled under a railroad bracket, which makes them even more historical and distinctive.

You will need to follow the trail in order to reach the falls.

Even though the trail is short, it can be difficult for non-experienced hikers.

The waterfall is 39-feet tall and flows over sandstone.

Plummeting from the western side of the Upper Peninsula, the rivers streams 875 feet to Lake Superior and Agate Falls is part of the elevation adjustment.

4. Laughing Whitefish Falls Scenic Site

Laughing Whitefish Falls Scenic SiteSource: ehrlif / shutterstock
Laughing Whitefish Falls Scenic Site

The charmingly named Laughing Whitefish Falls are positioned three miles north of Sundell.

This scenic site is great for picnics because of its outdoor facilities.

The hike is only one mile long and is great for all ages and fitness levels.

The trail itself is quite beautiful, especially during the spring months when everything is blooming.

You will be walking through the forest, so come prepared with bug spray and appropriate attire.

The falls are very beautiful; they flow over limestone bluffs into a ravine – at which some people choose to go fishing.

There is also a stairway leading to the bottom of the water flow.

5. Bond Falls

Bond Falls, MichiganSource: Shriram Patki / shutterstock
Bond Falls

The locals refer to Bond Falls as one of the most pictorial falls in the Midwest of Michigan.

There are six different viewing locations and three platforms, which make great picture spots.

You will be surrounded by natural beauty during your walk to the falls and will fall in love with the cascading water along the boardwalk.

Many people enjoy Bond Falls for hiking, photography, enjoying a picnic or simply relaxing and taking in the glorious scenery.

6. Douglass Houghton Falls

Douglass Houghton FallsSource: Ryan Schrader / shutterstock
Douglass Houghton Falls

At 100 feet tall, Douglass Houghton Falls are an impressive sight and are popular amongst the locals and students in Michigan.

A few years back, the landowners had to cut access to part of the trails due to numerous accidents from disintegrating cliff walls.

You can still access the area by following Hammell Creek upstream from Lake Linden to see this majestic waterfall rebounding off volcanic rock.

If you continue down the green creek valley, you will have incredible views of Torch Lake.

Douglass Houghton Falls is definitely a high point of Copper Country.

7. Manido Falls

Manido Falls, MichiganSource: Vladimir Vorobeychik / shutterstock
Manido Falls, Michigan

A waterfall doesn’t have to be tall to be beautiful, as demonstrated by Manido Falls, which are only 10 feet tall.

They are the lowest of the Presque Isle River Falls in Michigan’s Porcupine Mountains State Park.

Manido Falls are located above Manabezho Falls, which are even more impressive.

On the west side of the river, you will find some stairs, which lead up to a viewing point.

You can walk on the bottom rocks of the waterfall, but make sure you have proper footwear and exercise caution.

These falls are great for family pictures or portraits.

8. Memorial Falls

Memorial Falls, Munising, MichiganSource: Kenneth Keifer / shutterstock
Memorial Falls

Memorial Falls are located close to the city of Munising.

The falls are two similar cascades in bordering ravines, flowing on small rivulets.

What is unique about Memorial Falls is the cave that lies behind them.

You can get an incredible viewpoint from behind the sheet of falling water, and the pictures turn out beautifully.

Depending on the season, the flow of water can vary.

If there is lots of snowmelt or rainfall, the flow is heavier.

Memorial Falls is a spot that will leave you with good memories.

They are not well known, so your time at Memorial Falls will be intimate and reclusive.

9. Sable Falls

Sable Falls, MichiganSource: Footsore Fotography / shutterstock
Sable Falls

Sable Falls starts with a two-kilometer round-trip hike located in Grand Marais.

The waterfall itself is located in the east part of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

The falls cascade down numerous bluffs as the river flows down to Lake Superior.

The hiking trail goes down the canyon and brings you out to a nice beach on Lake Superior.

For those who enjoy hiking and would like to continue, you can take the Beech Forest Trail, which leads you to the falls; you should park at Grand Sable Visitor Center if you choose to do that.

There is plenty to see and do around Sable Falls, including the dunes and lighthouse.

10. Tahquamenon Falls

Tahquamenon FallsSource: Weidman Photography / shutterstock
Tahquamenon Falls

Tahquamenon Falls consists of two separate waterfalls on the Tahquamenon River.

The falls are found in the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan near Lake Superior.

You will notice the color of the waterfall is brown; this is because of the tannins percolated from the cedar marshes, which the river ends up draining.

One unique fact about the river from Tahquamenon Falls is it drains up to 50,000 gallons of water per second.

This statistic makes the upper falls the third most capacious perpendicular waterfall east of the Mississippi after Cohoes Falls and Niagara Falls.

When the trees start to change colors, this place is a photographer’s paradise.

Sunset pictures turn out great too.

10 Amazing Waterfalls in Michigan:

  • Bridalveil Falls
  • Alger Falls
  • Agate Falls Scenic Site
  • Laughing Whitefish Falls Scenic Site
  • Bond Falls
  • Douglass Houghton Falls
  • Manido Falls
  • Memorial Falls
  • Sable Falls
  • Tahquamenon Falls