25 Best Things To Do In Ayutthaya (Thailand)

2. Amuse Yourself With The History That Beholds Wat Ratchaburana

Wat Ratchaburana

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Wat Ratchaburana

When King Intharacharthirat died in the fourteen hundreds, it was decided among two of his sons that they would have an elephant duel to see who would take over the throne. Both sons died in the dual which left the throne to Chao Sa Phraya, the third son, he ordered the building of this wat as a mark of remembrance to his father and two brothers. In 1957 the crypt was robbed and much loot was stolen, luckily most was recovered and you can see what is left as your descend deep inside the crypt, also inside the crypt are many frescoes telling the story of Buddha’s life.

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