15 Best Beaches in Barbados

Dover Beach, Barbados

When Barbados is mentioned, some people immediately think of the home of West Indies cricket, while others think music. Sun-worshippers who live for days on the beach regard this Caribbean …

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15 Best Beaches in Aruba

Malmok Beach, Aruba

The Caribbean has been a dream holiday destination for decades. While many of the former British colonies attract English-speaking Americans, the Dutch also had a presence in the region. Aruba …

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13 Best Beaches in Jamaica

Winnifred Beach

While Jamaica is famous for its rum, Bob Marley and the emergence of reggae music, and jerk chicken, this Caribbean Island is arguably just as well known for its stunning …

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15 Best Beaches in Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

Bermuda is a British territory in the western North Atlantic Ocean which is made up of seven distinctive islands and approximately 170 additional isles. Best known for its pink sandy …

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15 Best Day Trips from Havana

Yumuri Valley, Cuba

Cuba has for years been very much closed off to the world, especially for travelers from the United States. But recently, the country’s tourism industry has seen a resurgence, as …

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Where to Stay in Jamaica

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica is the most iconic of the Caribbean Islands. Home to some of the most exquisite beaches of the Caribbean coastline, it is not hard to see why Jamaica tops …

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Where to Stay in Bermuda

Hamilton Parish

To the uninitiated, Bermuda may seem like a mysterious island wilderness set in the North Atlantic Ocean. Those who have seen Bermuda in the flashy travel magazines will think Bermuda …

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