25 Best Things to Do in Birmingham (AL)

2. Prepare For A Fright At Sloss Furnaces

Sloss Furnaces

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Sloss Furnaces

Well known as one of Americas most haunted attractions are the Sloss Furnaces. Previously a blast furnace between 1882 and 1971, when it was closed it became the only blast furnace in the U.S. to be opened to the public. On special nights brave visitors can now enter the site where they will go on a guided tour and learn about the incredible history and long list of deaths in this building. The tour features the story of a Mr James ‘Slag’ Wormwood, a foreman on the graveyard shift, and the man responsible for the most deaths in the history of the furnace. The furnace is open to the public for several months of each year and tickets can be purchased on the door.

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